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Summary: An alternate ending to Blade Trinity. Danica and Jarko have King locked in the cell, but instead of leaving him or letting him get away unscathed, they plan on conducting him in an experiment. And Drake doesn't have any objections…he encourages it. The experiment? Convert King into a vampire once again.

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"Would you like that King? Would you enjoy taking her life?" Dania purred into King's ear, as he stared over her shoulder at the tiny brat standing in the doorway, held there by Drake. She heard his breath stop in his throat, that delectable, chewable toy that she desired to tear into to watch him squirm.

She smiled against his neck and lightly let him feel her fangs, letting him know that his life hung on her teeth. Then she leaned back and smirked wider, seeing the look of defeat. The scent hung heavily on his skin, and she said, "Now we're getting somewhere, my pet."

"Are you okay, Zoe?" King asked, looking past Dacina at the little girl. Dacina felt her smile drop at being ignored. She watched that gentle, relieved smile cross his face as the girl gave a soft whimper and nod of the head.

Danica stared at the relief in King's eyes, and her lips pulled back to reveal her fangs. He wanted fucking relief? She would give him fucking relief of the greatest portions! She jumped up from her chair and slammed her palm into his jaw. He went flying across the room to collide with the wall as the brat behind her screamed in fear.

Danica stood up, licking the blood off her hands with slow tenderness as she stared at her former pet. Of yes, she'd make sure he got relief. But first, she intended to make him suffer. He would suffer pain and agony.

An idea popped into her head suddenly and she glanced at the little girl, then at King's form, trying to haul himself off the floor to act brave and tough. It made her want to laugh at the way the powerful man lived up to his last name. He still retained that essence of royalty, regal, and daring from when he had been her vampire blood whore.

She smirked and said over her shoulder, "Drake, if you would please let Jarko take the girl back to her room so that you can follow me to the lab. I'd like to discuss an experiment that might interest you greatly."

Drake let out a loud growl that stated quite clearly that she shouldn't be ordering him around. She gulped back the bile that rose in her throat. She hated having to listen to the bastard always fucking giving her orders every god damn minute of the day.

"You don't order me to do anything," Drake hissed in fury and snarled, flashing her fangs as a feral, animalistic growl rumbled in his throat. His hand tightened on the girl's shoulder, making her whimper and nearly scream again before King fought against his chains.

"Leave her alone!" he snapped before Danica was at his side and pinned him against the wall, by the throat. She stared at him before looking at his vampire mark, and grinned at him.

"You really want to go back to being a vampire so soon, Hannibal King…well I will grant your wish. And then maybe, I will let you do the honors of killing the girl while you are in full control of your beast," she purred as Jarko quickly took the girl from a raging Drake, "and I know just how wild your beast can be."

King lifted his gaze from the floor to her, and for just a minute, she saw a shadow of the fury she had seen blazing in Hannibal years ago, when he killed at her beck and call. It made her feel great joy that even though he was "cured" he retained his beastly ways. Even if he was one of the damn Nightstalkers who hunted them now, with the Daywalker on their side.

She huffed and dropped him to the floor before taking out a small vile from her cleavage, slashing into his belly and listened with pleasure as he breathed hoarsely, raggedly, and forcefully while she let some of his blood flood into the test tube.

"What's so great about this human? His blood is defiled!" Jarko roared, pointing at King's panting, sweating form. Drake stared at the human also, equally curious. He could smell the blood; it enticed him and made him hungry.

"Because he is valuable," Danica stated clearly and looked over her shoulder, shooting Jarko a glare, "you remember, don't you Jarko? He was a good little killing pet. He is still of use to us."

Then she stood up and said down at his form, looking down her nose at him in disgust.

"If I were you, King; I'd enjoy this remaining time as a human. Because soon, you'll be back with us…crawling in darkness and never able to see the light of day again," she snapped then turned and walked out the door, looking at Drake, "now if you will just follow me?"

She made it a question, and although Drake growled and his eyes shifted to vampire gold, he followed her towards the lab, where she planned to persuade him to conduct her little experiment and torture upon the vampire hunter- soon to be vampire.


I won't be able to last this much longer, King thought with harsh pants, slumping to the floor, gasping as he tried to stop the blood leaking from his chest. Damn that fucking bitch to fucking hell! I'm Hannibal King! I'm too damn cool to die like this!

Yet even as he thought that, he could only think of hope that would bring the other Nightstalkers to rescue him and Zoe. More than anything, he wanted them to rescue Zoe; out of the two of them, Uncle King would sacrifice himself to ensure her safety. No matter the cost.

I have to hold out, if for anything, I have to hold out for Zoe. She's got nobody left but me and Abby; he thought and collapsed up against the wall, staring at the light overhead and then at the steel door. He felt compelled to run at it, collide at it with all his weight and power to try and escape. Yet he knew that a) he'd never make it far enough to collide with the chains around his wrists, b) that he wouldn't be able to bust it down in the first place, and c) that even if he did manage to escape, he had no weapon and would only be killing himself through suicide.

I'm fucked; he thought and rolled his head in his bloody hands. They're going to turn me or kill me. Maybe both. The mother fuckers will turn me and make me kill her. I have to be strong, for both of us. But how can I do that if I can't even be strong for myself? What am I saying? I'm Hannibal King! I'm strong! No I'm not.

Thoughts and internal arguments were fought out in his head, constantly countering his rising hope thoughts with ones that had him sinking further and further into the pits of depression. If only Blade and Abby would hurry their asses up, they could escape, and maybe he could blow that bitch's head off her shoulders.

I'd kill the whole fucking lot of them if only I had a gun or blade, he thought to himself, and let out a dark chuckle as he leaned his head back against the wall ,daring someone to open the door. He'd kill whoever walked in the door, even if it was that demon king, Drake or whatever the hell his name was.

I don't care anymore who I kill, so long as it's a blood-sucker, Hannibal thought as he glared at the door and clenched his hand, staring at the crimson coating the rusty cream skin. He rubbed it between his fingertips before looking at the light again.

"They could have at least left me a magazine or something…and aired out the room. It stinks in here," he groaned and shifted, waving his butt area to clear away the stench. "I wasn't kidding you assholes when I said I farted. And this isn't what I would call a four star hotel! Where's the caviar at my doorstep?"

He began to ramble on and on to nobody in particular, criticizing the vampires and calling them names. And yet no one came in to beat him or main him or even to just kill him and be done with it. He was hoping someone would come crashing through the window above his head, or for something to happen.

He was sooooooo bored.

"Come on, Danica…whatever happened to the wild side of you that longed to kill anyone who sullied your name?" he began to taunt, grinning. "Remember when you always screamed and yelled at me, but ended up beneath me screaming my name? Those were the fun times, now weren't they?"

He thought he heard a sound, even though it was nothing but rain outside the building, pouring down and striking the rooftop like a stick beating on a drum in constant rolling motions, thundering and crackling and rolling in an endless cycle hat never ceased.

He glanced up at the window hanging overhead to listen to the constant rumbling, feeling his stomach begin to join in the symphony. He was starving, and he wanted some meat. But this was one of Danica's favorite torture games.

Make your enemy starve, then toss him in with the lamb, and watch him devour his own kin, he thought to himself, hearing her words echoing in his mind. It infuriated him that he could still remember everything, and that it made him afraid to revert back to a vampire.

He looked down at his mark, HER mark, still burnt into his navel for all to see. That had been one of her favorite games to. She would lead him along on a leash then show off his mark and dick to any vampire passersby, offering him for a price of cheap blood.

The memories rushing through his mind made his clench his hands, the blood beginning to flow more from his wounds.

Fuck them all…I'm going to take the first chance I get, and murder them all. They deserve death, and far worse than Blade can provide them. He'd make it a quick a painless death, merely a slash of that blade of his…I'll make them suffer as they've made me and families suffer, he thought, looking at the door again, fury and fire building in his belly.

He smirked and thought, if anything, I can at least kill the bitch and that Blondie with the freakish vampire Pomeranian. Yeah…that would make my day a hell of a lot better.

Please dear God, if you can hear me…deliver not me, but deliver Zoe.


Drake walked behind the vampire bitch, Danica, towards her lab, where the idiots that were the productions of his long bloodline conducted their experiments on little vicious beasts called dogs.

He stared at the way her hair spiked up in a very, unattractive manner that had him wanting to just rip the whole wig off her head. He hated the fact that these measly little vampires were the endings of his bloodline, the one he had tried so hard to keep pure and almighty.

Now they were reduced to small fry that he could devour in one tiny bite. Their blood tasted foul and sullied, bland and unappetizing. Drake himself had once taken Danica after his resurrection, taking blood from her while fucking. Immediately after their finished activity, he had gone to the bathroom and thrown up the foul blood, wrenching it from his body.

He was disgusted by how frightened they were of the sun, of how sensitive their skin had become to the glory that was the brightest star in the universe, how they couldn't control their bloodlust, and of how they believed they could rule the world.

They could never do it, especially not with the way they are such cowards. It's embarrassing to even believe I was resurrected by them, let alone has to try and save them; he thought and let his mind wander to the Daywalker, who was surely pursuing them. The Daywalker has more backbone, and is far more worthy of my noble blood compared to these pests. He is powerful, and majestic in the way my race once was. He is more worthy than any of these locusts.

Drake imagined Blade, the way he had fought briefly, and had praised him. Blade was a worthy foe that he looked forward to engaging in a final battle. The half-vampire male was an intriguing one, an admirable and commendable foe when in the thralls of fighting.

The woman is also an interesting one, Drake thought, imaging the way the red haired woman was with a bow in her hands. It reminded Drake of someone else that he used to know, but one he had put in an eternal slumber close beside him. The woman back then and the woman now were very similar; fiery tempers when loved ones were in harm's way, and an ability with the bow and arrow that was hard to match.

But that male in the room, he is somehow different from the both of them, Drake thought, remembering the way the blondish scruffy male, bare chested, sleek, and powerful was chained back in the room he had taken the girl to. The male was a bleeding mess that had enticed Drake immensely to rush up, push Danica aside, and bite into the flesh.

He didn't smell like vampire, but not quite human either…Danica said that he was once a vampire. She turned him then? But how can he be human? Or is he even human? He doesn't smell like one, and he doesn't act like a human as much, Drake thought to himself, remembering the gallant acts of bravery the man had done to stand in the face of danger. Even as he was brought to his knees, he still remained proud.

But why did the bitch take his blood? Why not just turn him if that is what she plans? Drake glanced at her and she waved towards a door, swiping a plastic card through an electronic device that flashed a bright green light. He stared at it for a moment before looking at her grinning face.

"What is this experiment you wish to discuss with me about, wench?" Drake stated loudly as he strode into the lab, his nose wrinkling at the smells of mixed chemicals and weak vampire and dog blood. It made him wish to purge all the blood from his system, and the rip apart the bitch behind him.

"Well, for starters, I would like my old pet back under my rule," she said, striding over to her little table of torture gadgets. She picked out her scope and began to examine a single drop of King's blood. "He was mine before he was cured, and when he was a vampire, he was a weak, spineless thing you didn't know his right from his left without me assuring him. It was pathetic."

Drake felt the overwhelming urge to snap at the woman about how the human male showed more courage than she and her gang of weaklings did, but decided to hold his tongue. If he wanted to find out what this experiment was that would interest him, he would be silent.

"I make no guarantees. I do not promise you anything," Drake stated firmly, and he saw her flex her jaw muscles, and knew she had to be grinding her teeth. He let a fraction of a smile cross his face. It was amusing to him how easily his bloodline could be angered. "Now what is this experiment?"

Danica was silent for a long moment, staring at the blood until he grew impatient and walked over to grasp her firmly on the back of the neck. She yelped and coiled, arching her back to get away, but he held firm, shaking her head like a puppy being taught a valuable lesson about obedience.

"It involves turning Hannibal King," she said quickly and he thrust her face forward before releasing and walking around the room as she talked. "Even though he was a weakling vampire in the five years I owned him, he was a powerful fighting machine. Granted when put into a room full of other vamps, he cringed and became a mere pup, but he could be a valuable asset in this war."

Drake thought this over. He could see the human being a strong fighter when faced with the danger, and he found the idea did perk his interest in the male more. "Go on," he urged.

Danica nodded then said, "King doesn't want to turn again, because he already went through five years. However, in the few years that he's been human, he's grown stronger, and thus, will be all the more fun to break down and turn into our own killing machine. Turn him against Blade, and see who comes out the winner…and I say we use the girl to our advantage too."

"Who will be the human's sire?" Drake asked, ignoring the rest of her jabbering. Danica gave his a toothy grin as she responded, "It will be me, of course."

"Didn't you say that he was weak when you turned him before? You would want to have him again?" Drake asked slowly, seeing a new plot working out in his mind; one he thought could work very well to his advantage.

"Of course; however, I would love to have my fuck boy toy back at my side. I just love to see him writhing in agony as I throw little children at him for food," Danica laughed cheerfully before Drake's eyes flashed from their red to a bright gold. Her smile ceased and she stared at him in confusion. "You wish otherwise, Master?" he could smell her distaste at saying the word master.

"Yes," he said and stood taller before walking towards the door, "I will turn him myself. And as for the girl, do not touch her. They are both mine. And give this order to everyone; if anyone dares tries to harm either of them, they will have to face me."

With that final command, Dracula stalked out into the hallway and proceeded down hallway towards the human's cell.

One worthy of my bloodline had finally arrived.


Zoe whimpered softly as a big blonde man with a fuzzy dog in the crook of his arm led her down the hallways with jerking movements before halting her in front of the metal door of her room.

He looked down at her and hissed, "If you try to run away, I will kill you."

She nodded quickly, saying mutely that she understood and wouldn't move. He gave a jerky nod before punching in a password, and she watched his fingers fly in a flurry. However, after watching her mother's fast typing, she memorized the number code.

00234879456* then hit ENTER.

She stored in away in her small brain as she was shoved roughly into her cell and the man stepped n after her to grab a beer mixed with blood from the fridge in her room. She watched him, all the while staring at the dog eyeing her.

"What's his name?" she asked, pointing at the dog. The big man stopped drinking before looking down at his dog. When he looked back up, he gave a large grin.

"His name is Packman. Would you like to pet him?" he asked, putting down the little down. She crouched down and held out her hand, to which the dog came up and sniffed before licking her fingertips.

"Careful, he bites," the big man said before the small dog's mouth split apart and a large tongue like organ began to nip at her fingers. She squeaked and stumbled back into a corner, shielding herself as the big man picked up the dog and kissed its nose. "Cute little thing isn't he? My name is Jarko, so you better remember it, girly. You'll be seeing quite often from now on."

He started to walk towards the door when she suddenly cried out, "When will I get to see Uncle King again?"

Jarko stopped and stared back at the little girl before grinning, revealing his fangs.

"You'll get to see him soon enough, little girl. Have no fear of that."

Then he turned and left, leaving her in a small, sobbing little ball curled in the corner.


Come on, come on, bring it on, King thought as he glared the door down with hate filled eyes. He could hear them; feel them moving around inside the building he and Zoe were being kept in.

His hearing was still heightened even though he was human, and even as the sky darkened as nighttime neared; the time that the vampires ruled and roamed freely to feast on unknowing victims. It made King sick to even think about it.

He grunted as he glanced down at his wound. The blood had dried, but several pools stained the floor now. He waited, surrounded by his own blood as he waited for someone to walk through and sentence him to death, or even to turn him.

He was expecting a low life, someone he could take down easily. He would have taken Danica again just so when she bit him and his vampire woke up, he could attack her and rip her fucking head off.

Oh yeah, that would be quite nice, he thought to himself before chastising his thinking. You aren't supposed to think about that kind of thing anymore, Hannibal. You're a King! You're supposed to impose suffering, not a quick death like taking someone's head off. That's the Daywalker's job.

King's head snapped up when he heard the metal door click, and open; but where he had been expecting a torturer or a temptress, he saw the King, the Father of all Vampires, the Honcho Himself, and an enemy King thought he'd never have to face again.

"Hey there, Drakey; been a while. You know, we never did get to have a proper conversation when we first met. How about we start now by saying you and your lackeys are complete assholes."

Now he'd done it.


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