Blair and Dan never went to get the ice. Blair's reaction to Chuck finding out about Diana.

"Yes, as I was saying to Dan here earlier today, his works show a certain amount of irony when you look at his personal life." Blair went on to the brunette girl clad in those clothes you got from second hand trendy boutiques in downtown Williamsburg.

"But you could also say that the way he ended his life was the biggest parallel to the end of the novel as well." The woman pointed out, holding the mug stamped with the union jack that Blair and Dan had distributed to the guests on their arrival.

Meanwhile, Dan was having a conversation to a man next to her. He had a hipster type haircut and was wearing a wrinkled suit that he probably thought was making some sort of statement.

She couldn't help feeling a little relieved that Serena and her social climbing cousin had turned up to the party to lighten the atmosphere a bit. All these pretentious intellectuals were doing her head in, and right now she just needed to talk to someone who wasn't going to patronise her because she hadn't read all of the great twelve magic realism novels of the nineteenth century.

As Dan continued his conversation she couldn't help but let her attention wane a little. She glanced over to the huge union jack table that Dan and moved into the centre of the loft, where Nate, Chuck and several of the 'pseudo intellectuals' were now seated. Nate was sipping on the red wine Blair had served earlier and Chuck was laughing at something he had said. She felt her heart aflutter as she saw the smile she loved so much but rarely got to see cross his features. Serena, Diana and Lola were nowhere to be seen.

Blair smiled at the right moments when the man Dan was talking to cracked a lame joke, and she laughed disheartedly when the group of girls sitting on the leather couches in the corner made comments on how much they hated American culture and wanted to go and live in Soho.

She felt her cellphone in the pocket of her dress buzz, announcing an incoming message, but she ignored it, trying to regain her focus on what the hipster man was saying. He kept rambling on about his dislike for Edgar Allen Po, although Blair noticed the air turn icy, and the whole left side of the room go early silent. She turned her head slightly to see what was going on, when she saw they all had their phones out, and were watching something.

Just another stupid gossip girl blast.. she thought, rolling her eyes and looking over at the corner of the room where Dan's bedroom was. Serena and Diana Payne had just walked out of it, treading with an aura of cautiousness.

Blair turned back to Dan and his writer friend just in time to hear it. "Is it true?"

She spun back around quickly, looking for Chuck to see what was going on.

Chuck was slightly raised from the table, looking up at Diana Payne with an expression Blair had never seen on his face before. He looked angry, scared, but most of all wary.

Blair was no longer listening to the conversation with Dan. She was now craning her neck to the side in order to hear what was going on on the left side of the apartment.

Diana took a step closer to the table, looking at Chuck. "Yes Charles, it is." she no longer had the playful accent she usually sported. She too, was looking worried.

"DON'T" Chuck suddenly sad loudly, raising a finger at her, as if warning her to keep away. He was still staring at her with disbelief. "Don't you move, you stay right there." he whispered. Blair looked around, confused as to what had caused this scene.

Not many of the pseudo intellectuals had noticed the incident going on in the corner, but Blair was all ears. She had never heard Chuck talk to anyone like this.

"You have been in New York for months, inviting me to parties, hiring my friends, hanging out in my apartment in your underwear banging my best friend!" he was shouting now, but not the way he usually did. "Did it not occur to you to mention this, that you were my mother?"

The colour drained from Blair's face.

Diana was shaking her head, taking a step towards him, "Please Chuck, I can explain." The whole room was quiet now.

Chuck was standing up, shaking his head, "I can't do this right now, or ever! I can't!" He shouted, grabbing his coat and with one swift movement he was across the room and was gone, out the door.

Everyone in the room was silent for a moment, looking at Diana. But after a second the room returned to its normal atmosphere.

"Oh my god. Oh my god." Blair was chanting, her hands over her mouth. She felt like she was about to cry.

"Blair, Blair it's okay, don't worry about it. At least they're gone now." Dan told her, turning around and frowning at her, wondering why she was so upset.

"No, no.." Blair was shaking her head. Diana was leaving, her head ducked out the door, and Serena and Nate were standing at the table looking just as shocked as Blair felt. She locked eyes with them briefly before she heard a woman's cocky voice behind her.

"Well this is the most dramatic salon I've ever been to."

"Very.. un-british if you ask me. They have some issues over there. Typical upper east siders." agreed an equally cocky voice. Blair turned around eyeing them, her hands still over her mouth. She saw that they were looking over at where Chuck and Diana had been a few moments ago.

She put her hands on her hips. "Get out." she spat at them, and she could feel her eyes watering but she didn't care. "Get out of here." she suddenly had such a burning hatred for the man and woman sitting in front of her.

"Excuse me Ms Waldorf, but you did invite us here yourself." they said, reproachably, looking taken aback by Blair's instructions.

"My apologies," Dan came up behind her and grabbed her shoulders and spinning her around to face him, "Blair what's got into you, we're hosting a party here."

Blair shook her head, breathing shakily, "I have to find Chuck." This stupid salon now seemed even more pathetic than the guests she had invited as she turned and made her way towards the exit. She was just about to decent the stairs when she felt Dan grab her by the arm. "Blair why the hell are you going to find Chuck? He's a jerk, he just crashed our party and was trying to get all the attention on him and the others. They can't stand us being in the spotlight for one minute."

Blair looked at him, "Do you even know what just happened back there?" she asked angrily and incredulously.

"Yeah…" Dan shrugged nonchalantly, "Chuck found out that spectator woman was his mother, poor woman.. having him for a son-" he was interrupted when Blair slapped him hard on the side of the face.

He winced for a second, "Wha-"

"You don't have any idea about anything." Blair said slowly, her voice choked with tears. "You don't know anything about Chuck, you moron."

"Me? Moron?" Dan frowned incredulously, "Blair have you even looked at Chuck? He's terrible, he's a piece of work!"

"That piece of work, Chuck Bass, needs me." Blair said to him, looking Dan straight in the eye, jerking her arm away from him and then running down the stairs out onto the curb.

She needed to get out of the 718. She'd been slumming for far too long.

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