A red-haired tomboy just puts herself in a bar to drown off some of her sorrows. That sorrow that she is drowning right about now is her fear of cute stuff. She recalls when Haruhi just show her lots and lots of cute stuff animals. This started her fear of cute stuff, especially the one she's forced to hang out with: My Melody. Now that she's in a bar, she feels relaxed inside without Uta or My Melo to bother her. This is the place she can find peace in mind.

Just then, a blonde-haired young man shows up and sits down in front of her.

"Hey there," he said with a smile on his face. "Are you okay?"

The tomboy looks perplexed in this situation. Nevertheless, she must answer the question either truthfully or not.

"Yeah," was the reply coming out of her.

The man snaps his fingers as he wanted the attention of a waitress to come for his order.

"What will it be, young man?" she takes out her notebook and pen to get his order.

"Bourbon with ice."

The waitress then left the table and went to the bartender of the store.

"Now then, you're Mana Fujiksaki, aren't you?" said the man.

Mana gets shocked into this subject. How did he know my name? Who is this guy?

"Uh, yes," she answered truthfully. "Who are you anyway?"

"My name is Johan," the man answered in a truthful manner, not to mention with that smile on his face. "Johan Liebert."

"Okay," Mana said in curiosity. "That's a nice name."

"Why thank you."

The waitress comes with a drink for Johan. She sets it up to the table and left.

As the two are have finished their drinks and put their money on the table as their payment so that they wouldn't get in trouble for not paying, Johan started a conversation.

"So, you fear cute stuff, don't you?" he said as a creepy smile is formed on his face.

Mana clenches a fist on her right hand. "What about it? Are you picking a fight with me?"

"No," Johan replied, but still has that smile on his face. "In fact, let me show you something. Follow me."

The two walked their way out of the bar. As she follows him, Mana looks around town. The only sight that she doesn't want to see is cute stuff. Nevertheless, she focuses on following Johan to a place where they could talk privately to this matter. She gets taken to a building by the top floor.

"I know you fear cute stuff, including our savior, My Melody," Johan started.

This statement just made Mana getting angrier to that subject. As she clenched her fist, ready to pummel this man, he just smiles that off and laughs.

"What are you laughing at?" she raises her voice to him.

"Mana, I know for a certain you fear all those cute stuff. I know about your past of why did that happened to you," Johan explained as a smile that's far more sinister appears in his face. "Is it because Haruhi showed more of this? Well, the truth is, it's all your fault that she did it. If only you'd been friendly with her about it, she wouldn't unleash more of those things that you begin to fear for all of these years. Tell me, with My Melody around, how are you going to cope with that? Should you spend the rest of your life fearing her and forced to live in her shadow? Will you ever find the courage you need to be friends with her?"

Those words coming out of his mouth made Mana become more frightful to the point that she has lost hope in herself. Hidden by his right hand, Johan took out an alcoholic bottle from the bar.

"So, Mana, do you want a drink?"

Mana frightfully takes the bottle and started drinking it all up until she finishes. She walks to the hand rails and started to sit down. Suddenly, she falls from it, sending her to her death to below the building. Johan has taken a look at this sight and walks away. For him, fear kills people.