Episode 1:

The Life in the Circus

The girl checked her reflection in the mirror, making sure that there was nothing on her face. Her fair skin was clear, her lips had a bit of shine due to her lip balm and her eyes were as large and brown as ever making her look perpetually surprised. Her dark brown hair was short and she couldn't do anything about it except wear a headband, a clip or tie her bangs up – None of which she did to her hair. Satisfied with what she looked like from the shoulders up, she scrutinized her outfit. The girl wore a pink shirt with white polka dots and a white collar and denim shorts. Shoes didn't matter since her feet wouldn't be seen.

Happy, she moved over to the camera and tripod in front of her bed and she switched the camera on before pushing the Record button. Seeing the red light flashing, she made her way to her bed and smiled awkwardly at the camera. Taking a deep breath, she began.

"Hello, Naomi!" She said with a grin before laughing. The girl had a slight British twang in her voice. "That probably sucked, didn't it? My greeting, I mean. I seriously don't know how Megan does it. She makes it so cute. Then again, she doesn't use it as a greeting, right Megan?"

The girl stared straight into the camera almost as if she wanted to be able to look at the girl she was talking about. She wanted to try to creepy effect of staring into someone soul from the opposite side of the screen like what they did in reality TV when the character broke the fourth wall. Naomi moved on.

"I'm guessing you were the one who found this video and brought it to Naomi, am I right? Is the whole team with you? Did they tie Naomi to a chair and tape her eyelids open in order to watch this? If so, Hi team!" The girl waved at the camera, smiling from ear to ear, laughter evident in her voice. "Thank you so much for having the patience and putting up with Naomi, I'm sure she's not in the right state of mind to follow orders."

The smile on her face fell and her hands went back to her lap.

"Since the whole team took the effort in bringing you this tape, Naomi, I suggest you watch this and listen attentively. Don't you dare pause the video to make comments on how stupid and useless this whole thing is. You are going to watch this from beginning to end." The girl's voice was stern and her glare icy. "Now, let me brief you on why I decided to make this video. You see, Naomi, normal people usually have New Year's resolution, am I right? You know, the whole 'I'll work harder' or 'I'll make him fall in love with me this year' sort of rubbish? Well, I'm not normal so I decided to have an Independence Day resolution…"

"You're probably raising your eyebrow at me or rolling your eyes right now, Naomi. Yes, that was very stupid. I'm guessing that these words are rolling off your tongue: An Independence Day resolution? That doesn't exist! You're just making excuses to video yourself!" The girl then spoke with a high pitched, slightly crazed tone as if she were imitating the sound of Naomi's voice.

"But that's the whole reason you're watching this. You're the one who came up with the idea, Naomi." The girl spoke normally again. "Because, everything started on Independence Day…You just don't remember it."

"I'm guessing the only things you remember right now are your name and the fact that you are being forced to watch this by your friends at this very moment. Well, you don't acknowledge them as your friends but I sure do. I'm the sane one here so you better trust my word. I mean, if they weren't your friends, would they really put you up to watching a video of yourself telling you that you don't remember squat?" The girl's, now known as Naomi, expression turned serious. "Naomi, you are watching this because you have succumbed to madness and you are closer to becoming less human by the day."

Suddenly, she laughed.

"I'm betting all of you – not counting my crazed self – just stared at me in utter horror right now." Naomi smiled sweetly. "But it's true! I'm probably less than half flesh and bones by the time I'm watching this video, right?"

Naomi paused, as if waiting for their response. Of course she didn't receive any since she was alone in her room and she was talking to people in the "future".

"Since I didn't particularly prepare a script for this thing, I might ramble from time to time. I did say that everything began on Independence Day but… since you don't remember anything from before the Fourth of July as well; I'm going to fill you in on some important events in our life. Well, events that I think are worth remembering at least. Let's begin from the time you – we – I was in the Circus."

Naomi took deep, steady breaths as she stood at the very top, watching the crowd below, anticipating her introduction. She knew that there was nothing to be afraid of. She knew she wouldn't mess up her act. She had been practicing for months, both with and without a net. But practicing in front of her fellow circus performers did not compare to the chills she felt when there was a live audience of over two hundred below her, watching. Naomi knew her knees were shaking under her leggings and her vision blurred for a second. She took a step back and focused on not having her mind dwell on the horrible thought of falling before she could even step foot on the tightrope.

The idea was terrifying and it wouldn't help her stage fright one bit. Trying to be optimistic, the girl imagined the cheerful smiles the audience would have when she finishes a stunt and their shocked gasps when she performs them. Naomi could almost hear the applause in the end and saw herself taking a bow before climbing down the ladder in order to join the ringmaster, taking another bow, waving at everyone before leaving to make room for the next act.

Satisfied with what her imagination gave her, she took another deep breath, trying to steady her still nervous heart, she focused her attention on the ringmaster. Of course, looking down is not a very wise idea to do when you're very far from the ground, but she couldn't help it. The sight was just so magnificent.

All the lights in the tent were shut off except for the spotlight which was focused on the ringmaster of the circus. He was dressed in a deep red tailcoat, with a navy blue vest underneath it, black pants and a tall, black top hat with a cane in his hands. There were golden stars and swirls decorating his outfit as well.

The smile on his face was so wide and jolly that she could see it all the way up from where she was hiding in the shadows, not wanting to reveal herself to the audience just yet. The man took a breath and the circus music died down along with the audience.

It was pure silence when he opened his mouth to speak.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…" The ringmaster began the introduction in his usual dramatic voice that kept everyone on edge. The audience stirred as he continued, using words such as "biggest", "most dangerous", "amazing" and "spectacular" all of which, the girl had a hard time believing she was.

What was so amazingly spectacular about a little girl walking down a tightrope, doing stunts every now and again?

Okay, now that she thought about it…that was – is pretty amazingly spectacular…

What about most dangerous?

There were performers who could breathe out fire!

Well, then again… she was more than a hundred feet off the ground… and there was no net to catch her if she ever fell.

That could be counted as dangerous now that she thought about it…

But biggest? No. That can't be her. Naomi wasn't big at all. She was so puny that she began to worry if anyone in the audience would be able to see her from down below. Maybe instead of a spotlight they would need a magnifying glass!

Naomi shook her head and focused on what her ringmaster was saying. She could miss her cue!

"And let me introduce to you all, our newest catch, The Little Puppet!"

The ringmaster pointed his cane towards the girl and the spotlight followed. She winced behind her mask when the light shone in her eyes but she ignored the blinding pain and waved down at the now cheering crowd, giving the occasional flying kiss at random directions. She felt her heart lift when they screamed in excitement.

"The Little Puppet will be doing a magical tightrope act without – I repeat without a net!"

The oohs and aahs were then heard and the tent had gone silent. The circus music played softly in the background.

She took the first step on the rope and then the next. Her movements were slow and graceful like a ballerina. With every few steps, she would do a simple trick, a nice little somersault in the air and land on one foot before continuing with her ballerina-like movement. When she was nearing the middle, she jumped high in the hair, twirling before landing back down on the rope, arms out to keep her balance.

The crowd went wild.

The smile on her face widened.

Naomi continued doing her stunts and her heart began to beat wildly against her chest when she was about to do the best of them all. There were two archers located below her, one on the left and the other on the right, and they had their arrows ready to shoot. The Little Puppet jumped high in the air just when the arrows went flying, creating a small firework affect. She somersaulted and was just about to land safely on the rope once more when her ankle twisted.

Before she, or anyone, knew it, The Little Puppet was falling.

"Pretty scary, right?" Naomi asked after telling the story. "Do you remember that? The sudden rush? Your heart skipping a beat? I still remember that feeling. Frightening, really."

She paused.

"Don't worry though, we lived." Naomi grinned, chuckling under her breath. "Now, that's one important event of your life finished. Let's go to the next important event – meeting our lovely mentor, Black Canary."

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