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Authors Note: It's great to be back writing Nick/Allie fics in my own little universe. It's like visiting old friends!

Allie ran along the beach.

They'd arrived at their home for the next week just under an hour ago. Mia had fallen asleep in the car, exhausted from her first ever sleepover party the night before, and so upon arrival, Nick had carried her straight into bed.

Tallulah had been awake, but happy to crawl around and stand grabbing at various objects as they moved everything else in. The ten month old had generally made a nuisance of herself as she proceeded to move where not wanted, going out the front door at inopportune moments, gripping her parents' legs and otherwise holding up proceedings.

Eventually though, they managed to get everything in.

The beach had called out her, and after a quick conversation with her husband, a bottle already heating up in the microwave, she'd slipped into her runners, snagged her iPod and headed out.

Now as she ran into the last rays of sunlight, she took a deep breath of fresh air, revelling in being outside.

She'd shed the baby weight post-Tallulah relatively easily, back to her former size in nine weeks – pants that is, rather than bra size – but she noticed that she'd seemed to have managed to put it back on.

After running to the Point and back, Allie stepped inside their chalet. Pulling her iPod earplugs free, she grinned at the sight of her husband looking decidedly domesticated with a towel on his shoulder, an empty bottle in hand. Snagging her water bottle, she tugged off her sneakers.

Rising, she spoke nonchalantly. "I'm heading for the shower. Care to join me?"