so you know how I said I wouldn't write often... This is what I meant haha. This is a really short chapter because I was just lacking inspiration and didn't really know where I wanted to go form there. Anyway I would say 'hey I'm gonna write more' but I know it a lie so I'll stick with, I shall update when I get the chance. Hope you enjoy it

"Ok everyone, quiet the fuck down" Kieran stated uselessly, honestly Naomi didn't even know why he bothered speaking sometimes, its not like he expected anyone to listen.

"Alright Naomikins." Cook said sitting down next to her

"Just get it over with, I know your gonna say it."

"you fucking snogged a girl!"

"Jesus, shout it to the world why don't you."

"if you want, NAOMI, SNOG" He was cut if my naomi slamming her hand onto his the mouth

"Sarcasm Cook, fucking Sarcasm"

"All right everyone, did anyone actually bother bring their book today?…. no? Well fuck it, I'll just put on a movie." Kieran stated again, Naomi again was doubting anyone actually heard him.

"hm hmm, probably best not to use that language in front of the students don't you think?" Well now everyone was listening, there was a unified shuffling as everyone turned toward the door of the class room.

"I've got two new students for your class so make them welcome everyone, please christ don't kill them." the last part was said under her breath but Naomi was close enough to hear it, she could tell Cook heard it to as she watched him shake with silent laughter. That was when the teacher stepped to the side and Naomi was rendered speechless. Flaming red hair, beautiful brown eyes, sexy smile. Oh god.


so red, sexy


slim, curved


oh fuck


"I'm not a babe"

"I'll be the judge of that, are you seeing what just walked into the room! Hot, sexy, twins. Oh Cookie monster is in for a treat." Naomi took a shaky breath and looked up at… she still didn't know her name, only to see her staring right back with an expression of total shock. When Naomi was finally able to drag her gaze away from those brown eyes she was met by another, harsher pair. Oh crap her twin!

"All right lady's, take a seat and we'll get started."

Pandora was already motioning for them to come and sit next to her and Effy, as they walked passed Naomi heard the twin mutter,

"Fucking lezzas, cant get rid of them." Naomi dropped her gaze, pretending to be interested in the book she had out in front of her.

"Lady's, before you sit down how about you introduce yourselves and tell us one unique fact about yourselves." Kieran looked about as interested in what they were about to say as the fly on the wall but Naomi was secretly thanking him,much to Naomi's disappointment the other twin went first.

"I'm katie, I've never not had a boyfriend since I was 7."

"congratulations, you."

"um, I'm Emily, I've never had a boyfriend." Emily. How could it be anything other then Emily? her voice, Naomi has never heard something so husky and sexy before. The small amount of blush that has crept into her cheek made it seriously hard for Naomi to concentrate.

"Don't worry babe, I can fix that." Trust Cook to ruin the moment.

Naomi spent the rest of the lesson watching red hair and thinking of Emily's lips, eyes, blush and anything else that wanted to invade her mind. She jumped when the bell went, remembering where she was and quickly gathered up her books. She had to get out of the class room before she made a fool of herself.

"Naomi." Kieran called, "Stay back for a second would you? You to Katie and, Emma, was it?" Emily! how could he get her perfect name wrong. Hang on perfect? Arg stop thinking Naomi!

"Ah, no it's Emily."

"Right of course. Naomi, would you show these two girls around, because leaving them in Pandora's care might be the thing that gets me fired from this shitty job." Fuck, no, why me?

"I've got a lot to do…"

"Come on Naomi, I know your the girl for the job." Yeah well maybe you know me to fucking well. Perfect time for Katie to speak up of course

"I don't want that bitch showing me around, We'll do it ourselves."

"Katie, stop, she's fine." Emily muttered quietly

"Listen if you girls have a problem with each other then go and sort it out in the hall way, Naomi your officially there guide do well and all that other crap." fuck.

"…Pretty much just hang out and shit here, so yeah…. I guess thats it. Hope you had a fantastic time and enjoyed the tour." Naomi said sarcastically

"Well that was fucking underwhelming, would it be so hard to at lease pretend you cared?"

"Katie stop it, she didn't ask to show us around" Emily said quietly

"Well she shouldn't have done it then." Katie stated.

"Ok, I'll see you around." Naomi almost sighed with relief as she turned to walk away. That had been the worst experience of her life; she had out up with katie bitching about her and everything else the entire time and overtime Emily smiled or spoke or did anything Naomi's mind went wild.

"Thanks Naomi" Emily said just before she walked away. Her voice…. shit

"uh.. No problem" She replied without even turning around, the quickly walked off to lunch with the sound of Katie bitching again behind her