young love

It was the smell of her hair - this heavy rose scent that followed her through the corridors of Hogwarts, turning Scorpius' head, and giving him vivid dreams at night.

He suffered in silence for nearly a month until the day he and Rose were in the library studying, and Albus dropped by with Celene Alvarez. Then he suffered in rose-scented, tongue-tied silence as Rose and Celene discussed Transfiguration, and Al made a show of scratching out some notes for History of Magic and glancing at Scorpius from under his lashes.

"Hey, do you have permission to go down to Hogsmeade next weekend?"

Celene blinked her long, dusky lashes, apparently as surprised at Rose's change of topic as Scorpius and Al were, but she nodded. "I'm really looking forward to it! My brother said there's all kinds of cool stuff in the shops - not least of which is Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes...I don't suppose you get discounts for being family?"

Rose laughed, scratching at one cheek with the end of her quill. "I wish! But hey, maybe you should come down with us next weekend."

"I..." Celene glanced at Scorpius. Their gazes meshed for a moment, and she might have gone a little pink under the warm tan of her skin. "Yeah, okay. If you guys don't mind."


Albus blinked big green eyes. "Why should I mind?"

"Why should you mind," Rose echoed, smiling as she turned to Scorpius, arching one birdwing brow. "That's okay with you, Scorpius?"

"Y-yeah." His voice scaled an octave and broke at the top as it had done so often lately, and his cheeks flushed. "That's fine."

"Cool, then." Celene smiled at them all, probably unaware that Scorpius' stomach felt like it had just gone into a Wronski Feint, and then went to sit with some other friends who'd just come into the library.

Albus and Rose turned nearly-identical grins upon him.

"Shut up."

Al turned to Rose. "Did you say anything?"

"Me? I didn't say a thing."

Scorpius glared at both of them but didn't say anything else, even when they started speculating - very quietly - about whether Celene knew how to French kiss.

With friends like these, who needed enemies?