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Title : The Aftermath of War

Warnings : Slash, Ginny-Bashing, Anal, Oral, Rim, H/C, Future Mpreg

Pairings : Lucius/Harry, George/Draco, RonHermione, KingsleyNarcissa

Prologue : The Plea

Harry sat in the master bedroom of Grimmauld Place with a thoughtful expression settled upon his face. It'd been about five months since the Final Battle, and Harry was not yet finished recovering. Not mentally, not physically...not at all. There had been so much lost in the second war against Voldemort. So many lives destroyed on both sides of the fight. Harry wasn't sure how he was supposed to be handling things. It wasn't easy, going to bed every night and seeing the faces of everyone who'd died so he could defeat the madman who'd almost ruined them all. Remus, Tonks, Mad Eye, Sirius, Dumbledore, Lily and James Potter...and finally Fred Weasley, only a few of the many people killed, but a list too long in Harry's opinion for him to have lost.

He knew that Ron and Hermione would be there for him if he told them he needed them, but he didn't want to burdon either of them. Ron, along with the rest of his family, were busy mourning the death of Fred. Hermione had run off to Australia to find her parents. She was hoping she could restore their memories, and if she couldn't she would be taking them to St. Mungo's to do so when she found them. His girlfriend, if he could even still call her that, Ginny Weasley had offered her help, but he knew that she was still mourning her older brother. He couldn't add to her pain by hefting the enormous weight of his own on top of her.

In the end, Harry had himself. That's how it seemed to always end up. He was doing better, but he wasn't healed yet. He hadn't left Grimmauld since Kingsley had dropped him off there the day after the Final Battle. He hadn't been planning on leaving until the memorials started up. So many had died that everyone he knew had decided to wait some time before planning any funerals. He expected that would start soon.

Harry wouldn't even have gone anywhere on this particular day, if it weren't for the owl he'd received at breakfast from the one and only Narcissa Malfoy. Both she and Draco had managed to avoid being imprisoned. Draco because he had not received the Dark Mark and was considered by The Wizengamot to have been pressured by family ties and Lord Voldemort himself at an impressionable age. Narcissa because Harry had spoken on her behalf when the Aurors had come after the battle.

Lucius Malfoy, however, had not been so lucky. He'd gone quietly, seeming to recognize and acknowledge his crimes as his own, which was much more than Harry had ever expected of him. He supposed that pleading "Imperius" again probably wouldn't be a very sound case for his freedom. His wife had filed for immediate divorce following the end of the war, pleading that she could no longer tie herself to the man who had cost her family so much. It went through without an issue. The owl from Mrs. Malfoy addressed Lucius' upcoming hearing.

Dear Mr. Potter,

I am sure you are wondering why I have contacted you now, after so much time has passed. Well, to be quite frank, Lucius' trial starts today and it is my hope that you will agree to speak for his freedom as a personal favor to me. I know that you have no personal reason to believe that Lucius acted in anyone else's interest than his own when he decided to join the Dark Lord once again. However, I do wish that you keep an open mind as I explain to you why he had no other choice.

As you are probably most conscious of, once a person is linked to the Dark Lord, they cannot be unbound. You yourself shared a link with Him, did you not? And you suffered because of it often, from what I have read in the papers. Well, the Dark Mark is not unlike your scar, except that the bond behind it is much more powerful. While the bolt of lightning that adorns your forehead was accidental, the Mark is something that is done on purpose with the intent of binding a person's very magic to that of the Dark Lord's.

During his first coming, Lucius was a brash and idiotic young man who sought power and superiority through his service to Lord Voldemort. I tried to dissuade him from doing so. I thought it would be better for us to remain neutral. While I believe that muggleborns are a threat to the secrecy of our world and have pride in my pure blood heritage, I do not believe that all those who do not share that heritage deserve to be destroyed or enslaved. The Dark Lord fell, and Lucius pleaded Imperius to the Wizengamot which kept him free. Why am I telling you this? Because I know that you already know it is true, and because I know you are too good a young man to use it against me. You willingly walked to your death to save the rest of the world, and for that I can do nothing but respect you.

What I am trying to explain here, is that because of the Dark Mark, no matter where we ran, eventually we would have been found. When the Dark Lord returned, Lucius felt the burning pain of the Mark once again and he knew he had no choice but to return to his master's side. I want you to know, that he hated every minute of it. He hated involving Draco in it, and involving me. But he was afraid, we all were, that if we refused death surely awaited us. Perhaps that makes us cowardly, but you must understand that Lucius just wanted to do whatever he could to protect this family. Because of his willful service, Draco and I were spared the more disturbing side of Death Eater life, and Draco was spared the Mark.

We have all lost a lot. The war damaged my marriage beyond repair. Although Lucius and I are still on amiable terms, we can no longer live together as man and wife. It has, unfortunately, pained my son more than I can explain. I do not wish to see him hurt any more. I beseech you as a mother, please spare Draco the sight of his father being carted off to a life sentence in Azkaban, or even worse..the Kiss. He will need us both to help him recover from the things he was forced to see, to do, under the Dark Lord's reign in our home. We are all he has left.

If that does not convince you, then think of this...I saved your life Harry Potter, you and I both know that. I do not want to call in my life debt, but if I must I will. I will do anything to spare my son more pain.

That is all I have left to say on this matter. If you are agreeable to speaking at Lucius' trial, please send me an owl and I will meet you at the Ministry.


Narcissa Malfoy

After reading through her letter four times, Harry had owled Mrs. Malfoy back indicating that he would be at the Ministry later in the day to speak at Lucius' trial. He understood what the woman had so desperately tried to convey in her message. He understood that a lot of Voldemort's followers were little more than victims themselves, especially the younger ones. While he didn't believe that Lucius Malfoy was blameless, he didn't want to see Draco destroyed by the loss of his father. Draco was a victim, pure and true, of his family's poor choices. Harry had no desire, rival or not, to see the other young man broken by the backlash of the war.

He knew the Wizengamot would not allow Lucius to go unpunished, but Harry also knew that being the Savior of the World had its perks, and his word would sway them from sending the man to Azkaban. Harry had an idea for a punishment that would make everyone happy. He would strike a deal with the Wizengamot, and the Malfoys.

A glance at the clock let him know that it was time to leave. He grabbed his wand, and Draco's ( figuring he could return it after the trial ), and headed to the Ministry.

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