"Are you new here?" The New Bark Town man ran a hand through the sweaty sheen of his charcoal-tinged hair, for it was especially hot today. The sea breeze lapped at his back, not at all exacerbating the monstrous warmth pressing down from the sun. The spray was a dog's tongue as the tide from Kanto's waters began to roll in.

The stranger he spoke to turned his head as he gently stroked the slick crown of his Gyarados, the Pokemon who had ferried him across the turbulent ocean current separating the Kanto and Johto regions. He was fat; rotund and pudgy, superbly overweight but not quite obese. His sandy brown top was soaked not from sweat, but sea water that pervaded him from the sky-blue shirt that clung to his thick chest to his khaki cargo shorts.

"Yes," the stranger responded, wiping his hands on his thighs, struggling beneath his weight to stand. He was much taller than the New Bark Town man; a head above him, at least. "I came here from Pallet Town. The home of Professor Oak?"

"I know about him." The New Bark man gave this traveler an approving once-over. "You're in New Bark Town. This is also the birthplace of a renowned Pokemon researcher, Professor Elm. He recently completed an updated Pokedex, containing information from Kanto to Unova."

"I heard," the fat stranger said, smiling at the cordial man who greeted him. Johto citizens were exceptionally kind. "That's what I'm here for, actually. I absolutely love new technological breakthroughs. I always try to stay on the bandwagon; out of fascination, not following. I remember when Kanto was the only region with a stable Pokedex system. And even then, it barely had one hundred fifty-one identifiable species."

"Technology is amazing," the New Bark man said, shuffling his feet. "It's incredible how everything changes so quickly."

"Indeed it is," the Pallet Town man agreed.

An awkward silence accompanied this statement, as both men proceeded to stare at the ground like it was more interesting than the budding discovery that they had been momentarily discussing. The Pallet Town man was the first to clear his throat, trying to find a deviation from the quiet. "So," he tried to begin, a large obstacle of feeling lodging immovably in his speech.

The New Bark man, on the other hand, felt no more need for verbal communication. Lifting his head, he stood on his tiptoes and attempted to peck the Kanto stranger on the cheek. A bit surprised at this motion, the stranger involuntarily shifted his neck to the left, accidentally catching the New Bark Town man's lips on his own.

The shy but tricky kiss lasted for a mere few seconds before they broke away in a simultaneous dance backward, a rapid movement that was a mixture of odd satisfaction and shock. This strange concoction was mutual between the two men as they gawped at each other, a syncopated blush beginning to creep and cover both their faces. Swallowing, the Pallet Town man tugged at the collar hugging his fat neck as his Gyarados made an amused murmur behind him, the deep noise shaking them both to their senses.

"Um, w-would you like to meet Professor Elm?" the New Bark man sputtered before he could stop himself, trying almost desperately to save face.

"Y-yes, I would like that," the visitor stuttered.

"Then, uh, erm, come with me!" The New Bark man made exaggerated gestures to his side, and the stranger moved beside him with astonishing speed. Overlooking the Gyarados's presence, the two men departed the shore as they journeyed to Elm's lab not far away, refusing to make eye contact and keeping a good foot's distance between themselves.

Gyarados watched as they disappeared and emitted a rich chuckle before submerging itself to hunt for Goldeen. His master might not be back for a while, and not for the original reason he came here.