It was a bright and early new morning. Tenma had recovered finally but he was mentally exhausted from what happened. He rested for few days and now he was back. Recently, he began to play with his ocarina pendant. No one complained because he actually played it really well and the sounds that came from the tiny instrument was very soothing.

"Is there anything you want me to play, Tsurugi?" he asked the navy-haired boy. He shook his head and said that he could play whatever. It was warabigami. That piece seems to be his favorite.

"Hey, Tsurugi." He said. "I'm really sorry for what I said before about soccer being scary."

"Nah, forget about it." He said. The two were walking to school. Tsurugi was still on punishment and Tenma decided to go with him to help prepare the clubroom as thanks for putting up with him for the last few days. "No, it was really awful of me…"

"You weren't yourself." He told him and Tenma stopped. "Tsurugi. Tell me honestly, what would have happened if I never remembered anything?" he asked sadly, making the striker stop. "When everyone was leaving for the second-half during our match with Gassan Kunimitsu, I had this sense that everyone was abandoning me…" he sobbed. Tsurugi sighed and held his head. "Don't be stupid. Do you think something like that would actually happen?"

Tenma looked at him and smiled. "Thanks." Tsurugi sighed and walked away.

"So…why can't I tell anyone about that storm?" Tenma asked him to his embarrassment. "I swear! You better not tell anyone about that!" he snapped. Tenma laughed and began playing again.

Things were back to normal. But he wished there were some things he wished he would not bring up. "Hey, you never told us why that thing was so special to you." He pointed out and Tenma flinched as he missed a note. "Well, it was a birthday gift from my mom." Tenma began. "You should have seen her. She could play any song on this perfectly and her voice…it was the most stunning thing you've ever heard!"

"Was…?" Tsurugi asked and Tenma looked away. "Oh."

"It really was beautiful…" Tenma said. "It's been so long…I don't even remember how it sounds like anymore… the only thing I can remember clearly is how she played warabigami all the time on this."

"So that's why it's your favorite." He said. "Of course!" Tenma chirped. "I really want to hear my mom sing again…"

"What about your dad?" he asked. He goes for so long about his mom and not his dad. It makes him curious. "Which one?" Tenma asked, making Tsurugi confused.

"I guess the dad with me is pretty busy all the time. Lately, I think he's been avoiding me but I'm not sure." Tenma said. "People say he's scary but I love him!"

"Okay." Tsurugi sighed. Halfway, Tenma began to play again when suddenly, he stopped and turned. "Something wrong?"

"I-It's nothing..." Tenma sighed. Tsurugi looked at him one more time. "How about playing warabigami again?"

Tenma smiled and nodded but Tsurugi looked back worriedly. "…"

Ugh, I suck at writing mysteries. I deleted the new fic and decided to start over again but it might take some time. I'm going on hiatus to find something. See you guys until then.