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Berk, its twelve days north of Hells bliss and a few digress south of Freezing to death, its located solidly on a tall and rocky island surrounded by mist, called gradient of misery.

This village, in a single word was dirty; it's been there for seven generations, although every building was new.

Spear fishing, hunting and the charming view of the sunsets, the only problems are the pests.

Most locations have mice, mosquitoes, locusts, or flesh-eating flies. Well…Berk have a much bigger problem…the village of Berk have… dragons.

Most people would leave, but the people of Berk were Vikings, no matter how vicious the dragons were, the Vikings would never give up.

This was probably due to some sort of pride they had, a warrior's code to fight to the death? or it was just some random stubbornness issues.

But killing a dragon means everything to a Viking in Berk.