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Yume no Naka ni Seishin

Chapter Fourteen

Case File Three – Revenge Hote

lPart Three

Harry woke a little later than normal; Monk and John were already up and out of the room. He had a quick shower and changed into some clothes, a short sleeved green t-shirt and a pair of black jeans. He made his way into the base room to find everyone all ready there. He was the last one. Even Kazuya was up and he had the early shift and should have still have been sleeping. Breakfast was brought in not moments after Harry walked into the room and everyone quickly sat around the table to eat.

Occasional conversations cropped up, but nothing that Harry participated in, he was trying to think of what he would tell headmaster Dumbledore in trying to get the older wizard over here so they could talk. Lin was silent as well, though he was observing Harry more than anything, trying to figure out what it was that Kazuya was keeping secret for the young man. He hoped that what ever it was would not get anyone hurt.

"So, what's on the cards for today?" Monk asked as he looked to Kazuya for what they would be doing that day.

"First I want som…" he started to answer the question as a screaming yell interrupted him.

"Naru, stairwell." Was what Lin said as soon as he looked at the monitors.

Harry nodded his head as well, this time there was no spike of anger that came before this yell, and Harry had to wonder if this was just a plain accident instead of something to do with the spirit. Everyone got up with Lin and Monk in the lead as they headed to the main stairwell down the stairs.

Someone was lying at the bottom of the stairs, thankfully they hadn't fallen all the way down them, and had only gone down the one flight of stairs. John went back to the base room to use the phone to call an ambulance, while Ayako and Monk went down the stairs to check on the male that was lying there.

"How is he Ayako?" Harry asked her from where he was stood at the top of the stairs, the young wizard had to admit that he was a little nervous about standing at the top of them, since this was where the young man had died a week ago when he had been pushed down the stairs.

"Looks like he has a broken leg, but that's about all I can tell at the moment, though I wish I had my kit with me so I could try and tell what is really wrong with him." She said as she called up to Harry.

"The ambulance is on its way and Mr Tachibana has been told what has happened as well," John said as he quickly rejoined them, Harry could feel that he too was feeling a little nervous about being at the top of the stairs.

"Good, lets hope they don't take too long." She said as someone came up the stairs.

"What happened?" came the voce of Akio Tachibana.

"We don't really know, he may have been attacked by the spirit or he simply could have tripped. I would like to talk to him when he is conscious again, but for now lets just make sure that he is all right." Kazuya told the owner of the hotel.

"All right, I have one of the staff members waiting for the ambulance and to show them where he is." He told the young boss of SPR.

"Thank you." Kazuya nodded

It was a waiting game now as they waited for the ambulance to show up. It didn't take that long for them to be able to hear the siren. A few minute later two paramedics were on the stairs treating the man for his injuries and getting what information they needed from Mt Tachibana. He also asked to be kept apprised of the man condition as well, and to tell them as soon as he woke up.

"I think we should have a look at the video feed to see what it picked up." Kazuya said as the ambulance left.

Everyone nodded and they went back to the base room. They watched and they couldn't tell if it was something paranormal or something simple as tripping over. They would have to wait until the man was awake for them to talk with him.

"Miss Hara, did you sense anything?" Kazuya then asked the young medium as he turned to face her.

She shook her head, "No, I didn't nothing could have warned me about this, the only thing different from normal was that the spirit is moving around the whole of the third floor. He is no longer just in room 308, as he started when we first came."

"Do you think because the spirit has gotten used to us that he is now moving around like he normal does?" Monk asked aloud not really expecting much of an answer.

"It could be, but I think we will need to wait until he is awake to find out what happened, so let us continue on until we hear any news." Harry said as he got a nod of agreement from Kazuya.

Kazuya then assigned them all something to do and they broke apart, stating that they would get back to the base room when it was time for lunch, or sooner if called over the walkie talkies that they were all to carry.


It was almost just after lunch when the hospital called to tell them that the man was awake, Mr Tachibana was already there and the man had agreed to talk with SPR. He had told the owner of the hotel that he felt as though he had been pushed, but the SPR was hoping the be able to get a little more information out of him. Harry, Kazuya and Monk were going to talk with him, Monk was going because he was driving. Harry and Kazuya were going to do the interviewing and note taking.

Harry knocked on the hospital room door and a voice called come in for them. The three of them walked in and found the man that had been at the bottom of the stairs sitting up in bed, his right leg in plaster. He looked a little pale still, but that was understandable after what had happened.

"Hello, we are from SPR, my name is Harry, my boss here is Kazuya and behind us is Houshou, or Monk as we normally call him now." Harry greeted as he walked over to the man's bedside.

"It's nice to meet you all." He said politely, a small smile on his face, "I'm Steven Thomason." He introduced himself.

"I hope you don't mind us asking a few questions?" Harry wondered as he and the others sat down around the bedside, a notebook in Harry's hands, and another in Kazuya. It looked like he would be taking a few notes as well this time.

"No, I don't ask away." He smiled.

"Well first, can you tell us what happned, you mentioned to Mr Tachibana that you felt something push you?" Harry asked him.

Steven nodded his head, "yes I did. I was coming down the stairs on the forth floor, I normally took the elevator, but today I decided that I would take the stairs. So I went down them. I was passing the third floor when I felt something cold go across my neck. It felt like a hand, it grabbed me and pushed me around the corner and down the stairs. It was as though there was a hand coming from the wall swiping me around the corner." He answered as best as he could.

"Did you see anything when it happened?" Kazuya then asked the next question as he looked up from taking his notes in English.

Steven thought for a moment, closing his eyes, he shuddered as he remembered the fall, "yes, I do. A face, in the wall, it looked so distorted, malicious as thought it wants to do nothing but cause harm to people." He said as he opened his eyes and looked at them all.

"Is there anything else that you remember?" the young boss of SPR asked him, hoping that he there would be something there that they could use to find out who it was. At the rate they were going they were going to have to go to the records and see who died within the hotel over the years and see if they could find a match that way, sometimes it may be the only way to do it, but it was a time consuming processes of elimination.

Steven thought for a few more moments, once again going through the fall, he shook his head and replied, "No, I don't think so, it happened rather fast. If I do think of something I shall call the hotel to talk to you."

Harry could tell that just thinking about the fall was causing Steven to feel fear and trepidation about going back to the hotel. He hoped that it wouldn't put the young man from coming back when things were calm again, "Thank you for that, I know that it's not pleasant to talk about, but at this moment in time, we need what you tell us. We need to find out why this spirit is attacking people." He told him with a reassuring smile.

"Glad I could help, though what it will tell you I don't know." Steven said softly, he looked a little sceptic at what they could do to stop this from happening to others.

"Every bit of information we get about this spirit narrows down who he is and why he is still here." Harry told him. "Well, thank you for talking with us, I know a lot of people wouldn't." Harry added as he and the others stood up.

"You're welcome. Hope it helps." He said as he gave them a small bow of the head.

It was a short interview, but they had gotten what they needed, though it wasn't that much. It seamed that so far, an unknown male had been killed, Jessica had been attacked, or pushed out of room 308, two other maids had been trapped in one of the rooms. Harry and John had also been attacked, along with Ayako being trapped in the room, and now another guest, Steven. Kazuya and Harry looked at one another, both thinking the same thing. They needed to know who the unknown male was that was killed a week ago. It may give a clue as to who and why this was happening. Both of them going through the notes gathered so far as they travelled back to the hotel.


Harry walked around the third floor, going past the rooms, his was happy that his shields were holding. Though at that moment in time the spirit wasn't as angry as it had been over the last day or so. He watched as Mai, Masako and Ayako walked into room 306, Masako had insisted that she do another walk around, trying to find a way to talk with the spirit. Harry had been told by Kazuya that he was not to go into room 308, and to try and stay out of room 306. Harry knew why Kazuya had told him that, and that was because of the reaction he had been having with the spirits anger against his empathy. It would have been hard for him to be able to keep going if he was going to be in and out of those rooms, so he was doing as he had been told and trying to avoid them, though he did want to do something that would be able to help.

Kazuya had told them that tomorrow they would be going to the library nearby and looking through their records. They would be looking for anyone that had died within the hotel, since it was built. Harry had to wonder how many they would find. Harry had a feeling that the spirit was murdered from the way he was reacting to people. Harry walked back towards the base room, he would be taking the first shift that night, and while people were still up, he was due there within the next half hour.

Harry walked past room 306, and looked through the open door. He smiled and waved to the three women that were inside. It was at that point that Harry felt the spirit go into the room. He could tell that Masako also felt the spirit.

"He is here," Masako then said aloud as she looked around the room, trying to find out where he was exactly.

Harry could felt he fear that was coming from Mai and the unease from Ayako. Masako was feeling both of those and something else that Harry couldn't pin point.

"Guys, come out," Harry said, as he felt a little apprehensive, like something was going to happen if they didn't get out.

The three of them got up and were coming towards the door when they were pulled back into the room. All three of them screamed as Monk, John and Lin came out into the hallway. Harry was about to enter the room to get them as the door slammed shut in his face. Harry was confused, the spirit wasn't angry this time; there was a feeling of protectiveness coming from him instead of the anger that was around when John and Harry were there.

Monk ran over, Lin following, while John was a little slower. Harry shoved against the door, but wasn't able to open it. Monk and Lin then started. The women inside were yelling for them to get them out of the room. Harry had a thought and pulled John back and said, "let's go to the base room, I want to make sure that they are all right." He then pulled John into the base room. He just had a feeling that the door wouldn't open until he and John were away. There was something about the two of them that set this spirit off.

Harry and John walked into the base room; Kazuya was at the monitors, watching the women closely. They were no longer being held back by something. A few moments later the door was opened and Monk and Lin were with them. Harry went to the kettle and put it on to make some tea. A few minutes later everyone was back in the base room and sitting down, as Harry and John handed out the tea for everyone. Harry could feel the residue of fear that all three of the women had, and the worry the others had as well.

"Are you all, all right?" Harry asked them as he stood to one side.

Mai looked up at him and gave him a small smile, "yeah, I'm fine."

Masako nodded her head, "yes, I'm all right."

"Took you long enough to get us out though," Ayako groused a little, though Harry could tell that it was more to try and hide the fear she was still feeling slightly.

"Sorry Ayako, the door wouldn't open at all, no matter how many times Lin and I based it one," Monk said, apologetically.

"It freed itself after a little while." Lin told them all.

"So the spirit let them go," Harry nodded, he had been right then, it seemed like the spirit was reacting to his presence, and John's.

"This spirit was trying to protect us," Masako said, "I have the feeling that he was protecting us, and it was protecting us from Harry." She added as she looked over to the teen.

"When I said you had to come out, he held you all back, and when I tried to enter, the door slammed shut in my face." Harry said as he nodded his head, "It does seem that way doesn't it."

"I say that we should all go to bed now, Harry I will be joining you with watching the monitors, I don't think that we should be on our own at any time. John, would you be willing to do a shift with Lin?" Kazuya suggested as he then turned to John.

John shook his head, "No I don't mind at all."

"Naru…" Lin started to argue.

"Lin, we are doing it this way," Kazuya said stubbornly.

Lin couldn't help but roll his eyes at the stubbornness of his young boss, "Fine."

After finishing their drinks they all went to their rooms to try and get some sleep. Harry and Kazuya remained in the base room, thought Lin stayed for a little while longer. As though his presence may try and get Kazuya to change his mind.


Harry and Kazuya sat at the monitors, looking from one monitor to another one, though nothing was happening at all. Harry looked over to Kazuya and then asked, "Want some tea?"

"Yes, thank you," he answered, as he looked from the monitors to Harry.

"You know, Mai keeps saying you have no manners, since you never say please or thank you to her," Harry mentioned as he got up and went over to the kettle, "so why don't you?" he then asked him.

"I have to say, it can be a lot of fun to rile her up." Kazuya answered with a small smirk.

"Until she gets around to hitting you, I remember telling you that her punches hurt." He told the other, Harry looked closely at him and got small sense of the others feelings for Mai, "you like her?" he asked, though he should have just stated it.

"I… don't know," Kazuya, admitted, "I do care about her, don't want her to get hurt that's for sure. Its why I have been thinking about keeping her working in the office and not bring her out on cases again. Since the Sasaki one, she got hurt then."

"Doing that will just make her annoyed at you. I know that she enjoys doing this, and she wants to learn more. So you will just have to get used to what is going on." Harry told him.

"I know, I already get that feeling that she likes working here. She's also not like other girls her age. She a little more mature, and defiantly not a spoiled brat like Miss Hara." He spoke softly as Harry finished making the tea.

"I have to agree with you on the Masako thing, she is spoilt, used to having someone around that will cater to her whims." Harry nodded his head as he brought over two cups and handed one to Kazuya.

"Anyone you have your eye on?" Kazuya then asked, a little curious.

Harry looked over to him and shook his head, "not in this lot no, nor in school. For one I'm gay, I tried dating a girl, but it really just put me off even more. So Monk,, he's straight and I have no doubt that given the chance he would chases after Ayako, John, a priest, celibate. The girls, like I said, I'm gay so no way. As for Lin, a bit old for me, I know he is only 23, but still a little old."

"How old are you exactly, you know I turn 17 in September, but what about you?" he then asked as he took a sip of his tea.

"I'll be 16 at the end of July. Would you believe it, in the group, I'm the youngest." Harry grinned.

Kazuya shook his head a little, "no I would believe that. You seem more grown up, more mature than the others. Much like me."

"I have seen things no child should, I grew up because I had no choice but to." He replied to that softly, his voice tinges with sadness.

Kazuya looked at him curiously, "if I may ask, what have you seen?"

"I watched as a school friend was murdered in front of me, as my godfather was killed as well. I saw one of my schoolteachers die right in front of me when I was eleven; I almost died myself at least more times that I can count in the last few years. It's one of the reason why I wanted to move away and leave my old school. I wanted some peace from all that. But on the other hand I know I would miss it, so I'm kind of glad that Mai broke your camera." Harry answered him and then took a couple of sips of tea.

"I know what it is like to see death," Kazuya said a sad smile on his face, "I had a brother, a twin, we could talk to each other in our minds. I also have an ability, psychometry, I was in England, I actually live there, I touched one of his shirts, was going to borrow it and I saw him. Watched as this woman ran him over in her car, and then took his body to a lake and dumped him in it like it was nothing. I came to Japan to try and find him. It's been almost a year since then, and I still haven't found out where his body is."

Harry felt guilty, he had seen Gene, Kazuya's brother, in his dreams, and he really needed to talk to the other again. He just hoped that when he finally does he would be able to get the other to let him talk to Kazuya and tell him about seeing Gene.

"You'll find him when the time is right," Harry said softly, it was a gut feeing that they would find him one day, but it wouldn't be for a while. "It wont be any time soon, but you will find him." He added as he looked at his half empty cup of tea, his eyes slightly unfocused.

Kazuya looked over to him and saw the look, "What makes you say that?"

Harry slightly shook his head and looked up, "Wha… Oh, I have gut feelings, or premonitions, usually from dreams, but sometimes, I get them like this, something just tells me something. It's not happened many times, it's mainly my dreams that I have. I thought they had stopped, but they started again, that's why I warned you about John." He said with a small crooked smile.

"You have many little talents." Kazuya nodded as he drank the rest of his tea, "That reminds me, I want to talk to you about your telepathy." He added as he placed his cup down and gave a quick glance at the monitors to make sure nothing was going on.

"What about it?" Harry asked, slightly puzzled at what he could want to talk about.

"I was just wondering if you have ever thought to try and train it up, it could become very handy for you." He told the other teen.

"I did think about it, but I think I would rather concentrate on my empathy since that's a lot stronger." Harry said.

"Well, maybe this could help you with your empathy, I was thinking about trying to have you train it so you could talk to someone else within their minds, a conversation if you will." He suggested something that he could do, "you are training you mind to focus on one thing, it may help with your empathy in helping you focus on one emotion or one person at a time instead of getting it from everyone." He added.

"I'll think on it, if I do, will you be my volunteer to receive messages?" Harry asked, he decided he would give it some serious consideration before he made any definitive answer on it.

"I will be willing." Kazuya nodded with a smile.

Harry nodded and then said, "I am going to be sending a message to my old headmaster, and he might be able to help me find someone in helping me strengthen the shields I have. I'm hoping that whatever the other telepath did to my mind can be repaired, in a sense, he has a lot of contacts, I'm hoping to do that within the next few weeks. Before my birthday, since I have no doubt I will be having a few visitors."

"That would be good, I have to say, I am slightly worried in case something happens to you, you have a vulnerability that can seriously harm you." Kazuya nodded, "now, what visitors are you on about?" he then asked.

"I know, that's why I want to do something to make them stronger, so I don't have to worry so much." Harry smiled, "as for my visitors, that would be my two best friends from England, I've already had a letter from them, telling me they will be coming for my birthday, they will be flying out with my honorary godfather Remus. They said their arrival will be a surprise, they only said that they would be coming and not when." He chuckled a little. "I just hope that Hermione can get me a picture of Ron on the plane. He's never flown before, he gets excitable over things as well at times."

"I hope we get a chance to meet them," Kazuya said politely.

"Be warned of Hermione, if she finds something interesting she will ask more questions that you can handle. As Ron said, she's brilliant, but scary." Harry grinned as he remembered when Ron first said that.

"I look forward to it," he smirked.

The door behind them opened as Lin and John walked in for the shift change. Harry looked down at his watched; he couldn't believe it was that time already. It didn't feel like they had been there for that long.

"Nothing has happened at all." Kazuya told them as he and Harry stood up, grabbing the cups and putting them in the bowl of water that was to one side so they could wash the cups up.

"Night all," Harry said as he walked to the door.

"Good night," Kazuya said as well as he followed Harry to the door.

"Night," John and Lin said as they watched the two leave the room to go to bed for a few hours.


After breakfast the next day everyone was gathered around waiting for Kazuya to say what they would be doing that day. Harry was sat next to John on the sofa, while the others were sitting on the chairs, except for Kazuya who was standing up and Lin who was at the monitors once again.

"Right, I want Harry you will be for the library today, it's within walking distance, here is a small map," Kazuya said as he handed it over to Harry, "now, I want Mai joining you. John, would you go as well?" he then added as he looked to the young priest.

"I don't mind," John smiled and looked to Harry and Mai.

"Right, the rest of you, I will find something else for you to do. Miss Hara, please keep an eye on the spirit, I want to know if it moves and where it is at all times." He then said as he looked over to Masako.

Harry stood up, Mai and John following him, "It's not cold out, so I don't think we will need a coat. Though lets grab some pens and paper to take with us." He told the two of them.

They grabbed a few things and then headed out of the hotel, following the map that Kazuya had given them, they easily found the library. Harry went up to the information desk and smiled at the man that was standing there. "Hello sir, we need information about the history of the hotel down the road. Things like deaths that may have occurred in there?" he said softly.

"Records over there," he said gruffly as he pointed to an alcove, "make sure to keep it neat and tidy." He added.

"I will sir, thank you, do you have a photo copying machine?" Harry asked.

"Yes, in the next alcove," he answered pointing the smaller alcove where a lone machine stood, "it does cost you, you have to get a token here first." he added.

"Thank you sir," he said as he gave a bow and then headed over to the alcove with the other two following him. He stood around the table that was there and looked at the other two before speaking once again, "Right, first thing first, we need to find out when the hotel was built, when we have done that we can then find out who died in there. When we find a person we look for any news clipping and any reports. We may need to photocopy things, anything else, take notes of." He told the two of them, though it was mainly for John's benefit that he did so. He just wished Hermione were there; she always was better at research than he was.

It didn't take them long to find a record of when the hotel first opened. It was almost 150 years old, so not new, but then again not as old as some buildings in Japan. The quickly went back to work on trying to find out how many people had died in the hotel since that time. They worked in silence; occasionally one of them would get up to photocopy something.

It was four hours later when they finally came to an end of their research into the deaths at the hotel. In the middle of the table was a large pile of paper, filled with notes and photocopies of things that were relevant to each death.

"Well, how many do you think we have?" John said as he looked at the pile.

"I would say well over thirty, maybe a lot more. There was that mass murderer that hit the place some sixty years ago. To be honest with you, I am surprised that there is only the one spirit that is there. You would think with this many deaths there would be at least a couple more." Harry said as he looked to the others.

"You make a good point, but maybe they were all right with dying and were able to move on easier. I'm just glad that we have been able to find pictures of most of the people, it might make identifying them more easier." John said as he looked to the green-eyed wizard.

"Well, should we head back, we've missed lunch, but hopefully we'll be able to get something," Mai said as she looked at her two friends.

Harry nodded and tidied the place up a little more and then split up the pile. "Right, lets go." With that the three of them walked out of the library and headed back to the hotel.


Harry and the others walked into the base room, everyone was there waiting for them. Harry couldn't help but be a little puzzled at this. As he walked over to the table and put down his pile, the other two doing the same. Mai went over to the kettle and put it on to make everyone some tea. Harry walked over to the armchairs and sat down in one, while John took the other.

"What did you find?" Kazuya asked them all as he turned to look at Harry.

"We found out the hotel is almost 150 years old. There have been over thirty deaths. You'll have to count to get the exact number. Not only that, but a mass murder happened here some sixty years ago." Harry answered him, "We have news clippings as well as copies of official documents, and of course some hand written notes. Also, we have pictures of some of the people that died here, we only looked for male deaths, between the ages of 18 and 50." He added as he stretched a little.

"We'll go through them in a moment, I will also see about getting that maid that saw the spirit up here, to see if she can identify him." Kazuya said as he stood up and went over to the table to have a look at what was brought back.

"Can we now send for lunch?" Monk moaned as he looked to Kazuya.

"Fine," he replied, thought he wasn't really paying them much attention as he started to read. He moved the pile of papers to the coffee table as Monk got up to call down to tell them to bring lunch up for them all.

"We waited for you to come back so we could all have lunch together," Ayako explained when she saw the confused looks on the others faces.

"Oh, thank you," John smiled as Mai and Harry said the same thing.

"Naru insisted," Monk said as he put down the phone and walked back over to them.

Forty minutes later they were finished, though Kazuya hadn't moved from where he was on one of the armchairs reading through the notes as he slowly ate a sandwich that Lin had forced him to take. Harry went over to him and picked a few of them up himself so that he could have a proper look through them.

"We should send for that maid, Reika, she maybe able to identify who it is." Kazuya said as he came across another picture of one of those that died in the hotel.

Harry nodded, "I agree, I'll sort out all the pictures and write their names on the back of them." He said as he started to go through the pile pulling out the pictures and writing the names on them.

Kazuya stood up and went over to the phone asking for the third floor maid Reika to come up as soon as she has time. As soon as he put the phone down he went back to the armchair and continued going through the notes. There was a knock on the door and few people came in. Some went over to the now finished lunch while one of them broke away and came over to Harry and Kazuya.

"Hello you asked to speak to me?" it was Reika.

"Thank you for coming and seeing us so quickly. We have some pictures of people, we were hoping that you might be able to point out which one might be the spirit. Don't worry if you can't though." Harry said as he handed over the pile of papers over to her so she could look through them all.

"All right," she said as she took the pile and started to look through them. As she went through them she pulled out two of them and then handed the rest of the pile back as she looked more closely at the two she kept. "That's him, I was a little unsure, but this one has shorter hair, the other longer." She said as she handed over a picture to Harry so he could look at it.

"Nobuyuki Narita," Harry said as he turned it over and looked at the name he had written on the back of it.

"I hope that helps you," she said as she looked at them both.

"It does, thank you." Harry smiled to her.

Kazuya was going through the pile to find everything about Nobuyuki Narita. It didn't take him long to pull out a hand written note that Harry had made in English. "This it?" he asked as Reika left the room.

"Yes, I remember this one, I couldn't find much out about him, died almost a hundred years ago, apparently from an accident, he fell down the stairs. The only thing it really mentioned was that he was staying here on the third floor." Harry answered him and told him all that he found out.

"So all we have is a name, not what actually happened to him, because I don't think it was an accident that killed him. Especially the way he is in death." Kazuya said a little disappointed about the lack of information that could be found.

Harry nodded his head, even he was a little let down about the lack of information, "There isn't much we can do about it but try and get the spirit to talk with us." He said to his boss.

"it will be a little dangerous though, with how you and John have been attacked." Kazuya said as he looked up to the teen.

"I know, but its something we have to do." Harry said as he put the pictures down. "John and I should stay away, maybe here in the base room." He then suggested.

"That might be a better idea, have Miss Hara, Monk and Ayako as well as myself I would say in room 308." Kazuya nodded as he was going through a plan within his mind.

"With Lin, John and myself in here watching the video feed." Harry agreed, he felt a flare of concern coming from Lin at that idea. "Or maybe Lin should be with you as well, with just John and I in here?" he then suggested, wondering if that would ease Lin's concern.

"All right, that does sound like a good idea, though I would rather someone else be with you both, you have already been attacked." He nodded his head, much to Lin's relief since the concern Harry had felt eased with the agreement with Harry's idea.

"There has been no clue as to why he has only attacked us so far, though he had in a way attacked the girls, and don't forget Mai will be here as well." Harry mentioned to him.

"Then lets tell the others and get ready for it, we should do it now," he said as he stood up and went to tell the others what they would be doing.


John, Mai and Harry were alone in the base room. The others were now all in room 308, hoping that they would be able to talk with the spirit that was in there. It didn't look like those in the room were getting anywhere since the spirit had not communicated to them at all. Harry stood up and went over to the kettle where there was jug of water and poured himself a cup, since they had no glasses.

He was about to turn around when he stopped, the spirit was now in the room with them, and he could feel the anger coming from it. He turned around to see if he could see and froze. The spirit of Nobuyuki was standing right next to John.

"John, beside you!" Harry shouted to the young priest.

John turned around to come face to face with the spirit, but instead of going away now that it had been spotted he turned his attention to Harry. Before Harry could react the spirit rushed towards him, entering his body. Harry screamed as he felt the overwhelming anger, fear, sadness, betrayal, so many emotions coming through. Harry's shield shattered within his mind. The spirit left him and Harry slid down the wall, he could feel the others worry, their fear, everything. It was too strong, too much and Harry slowly lost conscious.

John and Mai watched as the spirit went for Harry, neither of them able to do anything. They watched as he screamed loudly, it seemed to go on forever until he finally went quiet. They could see that he was in pain as well, they watched as his eyes slowly closed and he slid down the wall.

John headed over to him and was about to put a hand when the door slammed open and Kazuya shouted, "Don't touch him,"

Everyone looked at him as they all pilled into the room, Kazuya went closer to Harry, but didn't touch him as he looked the teen over. Harry was pale and his breathing shallow, as though he was in pain. Kazuya had no doubt that he was in some pain with feeling everything that was going on around him.

"Miss Hara where is the spirit now?" he asked her as he looked over to her.

"He is back in room 308," she answered him as she looked at the young teen leaning against the wall unconscious.

"Why can't we touch him, we need to make sure that he is all right?" Ayako said as she wished she could go over and check him over.

Kazuya turned to face her and answered, "his an empath, he has had trouble here since the spirit is extremely angry. It has battered the shields he has over and over again, which is why he has been meditating before sleeping, since he is trying to keep it up. I would say that his shields have broke."

"Yes, but why would that stop us from helping him," Ayako almost yelled with worry.

"With no shields he has no protecting from anyone's emotions, including ours, and touching him makes it a lot worse, it actually physically hurts him when we touch him, we have to be careful not to touch his skin, just coming close to him can harm him." He explained to her.

"So what do we do, we can't leave him there?" she protested.

"Lin, get a blanket," Kazuya then said as he turned to his assistant.

Lin nodded and went out of the room and grabbed a blanket from the nearest bedroom, quickly making his way back to the base room. He handed it over to Kazuya, wondering what he was going to do. He went over to Harry and draped it over him.

"Lin, can you pick him up, be careful not to touch his skin in any way, place him on the sofa." He said as he stood up.

"All right," Lin said as he went over to the unconscious and picked him up, being careful about touching the teen. He laid him down on the sofa and arranged the blanket around him to keep him covered.

"What are we going to do now?" Mai asked as she looked at her friend.

"For now we need to keep an eye on where this spirit is at all times, we need to make sure that it comes no where near Harry." He said as he sat down on one of the armchairs, "I don't know what type of damage could be done exactly, he hasn't told me yet." He added, he was worried and he could see that the others were now feeling the same.

"I will do my best to keep track of him Naru." Masako said as she sat down in another chair.

"Good," he said as he tried to think of what he should do, he didn't know if there was anyone that Harry would have contacted, he had mentioned a former headmaster that he was going to contact. He never took the time to look at the teens contact details to see whom he was to contact in case something happened.

"I'll ward the room," Monk said as he went back to his room to get his tokkosho (1), so he could create a barrier around the room to keep spirits out.

"I wish I knew what was going on and what could help Harry," Mai said as she sat down near Kazuya.

"We'll, just have to wait until he wakes up," he said as he looked to her, "try and get some sleep." He added, hoping that she would follow his advice.

She nodded her head, though she had no thoughts of following what he was telling her, she didn't want to sleep, she wanted to be awake in case Harry woke up. She wanted to know why he never told her that he was an empath, and what that meant for him exactly. She settled back against the back of the armchair and stared at Harry. Not noticing how her eyes slowly closed and then remained like that.

(1) Tokkosho - This is the tool Monk uses in the anime.

Well, they know now.

Next - Part Four - Will they be able to get this spirit to move on? And will Harry be all right?