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Yume no Naka ni Seishin


Voldemort had successfully gained entry into Harry's mind, and was now using it to try and goad the Great Albus Dumbledore into killing the boy, using Harry's own voice to do so. Voldemort was concentrating all of his energy in taking control of Harry's voice, and making him say what he wanted it to, it left Harry able to see what was going on around him. Looking through the whirlwind of sand, dust and magic that had surrounded him, Harry saw his friends, who had just walked into the Ministry of Magic's hallway, expressions turning to confusion and fear as they watched Headmaster Dumbledore, and Harry, though the things he was saying was not the friend they knew. Harry grimaced at the wounds on his friends. This didn't begin to describe on how he felt about the ones that were all ready gone from this world. The feelings evoked from this spurred him to fight Voldemort's hold even harder than before. If he didn't get rid of him, then his friends would be the ones to suffer even more.

Harry knew more about suffering than most his age, he had lost his parents before he could even remember them. Then last year he had lost a friend and rival in Cedric Diggory to the Tri-Wizard Tournament. And just moments ago he had lost his Godfather, Sirius Black; someone he had quickly began to feel what was like a father to him. Harry wished he had been able to save his family and his friends, but he hadn't been strong or quick enough. He made a vow right then and there that it would not happen again. Just then a break in the whirlwind and the faltering of Voldemort's grip on his mind gave Harry the opening he needed and with his vow giving him his will power back, he dove in with renewed vigor.

Harry suddenly found himself standing on an open plain within his mind and right across from him stood Voldemort. With his resolved strengthened to never let Voldemort hurt him or his family and friends again, Harry took a large gulp of air and shouted with confidence, "I won't let you win, I can't let you hurt anyone else."

"You don't have the power to go against me," Voldemort said with confidence, from within Harry's mind.

What Voldemort didn't know is that Harry had been able to talk with his parents over the last year. He had come across a book within the restricted section of the library at Hogwarts concerning Necromancy. He had taken what he could from it and started to practice the Old Ways. This meant he was now a vegetarian; this helped strength his ties to Mother Earth and purified his abilities. He had privately celebrated the Eight Sabbats since the middle of his fourth year. It was during that time he first tried and seceded in summoning his parents, which was not too long before the third task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. This helped him immensely for when they came out of Voldemort's wand, for instead of being shocked he was able to carry on fighting without being distracted by seeing them and talking with them.

Then, during his summer holidays before fifth year, he found another book within the Black Family library. With that book, he learned even more about Necromancy and found out he had an unnatural talent for it. Using his newfound abilities, he called his parents back for an even longer time, than he had before. After speaking with them for a few hours over a span of several months, they had come up with a way for Harry to kill Voldemort, but Harry had to be willing to make a sacrifice. Harry, of course, was willing to make any sacrifice, if it meant nobody else would have to suffer the death of a loved one or their own demise.

Thinking of the plan, Harry quickly locked Voldemort's soul within his mind. This meant that Voldemort would not be able to return to his physical form, but stay within Harry's mind until vanquished to the underworld. The ritual Harry planed on using was a long one, but since Voldemort had no body to return to and his soul was trapped inside him it wouldn't be a problem.

The reason for this longer ritual was because the ritual that Voldemort had used was a basterdize variation of the Unblessed Necromantic ritual to bring a person back to life after death. A true Blessed Necromantic Reanimation Ritual would have used a sacrifice of life from those that loved the person being brought back, normally a few years off each of their lives, and a little blood from them as well. The Necromancer bringing them back would help with the magic that was needed, tiring them out. They would also have called the spirits to ask for them to bless the Ritual. An Unblessed Ritual would have sacrificed the full life of two people to bring them back, causing the Necromancer to become unstable and damned, as well as damming the Unblessed. For Voldemort he had forgone the sacrifices, and used a potion to create a new body as well as blood, flesh and bone.

Smiling a little, Harry began to speak the ritual in a low, calm and commanding voice, "I call upon the Spirits, hear me now." A small gust of air flew by them and then settled directly behind Voldemort, a purple flame appeared and a tendril of light raced across the ground to Voldemort's right. Within the flame you could see shadows of people standing around within it, "I call upon the Spirits of Earth and ask them to hear my plea," a breeze with the smell of freshly cut grass and blossoming flowers came forwards from where the purple flame had ended its run, it then sent out a tendril of green light which stopped to the left and behind Voldemort. "I call upon the Spirits of Water and ask them to hear my plea," a moist breeze blew across the plain, and where the green light ended, a blue flame took its place, as another tendril of blue light this time shot behind Voldemort. "I call upon the Sprits of Air and ask them to hear my plea," a cold breeze came through, before a dancing yellow flame made its home at the end of the blue tendril of light, shooting its own tendril down past Voldemort and settling before him on the left. "I call upon the Spirits of Fire and ask them to hear my plea," A warm gust of air came through the plain and took up its home at the end of the bright yellow light and shot off a bright red light towards the dancing purple flame at the top. The star was complete, made up of the different elements, Spirit, Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

Harry then started the incantation that all Necromancers' should know by heart, "I call to Thee Spirits of old, hear my plea and come to me, with sacrifice of Blood, Magic, and Life." Following his incantation, Harry squished his right hand, making the cut that was on it bleed even more, making a trickle of the red liquid run down his hand and drip on the ground where he stood just below it between the spirits of Earth and Fire. As soon as the first drop of blood hit the ground a flash of light blinded the two of them momentarily. The light faded and the five pointed star was now a pure white, with the different colored flames still in place. Around it was now a white circle, the purple flame was brighter and larger than it once was, and the shadows that were within it, were more distinct. Harry felt a moment of weakness as he could feel a drain on his energy, as part of his magic was taken, as well as some his life energy, taken as payment.

What Harry didn't know is that in the hallway of the Ministry of Magic a shinning white Pentagram had also formed and that the whirlwind of dust and magic had reformed into the body that Voldemort had once possessed. Everyone stood in amazed shock as the snake like man froze in place at the centre of the circle, with Harry's standing body positioned between the two bottom points of the star.

Back within Harry's mind Voldemort was fighting, trying to free himself from the prison that Harry had created. Harry watched as the Pentagram did not break, but started to shine brighter and brighter the more he tried to get free.

"You have called us Necromancer Harry, what is your sacrifice for?" a voice, deep and rich, came from the bright purple flame at the top of the star.

"This man before me has darkened his soul using Necromancy; he is one of the Unblessed, but has used a basterdize form to bring back his body. He should have passed from this life almost fifteen years ago, but he still stands before us alive." Harry answered in a commanding voice.

The flame remained where it was for a second, before rushing over to Voldemort. The flame surrounded him and would brush up against him as if they were trying to read his soul. It didn't take the purple flame long, before it came back to its resting spot and burning intensely. "You have given us the truth Necromancer Harry; he is an Unblessed, but not. For a sacrifice we will only take a year off your life. We shall gather this soul and take him to where he belongs." The purple flame stated, before it was joined by more voices and continued. "You have proved to us that you follow the path of the Necromancers, for this you will be marked as one of them, for you have learned all there is. We look forward to meeting with you in the future." Then all the different colored balls pulsed brightly around the circle before rushing toward Voldemort.

This happened not only within Harry's mind, but also outside. Voldemort let loose a blood curdling scream as his soul was pulled from this world and into the underworld for the final time.

Those outside watched as Voldemort's remade body began to fall to the ground, like a puppet, whose strings had been cut. Then shocked cries rang out, as Harry's own form collapsed onto the ground. Dumbledore sent a spell to Voldemort's body to confirm that he was dead and then rushed over to the young wizard.

"Harry, wake up! Please, come on child." He begged in a heartbroken voice as he patted Harry's check trying to bring him around.

Slowly green eyes opened and looked up into light blue, "He's gone, truly gone now. He won't be able to come back again." He stated in a soft, rough voice for the elderly wizard.

"How?" Dumbledore asked him, curious on what had just happened.

"I'll tell you later." Harry answered in a stronger, but still rough voice, knowing that if others knew what he had done to get rid of Voldemort, it might cause a problem. For in Wizarding Britain, the Art of Necromancy is consider a part of the Dark Arts. The reason that they give is because they use blood and a sacrifice in their spells and rituals. This seemed strange to Harry, for the rest of the world didn't, they understood that the only person to be affected by this was the person casting the spell or ritual and nobody else, unless a Necromancer's light and dark is out of balance and the darkness has taken over their minds.

With some help from Dumbledore, Harry was able to stand, both of them looking over the dead form of one Lord Voldemort. Slowly, as if walking on eggshells, family, friends, and Ministry officials made their way over to the two people standing over the dead body.

Finally, the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, was the first to make it to the pair. He had just opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off by Dumbledore. "We will talk in the morning Minister; I wish to get my students back to the school so they can be treated properly."

"Dumbledore we need to talk about this, now!" the blustering minister said as he stood there wringing his hands, still in shock at being made to see that Voldemort had returned.

"We shall do that tomorrow, for now have the body of Voldemort secured and make sure those that were arrested within the Department of Mysteries are locked away securely. And Cornelius I will not be happy if I find that some of them have been let go." Dumbledore told the Minister in an authoritative voice.

Not waiting for the Minister's reply, Dumbledore pulled out a few items from one of his many robe pockets and tapped them, turning all of them into portkeys. He handed them out to the students, who had managed to make it over to them by now, and activated them before anyone could interfere with what he was doing. All six students, Neville, Luna, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and Harry, landed in the Hospital Wing of Hogwarts, each of them glad to be back at school.

Harry turned to the others looking all of them over, seeing each of them hurt in one-way or another, tore at his heart. Madam Pomphrey was already rushing over to them, shooting diagnostic spells at them all. Harry moved out of the way of the one that was shot at him, not wishing to be forced to stay, not just yet.

"Guys, there is something that I need to do I'll be back in a few hours." Harry yelled as he started to back towards the door, keeping an eye on Madam Pomphrey. "If Dumbledore comes to see where I am, please just tell him that I need a little alone time and then I will be back." Harry finished before turning around and running out of the room to the shock and protests of those in the room, none more vehement then Madam Pomphrey's.

Harry, having escaped the clutches of the medical ward, and in his mind the dictator Madam Pomphrey, he walked through the halls and out the doors on to the Hogwarts' grounds. Spying the three greenhouse buildings to his left he headed straight for the one in the middle. This one housed all the different types of flowers you could possibly find. Going in he quickly found the Lilies and smiled as he picked a dozen of them. He then fled the greenhouse and made his way back into Hogwarts.

Once he was inside, he almost ran towards his dorm room to get the Athame dagger that Sirius had given him for Christmas. He quickly decided against going there, just in case Madam Pomphrey decided to try and catch him and drag him back to the Hospital Wing, it had happened once before. He would ask the room for one when he got there.

He was just lucky he had a bag of herbs on his belt, so he didn't have to go and get those. The bag he had on was his spirit summoning bag, it contained the dried and crushed remains of Dittany of Crete, Dandelion Leaves and Sweet grass, each of them bringing something to the mix (1). He did have a bag for exorcism, but he had left that in his room, he wouldn't need it this time around. In fact, Harry had only needed it the one time, when he had gone to a haunted house in the Muggle World, just before going to Sirius' house that summer.

Without noticing, Harry had made his way down the left corridor on the seventh floor. He snapped out of his thoughts as he looked around, making sure no one was around. He went past the unusual tapestry depicting Barnabas the Barmy, trying to teach trolls how to do Ballet. He walked to and fro three times, thinking of a room that would be suitable to do his summoning ritual in and the much needed Athame. After the third time back a door appeared and he walked up to it and opened it, walking into the Room of Requirement. Inside he found a plain grey stone room, the most ideal place for what Harry had in mind. In the middle of the room was the one thing he still needed and that was the Athame dagger it was plain, but he didn't need the showiness of the one Sirius had given him. He made sure that the place would be locked to anyone else trying to get in using a quick Colloportus and disillusionment charm, for he wished for some time on his own.

Harry set down the knife and the flowers and opened up his bag of dried herbs. Slowly, he went around the room, using the dried herbs to draw a pentagram on the floor. He started at the top point, where spirit would come to rest, then sprinkled a line all the way down to where Earth would come to rest, he then went up to the right, stopping where Water would settle, he went across to Air and then down towards Fire and back to the beginning. It was necessary to do this to summon a spirit, for this circle is where spirits would appear, but be unable to escape from. Then he drew a circle which encompassed the whole star inside. He had learned of a quick way of doing this, but it was better to do it the long way when summoning the dead, it showed respect to the Spirits, the dead and the elements.

Harry finished and knelt down outside the summoning circle, between the two southern points of the star, Earth and Fire. He picked up the Athame dagger and the dozen Lilies and laid them in front of him.

"Spirits of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, I give to you the life of these flowers," Harry started as he placed the flowers within the circle, but not within the star. The moment he let the flowers go, they started to whiter and die. "I give to you my blood," he then said as he picked up the Athame and cut his palm open, letting drops of blood drip onto the dried herbs in front of him. With a small flash of light the herbs glowed. The last thing he did was gather some of his magic into an electric green ball above his hand and then spoke softly, "With this magic added, I call upon the spirits Of Lily May Potter, James Charles Potter and Sirius Orion Black. I ask the elements to allow them to come forth for a moment on Mother Earth." He then tossed the ball of magic on top of the dead flowers and blood. Once it hit those two things a whoosh of air ran throughout the room and tossed Harry's untidy hair around.

It wasn't even a second later when three gray colored spirits started to form within the star part of the summoning pentagram. Harry smiled at them when they took their final shapes of those he had called, answered it and were now standing before him.

"Mum, Dad, I did it, Voldemort is gone. I did what you said, and it worked. I lost a year off my life, but I don't mind that at all, because now everyone is safe." He told them softly.

Lily smiled back at her young son and said softly, "I'm glad of that. I don't want to see you on this side for a very long time. I'm so proud of you Harry."

"I agree with your mother on this one, I truly don't want to see you until after I have some grandchildren running around. I'm proud of you son, I couldn't ask for a better son than you." James said smiling softly, wishing he could just hold his son, but his face quickly lost its smile and turned serious as he said, "Don't forget Harry, you shouldn't call us too often, you don't want to fall into the trap that a lot of other Necromancer's have fallen into."

"I won't dad, I promise." Harry nodded and then turned to the last one in the circle that had been quiet while he was talking with his parents. "Sirius?" he asked hesitantly.

"Well done kiddo. Don't blame yourself for me dying. I was stupid when I teased Bella, I should have paid better attention. I know that, since Lily has been so kind to make sure I know that." Sirius said ruefully, a grin aimed at said witch.

"I'm still sorry." Harry's voice cracked a little as he gazed at his Godfather and person he had considered a father figure, only after knowing him for a short time. Not wanting to lose it in front of them, he quickly changed the subject, by turning his emerald gaze to encompass everyone as he said, "I don't think I can remain here for much longer. Especially with how the press always acts, when my name is brought up. I don't want to be around when it gets out that I finished off Voldemort for good."

"Then ask Dumbledore in helping you get away. I have no doubt he will help, if you talk with him." Lily spoke up before her husband or friend could. She looked to her husband and then their friend, "No matter where you go, we will still be around, in here." She added as she touched her right hand over her heart with a reassuring smile.

"Before we go let's talk a little more about what you want to do with your life," James said, as Harry got comfortable.

"Don't forget I only have around twenty minutes to talk with you before you go back to the otherworld." Harry reminded them as he then began to go through the things that he would like to do.

His parents and Sirius were giving him the advice that he had always craved when he was growing up. He had never been so thankful, as to finding the book on Necromancy within Hogwarts and the ones from the Black library. Harry was also glad he had shown a talent with it. When the spirit's of his family faded away Harry stood up and with a simple Incendio, done wandlessly and silently, the dried herbs set alight and turned to ash.

"Spirits of Air take this ash and scatter it to the four winds so evil may not use it," he said as a wind tore through the room scattering the ash and taking it out of the room.

Harry looked sorrowfully to where his parents and Sirius had stood moments ago, before turning and taking down the dissalusiment charm and Colloportus spells, then left the Room of Requirement.

I needed to talk with Dumbledore, Harry thought as he headed back to the Hospital Wing. Madam Pomphrey was probably throwing a fit about him leaving before getting his cuts and bruises seen to. A little sleep wouldn't hurt too much either, before he had to face the headmaster, of course.

After his talk with his parents and godfather, he had figured out he would like to go to Japan, before the school year began. If he was right, it was already the 14th of March and the school year in Japan started in April, he didn't want to be late for it, as he wanted to go to a regular school, along with doing magical studies from home. He also enjoyed the idea that he would be going to a place that his mother had always wished she had time to go to. She loved learning about new cultures and he was going to get that chance.

Next on Yume - Harry talks with Headmaster Dumbledore about his future, will he get what he wants?

(1) - Dandelion Leaf: Excellent for Divination, Wishes and Calling Spirits

Dittany of Crete: For Inducing Manifestations and Astral Projection

Sweet grass: For Calling Spirits

Date - 20th September 2013