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"We need to talk," they said in unison.

Jenny preferred that they talk downstairs in the living room. Jethro followed her and glanced at Jill's room for the last time before he descended the stairs. Jenny made a left turn and sat on the soft white couch.

Jethro scanned her living room. Compared to the dark, leather and business ambiance of her study, the living room was quite the opposite. The room was full of solid shades of white except for the walls. The walls were royal blue with white accent. The carpet was beige. The fireplace was made of white bricks on the opposite side of the hallway.

He saw Jenny sitting on a white couch on the right side of the room. Her elbows rested on her knees while her hand had a fistful of her chestnut brown hair. He chose to sit on ottoman on the left side of the couch and dragged it so he could sit in front of her.

He was the one who spoke first, "Jenny," he tried to gain her attention softly.

Though there's softness in his voice, she still looked startled. She was completely lost in her train of thoughts. "Jethro… I don't know where to start." She admitted truthfully. There were a lot of things that she didn't tell him and there are still some things that she doesn't want to tell him.

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Tell me something about Jill." It seemed to be that it's the easiest way to begin with.

She smiled at the thought of her daughter – their daughter. She still can't believe that he knows now that they have a daughter. It was just yesterday and last night when she told Jill that she and Jethro went to see the Eiffel Tower a long time ago. "She's a really smart kid and she loves extracurricular activities."

"Like her ballet," he supplied.

She nodded. "That's just one of her activities."

He knit his brows in confusion. "She has more?"

"She started her piano lessons two months ago. She had swimming lessons last summer and she has art classes after daycare." She proudly said it.

"Looks like we have a little overachiever," there was a smug look in his face as if he wanted to tell the world how lucky he is to have a daughter like her. Then, he thought through what she said again. "Wait, did you say swimming?"

She rolled her eyes. "Jethro, is your hearing as bad as your eyesight?" She teased.

"Jen," he warned "what if she drowned?" he voiced out his fears.

"Did you think that I would let her drown, Jethro?" Her voice was increasing. She stood up and put her hands on her hips.

He stood up too. He wouldn't let her have the higher ground. "I was just worried, Jen." He replayed back.

"Well, I would never let her swim if it's not safe. I'm worried about her too, Jethro! I don't want her to be in danger again!" She bit her lip. Damn it! She slipped. That's exactly what she didn't want him to know. She saw his eyes grew angry.

"What? In danger again! Tell me what happened Jenny!" He was just few inches in front of her. "Was she used as leverage with your current op? Did somebody hurt her?" he really raised his voice this time but Jenny didn't even flinch under his glare.

"No." her voice was icy cold. She gave him the matching glare that he was giving her.

Her right eye didn't twitched. That's good enough for him. "Then what the hell happened?" he gritted his teeth.

She really hated this feeling of being interrogated by Gibbs. "She almost drowned last year when she chase then tried to save a puppy in the lake." She kept her emeralds staring into his sapphires though the news was bad. Really bad.

"What! You let our daughter chase a puppy into a lake!"He turned around while wiping his hand on his face. He can't believe she did that. That was so careless.

"It was an accident Jethro! She was beside me. I turned my back for a second then she was running off to the lake." She tried to explain but she knew he wouldn't hear a word she said and just blame her for her carelessness.

"You turned your back?" he snorted sarcastically. "You should never turn your back when the kid's at that age."He scolded her as if she's his probie ding a probie mistake and broke a rule. "This wouldn't happen if you told me about Jill in the first place!"

She quickly strode two steps towards him and gave him a right hook.

He did not see that coming but he ignored the pain.

She managed to give him a cut and scratch due to her rings on her right hand.

"Do not –" She slammed a closed fist on his chest. "God, Jethro!" She pointed her index finger at him. "You don't know everything that I did to protect her all the time. I did want to tell you but I'll put your life at risk too!" She turned her back at him and slumped at the couch. Her elbows laid on top of her knees again and her arms were lousily hanging forward. She bowed down her head.

He couldn't see her face through that curtain of brown hair. He took a step forward to comfort her. He didn't know that she was only protecting him by not involving him.

She heard him took a step. She didn't change her position when she spoke. "Do not go near me, Gibbs!" her voice cracked. Ever since they reunited again, she never called him Gibbs until now and it just meant that he really hurt her so badly by what he said.

He was just angry but not to her. He was angry at the situation, Jill's accident and their situation right now. Their situation was more complicated than before because here's a child involve now. Their child will be involved in anything they say and do to each other. And besides he just said that to her to release all those anger. He knew that he could never get angry at her though they always kill each other by using words.

He had nothing to do but let her alone. She needed space and he needed it too. He was already on his way to reach the front door's doorknob when he heard her small soft voice.

"Daddy, you're leaving me?" her voice sounded hurt. He turned around and saw her at the top of the stairs. Their shouts must've wakened her. He wanted to headslap himself for that. He took two steps at a time to reach her faster. He saw her tears on her cheeks. She was clutching her blanket.

He quickly enveloped her into his arms. "No, no, Jill. I won't leave you." He assured her or more likely he assured himself. Shannon and Kelly died after he left to save his country. He wouldn't leave Jenny and Jill now just to save his damn pride. He released her from his hug.

She saw the bruising on his left cheek along with the cut and scratches. She gasped loudly. She touched it. "Daddy, you have a boo-boo" her soft delicate hand hadn't even caused him pain because f the numbness that is growing inside.

He just nodded. He didn't know how to explain to his daughter that her mommy punched her daddy because he's being an ass.

"Mommy should kiss it." She wiggled out of his arms and ran down the stairs. Her father was hot on her heels.

"Don't run, Jill!" he ordered but she didn't listen.

She found her mommy on the couch. She ran to her mother. "Mommy! Mommy! Kiss Daddy's boo-boo!" She already slammed to her mother's side before Jenny could look up to see her daughter.

"Hey sweetie," she smiled to hide the silent tears that fell on her cheeks.

Apparently, Jill saw the shadows of her mommy's tears. "You're crying again, Mommy." She cupped her mother's cheek and her other hand brushed off the tear that fell again.

"I'm okay, sweetie." She tried to convince her. She wrapped her arms around her baby and rested her head on the crook of Jill's neck. This always does the trick to make her feel better. Jill is her only medication now to soothe the pain.

Jill wrapped her small arms around Jenny's neck. "You will be okay, Mommy." She always tells her mother that every time she catches her mother crying. "Daddy's here. You don't have to cry anymore."She said innocently. Jenny didn't expect that last part. It was Jill who pulled away. Both emeralds were reflecting at each other. "Mommy, Daddy has boo-boo. Kiss to be better." She seriously ordered and pointed at her daddy who was standing at the doorway and completely shocked at the whole mother and daughter thing.

Jenny stared at her daughter blankly then at the man she punched then back to her daughter again who wants her to kiss the man that she punched. Should she do it? She knew she could just give him a peck on the cheek but he hurt her then she hurt him. She was the reason that she's in an awkward situation right now. She regretted punching Jethro.

He inhaled deeply. He knew Jenny shouldn't be in that position. He knew that Jenny shouldn't be forced to kiss his 'boo-boo' because their daughter says so. To settle the awkwardness, "Jill, my boo-boo is okay. Mommy doesn't have to kiss my boo-boo if she doesn't want to." He said truthfully.

"No!" Their child was just as stubborn as her parents. "Mommy kiss your boo-boo Daddy!" She crossed her arms and pouted.

"But Jill –" Jethro started again and he swore his daughter glared at him.

"Okay, Jill. I'll do it. Just stop doing that." She pointed at her daughter's posture and glare. She sighed and stood up from the couch. She walked towards him. Still contemplating if it's the right thing to do. But if it's wrong they could always blame the child's orders and forget it.

She stopped in front of him and gently cupped his face. When she had a good look at what she had done, she gasped. "Oh no…" She didn't know that she cut and scratched his skin on top of his bruise. Her guilt was all over her face.

Jethro saw her reaction. He quickly held her on her upper arms. "Hey, this is not your fault." He assured her.

She shook her head. Of course it's her fault. Her smooth hand touched his bruise. He grunted for a little. "I should give you an ice." She quickly head to the kitchen but he grabbed her arm. She furrowed her brows at him. He pointed their girl. "Oh right," she remembered.

Her left hand caressed his right cheek. She tiptoed and pecked his left cheek. Her peck took longer than three seconds.

It felt so good to have her lips against his skin again so after she pulled away, he grabbed her at her waist and pulled herself to him and collided his lips to hers. She moaned and responded back. He had a fistful of her hair and the other was on her back while she wrapped around her arms around his neck. Before they could get in a more passionate kiss, they were interrupted by their very active and smart girl.

"Mommy, I says boo-boo. That's not boo-boo!" She annoyingly whined.

They both ended it and rested their forehead at each other and smiled at their daughter's antics.

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