The next day as soon as the sun rose in the sky, the chosen duelist UFO landed at the entrance of the city and the four heroes immediately got out and headed towards Boris' jewel shop. While Tamma and Edo were tired because they had woken up early, Subaru and Tsugumi were wide awake and focused, ready to talk to the jeweler. But just as they were approaching his shop, they saw three police rockets parked in front of it and a group of people gathered behind them.

"Would you look at that?" Tsugumi pointed.

"Something must have happened while we were gone." Subaru hypothesized.

The four chosen duelists made their way through the crowd and they managed to enter the shop only to witness a shocking sight. The shop was devastated; the jewels were all lying on the floor, lots of policemen were looking around and their friend Luna was sitting next to the dead body of Boris which was tied to a chair.

"Luna-san!" Tsugumi exclaimed.

"Tsugumi-chan, everyone!" Luna responded. "What are you doing here?"

"We'd ask you the same question." Subaru countered. "Hakuoh sent us here to talk to Boris."

"And I was sent here by my parents to help them with an autopsy since I am developing my medical skills." the blue haired girl replied.

"So what exactly happened?" Tsugumi asked.

"Boris was killed." Luna said and she gesticulated towards a golden cross that was lying in a transparent bag used for clues on the table. "Someone poisoned that sharp cross and then pressed it on his forehead until the venom entered his blood vessels. I think they used viper venom."

"Oh my, that's horrible!" the blonde girl exclaimed. "Last night when Boris talked to Hakuoh-sama, he was very scared. He said that someone ordered him to make a replica of the Proof of Duelmaster and that we were all in danger."

"If that's the case, then the one who killed Boris also plans to steal the Proof." Subaru thought it out. "Say Luna, are there any ways of finding out who did it?"

"I am sorry, Subaru, but the police hasn't found anything so far. We have been here for almost two hours and there was no fingerprint to be found. The cameras have their tapes erased, the computer's hard drive has also been erased and the criminal did not leave one mark. Whoever we are dealing with is someone who likes to clean up after themselves." Luna explained.

"I see. Do you have any idea where Tiger is?" the black haired boy asked.

"He came with me to investigate and he took off after five minutes of analyzing the whole place. When I asked him where he was going, he told me that he was going after the criminal." the blue haired girl answered.

"Is he out of his mind?!" Tsugumi burst out. "How does he think that he can take on a psychopath all by himself?"

"I don't know, but he guaranteed me that he would find him." Luna responded.

"I agree with Luna. I suggest we all trust Tiger and wait and see what he will find." Subaru added.

"Fine, meanwhile let's go back to the UFO and inform Hakuoh-sama with what has happened." Tsugumi suggested.

But little did the trio know that as they were having their discussion, Edo and Tamma were sleeping against the empty jewel shelves.

Meanwhile in a darker part of the city, Tiger was wandering through the streets in pursuit of the criminal. Sometimes when his instincts informed him, he would sniff the air or even the cyber sidewalks or normal sidewalks like a dog, ignoring the bypassers that would give him strange looks. After hours of search he finally found a clue, a small puddle of yellow liquid lying in front of an old flat. The blonde teen leaned towards it and sniffed it. Then he got up and turned to the flat saying:

"The exact same smell as the one at the jewel shop. I've got you now, you bastard!"

Tiger set foot inside the old flat and looked around searching for the place where he could sniff more of that liquid. Since he found nothing at the first floor, he climbed to the second and kept searching only to find nothing yet again. And so he searched each floor until he reached the eleventh and last one. At that one he felt the exact same scent once again, only this time a little fainter. But that didn't stop him from walking by each apartment door and sniffing it.

Finally he stopped by apartment number 99 when he sensed that the smell was a little stronger than the general one from the hall. Tiger analyzed the door and tried to listen to what was going on inside. Hearing no move and seeing no shadows moving under the door, he realized that there was nobody home. Obviously, the door was locked, but he had seen enough thieves rob houses in his life to learn a method of opening a door. His only problem was that the door might have been equipped with an alarm and he might end up in a trap. Still, he took the risk and went on with his method. Tiger took out a card from his deck and tried to use it as an access card. Seeing that he couldn't trick the computer, he tried to use it as a key. Once again it didn't work, but that only meant that he had to take more drastic measures.

"Tora, I need your help." Tiger whispered and the hologram of Jin, the Ogre Blade ~Crimson Rage~ appeared on his shoulder.

"What's the problem?" the creature asked.

"I need you to somehow open this door for me." the chosen nature duelist explained.

"Alright!" Tora replied and then it materialized as a small creature.

Tora jumped off Tiger's shoulder and landed with its fire sword inside the door's hole for the key or card. With a few left and right moves of the sword, the creature managed to open the door.

"Thank you, I guess I owe you one." Tiger said.

"We'll talk about this later, now you've got a scumbag to catch." Tora replied and disappeared back into his deck.

Tiger carefully opened the door and slowly set foot into the apartment. Afterwards he discretely closed it, sighing with relief that nobody had seen him. The apartment was large and it was decorated with black curtains that covered all the windows, couches and chairs that were covered with white sheets, tables filled with various old objects, a bed with red covers near the west corner, a TV screen hung above the opposite corner and a computer next to the bed.

"Tsh, there should be some info inside you." Tiger said and approached the computer.

But then he heard the sounds of a lock. Someone had returned home. The blonde teen quickly jumped into the empty wardrobe. In a few moments a figure dressed in a black robe with a hood covering their head appeared in the room.

"Who's this guy? The criminal? Darn, I can't see his face." Tiger thought.

Back at the chosen duelist UFO, Subaru was trying to wake up the tired Tamma and Edo while Tsugumi and Luna were reporting to Hakuoh the details on Boris' death.

"I see, in the end it was too late for poor Boris." Hakuoh sighed.

"I am so sorry, Hakuoh-sama." Luna confessed. "There was nothing we could do for him anymore."

"If only we had reached him earlier…" Tsugumi regretted.

"The dead belong to the dead and what has passed has passed." Hakuoh concluded. "Now I want to give you news on what I have recently found out."

"What has happened, Hakuoh-sama?" Luna asked.

"I have recently received an email from an anonymous person whose address the police is now trying to track. I will read it to you." Hakuoh said and then he turned to his computer and began reading. "Roses are red, /Violets are blue, /Boris is dead/Because of you. Signed, The Monk."

"So the monster calls itself The Monk." Tsugumi deduced.

"And he or she also has a macabre sense of humor." Luna noticed.

"Besides all that, this psychopath is after the Proof for whatever reason. We have to make sure that the UFO is well guarded and far away from the city!" Hakuoh declared. "That's why I want you all to take off immediately and…"

In the next moment a small ringing sound interrupted the long haired blonde male. He reached into his suit's pocket and pulled out his phone.


"If the UFO or the chosen duelists leave this city, your whole school will pay!" a robotic voice came from the phone.

"Who are you? What do you want from us?" Hakuoh asked.

"You have been warned." the stranger replied and closed the call.

"Wait! Don't hang up on me, you bastard!" Hakuoh shouted and then he turned to the camera at the two girls. "It was him."

"And what does he want?" Luna asked.

"He said that if you dare to leave the city with or without the UFO, there will be severe consequences." Hakuoh spoke shocked.

"And the psycho pretty much proved his point." Tsugumi added, alluding to Boris' death.

"What should we do, Hakuoh-sama?" Luna asked.

"Stay there and keep an eye on the Proof. That's all for now." Hakuoh said.

A few hours had passed and the black robed assassin left the apartment and locked the door. Tiger got out of the wardrobe and rushed at the computer once again but he immediately stopped right as his fingers were about to touch the 'on' button.

"No, I can't leave fingerprints." Tiger thought and then he looked around for something to cover his hands. "I must be careful. This must be his hideout."

The chosen duelist saw a pair of black gloves on a table and he immediately put them on. Afterwards he turned on the computer only to be disappointed to see that it required a password. Not being able to access it, he turned it off and kept looking around for clues.

"So you don't want us to leave town. What are you planning to do with us, you sick bastard?" Tiger thought.

He then stopped in front of the TV screen and saw the message 'You will all die!' written with red marker. Tiger took the remote control, turned on the TV and saw that it was a tape paused at the moment when the five chosen duelists had all returned from their latest quest. The message was clear to him.

Resuming his search, he also found a small bottle with viper venom, a stamp, a piece of paper, an envelope, an old pen and an even older clock sitting on a table. On another table there were tubes filled with chemicals, chemistry books and two candles.

"Interesting, nothing's dusty. Either someone is using all these things or they get cleaned daily." Tiger hypothesized.

The teen then sensed the smell that led him to the criminal's lair even stronger than before. He picked up the bottle with viper venom and put his nose above it for a moment only to remove it quickly.

"Tsh, it's no doubt, this is the guy I'm looking for." Tiger concluded.

And so the sun had set and the night's reign began once again. Since the lights of the apartment were really low, Tiger had to cease his search and wait for the criminal to return. But then he realized that he had to communicate the discovery he had just made that day to someone, so he took out his phone, dialed a number and called.

Meanwhile at the UFO, in order to entertain the two childish chosen duelists, Subaru sacrificed himself and offered to play twister with Edo and Tamma. The trio was sitting on a board with colored circles, Subaru lying on his four limbs like a table, Edo with his right arm stretched above Subaru's belly and his left foot above his head and Tamma was sitting like a rainbow with both arms and feet united, his body being between Subaru's belly and Edo's arm.

"Isn't twister fun, Suby?" Edo smiled.

"It's awesome exercise!" Tamma added.

"I might find joy in such games Edo-kun if my spine didn't hurt like hell!" Subaru cried.

"Are you alright, bro?" Tamma asked.

"Don't worry, he's just having fun!" Edo dismissed.

A sad symphonic melody resounded in the room and Subaru looked at his phone which was lying not far from the twister box. But he couldn't answer it, not only because he was stuck, but also because he had to play with his friends. Luckily for him, he had thought of a plan to escape the duo.

"Guys, the space pirate monkeys show is starting now!" Subaru announced them.

"Cool, time for some TV!" both exclaimed and in the matter of moments they got out of the clutch and rushed to the living room.

"Works every time." the black haired teen thought while getting up and then he answered the phone. "Hello? Subaru here."

"Subaru, this is Tiger." the chosen nature duelist replied.

"Dude, where have you been? We've all been worried!"

"I'm at the place where the murderer lives."

"You what?!"

"You heard me; I'm at the hideout of the one who killed Boris. It's an old apartment in the old center of the city. Pretty good hideout if you ask me, nobody would suspect to find out in this rather lonely place that doesn't have much technology."

"Tiger, we talked to Hakuoh a few hours ago. He got a message from the killer. It seems that he likes to call himself The Monk."

"The Monk? Heh, no wonder he dresses up all in black and wears a hood."

"Huh? You've seen him?"

"Yes, but not for long. Now tell me, what did the message say?"

"It just said that it's Hakuoh's fault that Boris was killed. But what about you? Been able to find something?"

"Actually yes, I did find out some interesting things. For one, this monk character seems to have a passion for chemistry as he has his own mini lab here. Also, he likes writing letters like you guys did a century ago. To top it off, he even has the image of us chosen duelists on his TV and he wrote 'You will all die!' on the screen. I don't know about you, Subaru, but I think that we've got one dangerous bastard to face."

"Tiger, I think you found out more than enough. You should come back, you're not safe there."

"Sorry Subaru, but I'm not coming back until I manage to see this motherfucker's face."

"Tiger don't be a fool!"

But the chosen nature duelist did not listen to his advice and hung up. Afterwards he switched his phone on silent mode so that he wouldn't be bothered anymore.

In that moment he heard someone unlock the door once again but this time it was too late for him to hide in the wardrobe so he just hid under a table. However instead of the black robed murderer, a tall brown haired man dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and a black bowtie entered holding a briefcase and talking to a phone.

"Yes, oui, je suis here." the man spoke with an obvious French accent, mixing the two languages. "I do not see le Proof of Duelmaster anywhere. I need to get my hands on le bijou. Non, don't worry about that. Toute la monaie est ici, mais I will not give it to anyone, si je don't get the Proof. Je ne vois pas le Proof. I do not see the Proof. Non, non, mon ami, si je ne vois pas le Proof, I will not give you l'argent. C'est simple."

The man closed the phone and when he turned around he saw Tiger close the door.

"So you plan on stealing the Proof, eh?" the chosen duelist asked.

"Stealing? Mais non, mon ami, you got it wrong! I only want to buy it. C'était completement different!"

"You're doing business with The Monk! You must certainly know who the bastard that killed Boris the jewel man is!"

"Boris? Excuse-moi, mais what connection is there between these two?"

"Obviously the guy who plans to sell you the Proof is also the one who killed Boris."

"Je suis interesté in buying the Proof. I don't know anything about any murder. Je n'ai pas entendu anything about Boris the jewel man for a few months, not since I last bought some rare emeralds from him." the man excused himself. "Now if you don't mind…"

As the French man was about to open the door, Tiger grabbed him and held his shirt tightly that he began to tremble as their eyes met.

"Who is the one who wants to sell you the Proof?" Tiger asked.

"If you want to meet him, wait a moment, because he is going to bring the Proof here." the French man explained.

In a fit of rage Tiger threw him on chair and then he pulled him back up again saying:

"Listen here jerk, right now you're gonna call your seller and ask him why he killed Boris."

"Oui, oui…" the man approved and he took out his cell phone and called back.

The phone rang for a couple of seconds until finally someone answered.

"Hello? Oui, I was wondering if you could tell me why you killed Boris." the French man said but then he turned to Tiger with a worried expression on his face. "It hung up. I didn't hear a word."

In the next moment Tiger grabbed him by the neck and held him in the air.

"Try to understand that he didn't tell me anything." the Frenchman mumbled scared. "Maybe he thought it was weird that I asked about Boris. C'est très suspect."

"Either you tell me who he is, or I kill you here and now!" Tiger threatened and raised his fist in the air.

"Je ne connais pas cette personne. I have never met this Monk before."

"Is it a man or a woman?"

"At first it was a man, but then a woman took his place. My last transactions were made avec une femme."

"Give me a name!"

"I don't know. I don't know any names!" the man barely spoke due to the fear. "Je ne pourrais pas distinguire his voice. It could be anyone."

"Call him or her again." Tiger ordered and then he let go of him. "But this time I will listen to the voice."

"Oui, oui, as you wish."

This time the chosen duelist took the phone and dialed up the number. After a few minutes of waiting, a voice answered and informed him that the one he was trying to call had their phone closed. Sighing, the blonde hid the phone in his jacket's pockets and then he turned to the man with the briefcase and said:

"I'll keep this phone for evidence. As for you, get your ass out of here!"

"Oui, monsieur." the Frenchman agreed and he began to walk to the door only to have Tiger push him violently towards it.

"You're still here? Move it!" Tiger shouted and finally the man with the briefcase left the apartment. "Oh, and tell your seller that he's really screwed if I get my hands on him!"

"More like anyone would be screwed because of you fils de pute…" the man thought as he disappeared in the dark corridor while searching his briefcase for another phone.

Tiger closed the door and then he began to walk in circles while talking to himself:

"I'll stay here and wait for the bastard to return. Then I'll make him pay for what he did to Boris."

As the hours passed, Tiger was getting more and more tired. To top it off, it started raining outside and the apartment's temperature fell significantly. The chosen duelist had to wrap his arms around himself to keep some warmth. Suddenly a lightning struck and a thunder played its loud melody scaring him a bit. But what scared him most was the sound of someone unlocking the door. The blonde immediately hid in the wardrobe and waited to see who had come. In a matter of seconds he saw the same black robed figure enter the darkened room.

"Good. You got the message and you returned." Tiger thought.

The assassin walked in circles in the room, sometimes taking a look at the objects from the tables. Then the black clothed killer stopped for a moment in front of a mirror and took off the hood that covered their head.

"Now I'll find out who you are, you bastard." the chosen duelist spoke in his mind.

But the owner of the apartment was too far away from the wardrobe and so the unexpected guest couldn't see their face due to the darkness from the room. After a few moments the mysterious figure disappeared from the apartment.

"No, you're not leaving until I find out who you are." the tall muscular teen declared in his mind.

In the next moment Tiger jumped out of the wardrobe and quickly took a look around the living room. There was no sign of the murderer. But then he heard steps and turned his back only to see the black robed figure walk from behind a sofa with their hood covering their head once again.

"Finally, we are face to face. From what I've heard, you call yourself The Monk, am I right?" Tiger asked smiling and the killer nodded in response. "I heard that you want to steal the Proof, am I right? Well I've got bad news for you, buddy, we'll hide it deeper than you can imagine and nothing you can do will help you find it!"

That declaration really stirred the anger in The Monk. The assassin searched in the robe's pockets and pulled out a deck which shined brightly. Tiger understood the message. Both walked to the closest dueling tables, put their decks on them and began their duel.

The Monk was a silent individual. He didn't even speak once during the match. He simply put his cards on the table and used their effects. His first move was to tap Berlin, Bell Gravekeeper and Father Earth and to summon Jasmine, Mist Faerie. Then he destroyed it and put the top card of his deck which was Bloody Shadow, Mystic Light Death Knight into his mana zone.

"Heh, not the talkative type, eh?" Tiger tried to make his opponent speak but got nothing. "Tsh, fine, I summon Jasmine, Mist Faerie and destroy her!"

The top card of Tiger's deck which was Blazing Tiger, Crimson Lord flew off and landed in the mana zone as the third card. Now The Monk's turn came once again. He drew a card, charged mana and summoned Iron Arm Tribe which gave him yet another mana card.

"Mana increase, huh? Whatever he's planning, I gotta hinder it." Tiger thought and then he said. "I cast Faerie Gift and reduce the cost of the next creature I summon by three. Then I summon Geo Crashing Miranda, the Dimensional Force and put Victorious Meteor Kaiser in the battle zone!"

A blue metallic dragon with a fire horn on its forehead and wielding a fire sword in its tail appeared in the battle zone and roared at Tiger's opponent. Now The Monk's cards were put in the mana zone tapped but he didn't seem to mind. He simply drew a card, charged mana and then he put Hustle Castle on one of his shields, thus ending his turn.

"Alright freak, time to settle this!" Tiger declared while showing a Nature card. "I cast Hyperspatial Faerie Hole, put the top card of my deck to the mana zone and then I put Victorious Gaial Kaiser in the battle zone!"

A red armored dragon that was wielding two yellow flame swords appeared in the battle zone and roared at The Monk as well. Now it was the perfect time for an attack.

"Go, Victorious Meteor Kaiser, double break his shields!" Tiger ordered and the blue dragon swung the sword with his tail and slashed two of The Monk's shields.

However the shield shards quickly united into two Nature cards which The Monk showed to Tiger. One of them was Father Earth which sent Victorious Gaial Kaiser back in the hyperspatial zone and replaced him with the Bronze-Arm Tribe from Tiger's mana zone. The other was Leaf Storm Trap which put The Monk's Iron Arm Tribe in the mana zone and Tiger's Victorious Meteor Kaiser back to the hyperspatial zone.

"Tsh, Geo Crashing Miranda, break his shield!" Tiger ordered and the elephant like Alien used its giant hammer to crash another one of The Monk's shields, leaving him just with two. "Heh, let's see what you'll do now, buddy! I got five shields while you got two. It seems like I also have the field advantage. Soon you'll be toast!"

But little did Tiger know that it was far from over. Now it was The Monk's turn and his first move was to cast Hyperspatial Emperor Hole which destroyed Bronze-Arm Tribe and put Black Ganveet, Temporal Soldier in the battle zone to also twain Geo Crashing Miranda. Also, since The Monk put a creature in the battle zone, Hustle Castle allowed him to draw another card which was Bloody Shadow, Mystic Light Death Knight. Due to casting a spell that turn, he used Gravity Zero and put Bloody Shadow in the battle zone for free which in turn allowed him to draw yet another card. Then The Monk ended.

It seemed that Tiger's luck had faded. After drawing, the only cards in his hand were Living Lithograph and Blazing Tiger, Crimson Lord. None were of any use to him, so he simply put Living Lithograph in his mana zone and ended, hoping for a better draw in his next turn.

However, that was just the beginning of his torture. Now that The Monk's turn had come, he casted Hyperspatial Raiden Hole which due to the sacrifice of Bloody Shadow it brought both Volg Thunder and Cheval, Temporal Demon Spirit in the battle zone. The Monk pointed at Tiger's deck and the red armored wolf demon wielding a blue sword roared loudly and made the cards from Tiger's deck fall to the graveyard one by one. Faerie Life, Faerie Gift, Hyperspatial Bolshack Hole, Hyperspatial Red Green Hole, Natural Snare, Blazing Tiger, Crimson Lord, Hyperspatial Faerie Hole and Come On Pippi all landed in Tiger's graveyard. Volg Thunder's milling effect was devastating for Tiger's Miranda Gift deck which had more than twenty spells in it. Since Volg Thunder causes the milling of at least two cards and those had to be creatures, his deck was facing a great crisis. Due to Hustle Castle, The Monk drew two more cards and then he ended his turn. Also, to put salt on the wound, Cheval awakened into Cheuxvelt at the end of the turn because Black Ganveet and Volg Thunder were both Demon Commands with a cost equal or greater than 6.

Tiger drew his next card which was Faerie Gift. It was of no use to him so he charged mana and ended his turn. The situation was very difficult and he was cursing Volg Thunder for damaging his deck so hard. And still much more awaited him.

The Monk drew his next card, charged mana and then he tapped all eight mana cards and showed to Tiger the one card that would bring his doom. It was a Darkness Alien with the cost of 8, power of 9000 which went by the name of Zabi Mira, the Reviving Shaman. Since he had seen Shubham use it before, he knew of its effect. It would sacrifice any number of its user's creatures and replace them with psychic creatures that cost 6 or less. Then he realized that Volg Thunder had a cost of 6 and his eyes widened in shock. The Monk's Black Ganveet, Volg Thunder and Cheuxvelt all blew up and disappeared back to the hyperspatial zone only to be replaced by three Volg Thunders. The Monk pointed at Tiger's deck and thus the milling began. But this time it was worse since he had to get six creatures in the graveyard. One by one, the cards went into Tiger's graveyard once again, this time they being two Hyperspatial Red Green Hole, two Faerie Life, three Come On Pippi, Living Lithograph, Bronze-Arm Tribe, Hyperspatial Bolshack Hole, Faerie Gift, and two Jasmine, Mist Faerie.

Only two cards were left in his deck. Tiger then remembered of a similar situation when Kaizer had used Gallows Hellish Dragon to mill his deck in a similar manner. But back then he was able to pull a miracle. Now the miracle seemed pretty much impossible since he had lost most of his hyperspatial spells and had none in hand. He drew his next card – Natural Snare – a card which couldn't help him much. Sighing, he casted it and got rid of one of The Monk's Volg Thunders. But it didn't matter since he had only one card left in his deck and once one draws their last card, they lose the game.

Now that he was in control of the situation, The Monk didn't do much. He just summoned a Jenny, the Dismantling Doll to discard Tiger's last card, then he also summoned a Berlin, Bell Gravekeeper just in case and he also drew two cards. Afterwards he crossed his hands triumphantly and looked at the defeated Tiger who was filled with anger and frustration.

When the chosen nature duelist drew his last card, an explosion occurred and he landed on the ground hurt and covered in burns. The Monk approached him and stared at him with great interest. Then the killer put on his two silver claws, leaned down to him and rubbed his face with them as if he was a pet.