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Yume no Naka ni Seishin

Chapter Twenty

Case File Four – The Doll House

Part Four

It was late that night with Naru, Lin, Harry and Mai were in the base room and Monk was in Ayami's room, dressed in his monks garb once again.

"Monk are you ready?" Naru asked over the walkie-talkie.

"I'm ready as I'll ever be," he answered back as he set it down and brought his hands up in prayer. "Naumaku sanmanda bazaradan, sendmakaroshada sowwataya untarata, kanman." He chanted, his voice coming in loud and clear through the speakers.

"Naru, the temperature is starting to drop, practically around the bed." Lin said as he was monitoring the temperature in the bedroom. "It's already dropped two degrees in the last-minute alone."

"We picking anything up on the audio?" Naru asked him.

"Nothing coming through at the moment," Lin answered, "though there is an odd absence of static." Only for a few moments later for him to say, "I'm picking up some knocking sounds, they've just started."

Mai and Harry were looking at the other rooms, seeing if there was anything happening in those rooms at all. "Naru," Mai said.

"The living room." Harry finished; the two of them had seen the same things, something wisping around in the living room.

Naru's eyes shot to the screen with the living room on it and then said, "Lin, what's the temperature in the living room?"

Lin looked it up and replied, "it's minus two degrees."

Naru looked over to him slightly shocked and said, "It's dropping," he picked up the walkie-talkie and said into it, "Monk we have you in the wrong room. All the activity is centred around the living room."

"What, the living room?" Monks voice came through.

"Naru, on screen." Mai said as she saw something else.

Naru and the others looked to the screen and saw wisps of spirits now, all of them gathering inside the room. "It's the children." Harry said from where he stood next to Mai, the wisps forming into faces, screaming faces.

Monk arrived in the living room, "there are multiple apparitions in this room," he shouted so the microphone would pick it up. He ignored them and then started with his chant again, "makasyakyara baziri satasata saratei tairatarai bidamani sanbanzyani taramati siddariya taran sowaka."

"Monks mantra is causing the children pain," Mai said softly as she watched.

"It's because he is stripping them of their more negative emotions, they're being ripped away, like a band-aid" Harry told her. He had opened his shields a little so he could feel them and see how they were doing. "Naru its there, the other, the more powerful one."

"Tomiko, my child, Tomiko." The spirit whispered as a strong and dark figure began to form behind Monk.

"Monk, be careful there is something behind you," Naru called down the walkie.

Monk looked behind him and said, "There is nothing there."

"You can't see it? Damn," Naru said as Mai rushed off. Naru and Harry shared a quick looked before Harry ran after her.

Mai rushed to the living room and swung open the doors, "Monk, look out."

"Mai, get out!" Monk yelled at her.

"But we can see the ghost on camera." Mai said not understanding why she was no longer there.

Harry reached the doors and pulled Mai out of the way as the more powerful spirit reached for her. Instead of Mai it grabbed Harry, and with his shields partly down he yelled at the touch, as the spirit gripped onto him and didn't let go.

Monk rushed over, from the prayer with his hands, "Naumaku sanmanda bazaradan kan." He yelled, forcing his power against the spirit, causing it to let Harry go.

Harry fell to the ground, as Mai went over to him. "Are you okay?"

Harry gave a small nod, "Yeah, just about." He murmured as Monk then helped him up and the three of them started out of the room, only to be drawn back to looking inside the room when they heard some wood splinter.

There was now a hole in the polished wooden floor, it looked like an old stone well.


The next morning, John and Ayako were back and all of them had gathered in the living room to look at the old well.

"It looks like it had been buried under the house when it was built, so it must be pretty old." Monk said as he knelt by the edge of it, giving a quick glance inside of it to see how deep it is.

"It's the spirit of a woman, she is lurking deep inside, calling to the spirits of the children." Masako said as she looked to the well.

"At lease I know what was causing all that pain," Harry said, "the pain of loss."

"She's pretending to be their mothers, the children just want to return home, but they are lost and can't get out." She carried on as though Harry hadn't said a thing.

"Is Minnie there as well?" Mai asked her.

"Minnie is Yukiko Tachibana is the leader of the children, but in reality, she is in so much pain." Masako answered her, "She wants it all to stop."

"That ties in with Harry, which reminds me, how are you feeling now?" Naru asked the empath.

"I'm fine, just understanding a lot of the emotions that I have been getting, the anger is directed at this woman's spirit, the hurt is at being kept here, the betrayal is that of this woman not being who she said. The sorrow at not being able to move on to the other world, Yukiko's distrust when she met Mai and I the first time when she was within Minnie, was because this spirit promised her something and then betrayed her, causing her to think all adults are the same. The guilt and the sorrow is because they keep bringing more children with them." Harry said as he was finally able to feel out the base for each emotion. He now knew how low his shields needed to be to feel them, but for them to be high enough to keep them from harming him.

"It's like this well goes to the very depths of the earth, and at the bottom lie the children, trapped." Masako said as she peered down the well.

"Who is this 'Tomiko'?" Naru asked aloud.

"The loss, the child was lost. That's what she feels for, her child, she wants her back." Harry told him of some of the things he felt when the woman's spirit held him.

"So she is looking for her own daughter?" Naru said.

Harry and Masako nodded, "Yes, but the spirit of her daughter isn't here, she's already moved on."

"I'm taking care of something, Harry take over, though I wont be long." Naru said as he walked past them all and out of the room.

"Right," Harry nodded as he watched Naru leave; he turned back to the others and noted that they were all looking at him.

"So what are we going to be doing mini boss?" Monk teased him.

"Lets see if we can some of these children's spirits to move on, so Monk's tried, which one of you two would like a shot?" he said with a smile as he looked to Ayako and John.

Ayako sighed as though she had the weight of the world on her shoulders as she said, "I'll do it, but someone will have to stay with Ayami."

"Of course, that will be Monk and John can go back and watch over Ayami." He said as he looked at the two who nodded their heads.

"Well, want to get ready Ayako?" Harry asked her.

"Yes," she said as she left the room.

John and Monk left the room and went to the hotel to be with Ayami. That left Harry and Mai alone, and the two of them went back to the base room. Harry told Lin that Naru had gone off to find something out, and Lin didn't look too happy about that.


Ayako walked into the living room, Mai following her. Harry watched them as they entered the room on screen, he had opted to stay in the base room with Lin.

"May the heart of this house be cleansed as thy interim dwelling place, that thou may enshrine thyself here…" Ayako started her prayer.

"Harry the temperature is dropping," Lin told him, since he was now in charge, though Harry wondered what the older man thought of that.

"Keep an eye on it," Harry told his as he watched the camera feed from the living room.

"May the kami of this world, and Empress Oyamatomeko Sumera, ruler of the eight Islands…" Ayako was carrying on her chant.

Harry could see a mist coming from the well, reaching out towards the two in the room, Harry wasn't to keen on having the two fo them in there alone. There was a large bang, shaking not only the living room, but the whole house this time. Harry watched as Ayako and Mai were looking around trying to find out where it was coming from. They could hear running footsteps all around them

"Ayako, keep going." Mai told the woman before her.

Ayako looked at her and said back, "okay." Ayako jumped as something brushed past her.

"Stay clam, you're a professional." Mai was being very brave.

Harry felt a spike of fear from Mai, he closed his eyes for a moment and concentrate on her.

'Something's touching my leg,' came the voice of Mai.

"Lin, get to the living room." Harry said as he opened his eyes and looked to Lin.

Lin didn't waste no time as he shot from his chair and raced out of the room. Harry watched on screen as Mai was pulled towards the well suddenly.

"Mai!" Ayako shouted as she made a grab to late.

"Help me!" Mai screamed.

Lin burst into the room at that moment and shouted, "Mai reach for my hand!" he was rushing towards her as fast as he could.

Mai reach out and tried to grasp it but missed as she went down into the old well. Harry felt a tug in his mind, and then another stronger pull that caused the world around him to go black.


Harry opened his eyes the same time as Mai did. The two looked at each other as they stood up in an old house. It was well taken care of.

"What's going on Harry?" Mai asked.

"I was pulled into one of your spirit dreams." He answered her softly.

"But, I didn't think that…" she started.

"They are real Mai, they show you things from the past, giving you the glimpse needed to sort out what is going on in a case, you need to start believe in them." Harry told her, "I'm just going to stand back and let you do this, and this is your dream, your ability."

Mai looked around and saw a small child playing with a ball out side, she moved towards her as she spotted a man approach the little girl. "No don't go with him, get away from him." She said, "He's dangerous. Don't stop."

"Tomiko!" came a shout as someone ran past her. "Tomiko! Tomiko!" she yelled over and over again, calling for her child.

"Is that the girls mother," Mai asked as she watched the woman scream for her child.

"Tomiko, nooooo" she screamed, as she couldn't find her daughter.

The scene changed before the two of them, Tomiko's mother was now standing by a well, Mai had a bad feeling as she ran towards the woman, but someone grabbed her arm. She turned around and said. "Naru?"

"Tomiko," a whispered word as Mai turned back towards the well and to woman.

"No, don't do it!" Mai yelled at her as she leant forwards and fell into the well.

"You can't change the past," Naru told her as Mai faded away upset.

"Guess she didn't like that part Gene," Harry said as he went over to the teen spirit.

"No, you need to go as well, you know what happened to her now, wish I could have gotten through to Mai sooner for this." Gene said softly.

"You're only guiding them for a while, soon she'll just need you, or when its time, my mother to protect her from those that wish to keep her here." Harry told him.

"I know," the teen smiled, "Time for you to go, unless you want them to find you unconscious."

"That I don't, they are without a doubt the worst bunch of mother hens I have had the misfortune to meet, and I include my friends mother in that one." Harry smiled as he then faded away.

"I'll see the two of you again," Gene smiled at no one as he to faded from the spirit realm.


Harry stood waiting as Lin and Ayako brought Mai into the base room. Mai was sat down on the sofa; she only had a scrape on her knee thankfully. Harry walked over to her and a glow went around his hands, he quickly scanned her, making sure that the skinned knee was the only thing wrong. It was so he knelt down, sent a quick disinfecting charm that Madam Pomfrey used a lot on him and then put his hands over the gash. He sent the waves of magic and healing energy towards it, forcing the healing to happen at a much faster rate. It closed up and healed quickly. Much to the shock of Ayako, who could see that this was not new for Mai or Lin.

"Are you all right Mai?" Harry asked her when he stood up.

"I am now," she gave him a small smile, "I had a dream, you were there Harry."

"I know," he smiled at her, "Why don't you tell me what you dreamt?" he prompted her, hoping that he would be able to get her to start talking about her dreams a little.

Mai nodded her head, "I was in a house, near the pond, a little girl was playing. I think it was Tomiko. A man came up and took her away."

"Kidnapped?" Ayako asked her.

Mai nodded her head, "I think so, her mother tried looking for her, but all she found was Tomiko's ball floating in the pond. She killed herself, she threw herself down the well."

"You're not even a medium, so how can your dreams have any meaning to them." Ayako said.

"Mai isn't a medium, she travels the spirit realm, between life and death, the world between, what she sees is the past, the spirit around her hold that past and often someone will pick it up. Mai dreams it, and I know this because I have seen the dreams." Harry told Ayako.

"How is that possible?" the priestess asked him.

"I can travel the spirit world as well, but I have to be called there by someone, someone like Mai, who can go there when she needs to. Sometimes a spirit will call me," Harry answered her.

"So what Mai dreams are things that happened in the past?" Lin asked him.

Harry turned to face the older man who was standing behind them, "yes, she did it before, on out last case. She even called me to the spirit realm to see if I was all right."

"So thanks to Mai's ability we may have found out what happened here." Lin nodded, as Ayako left the room to change and go and see Masako.

"Why don't you rest a little Mai." Harry said as he watched the girl lie down on the sofa. "Wonder how long Naru will be?" Harry asked no one as he went and sat down to have a look at the footage from the attempted exorcism just.

"I have no idea, he can be stubborn at times." Lin said as sat down next to Harry.

Harry gave a quiet chuckle, "that doesn't surprise me."

"I didn't know that the two of you were getting along so well." Lin said, he had to admit he was a little curious about that, Naru wasn't the type to just become friends with anyone.

"He basically cornered me about what was wrong with me, and I ended up telling him about my empathy, any time we met, we would talk about something else. He told me about Gene and why he is here. Though I do hope he has been following what was asked of him, and not to go looking." Harry said softly, not wanting to share everything that they had talked about.

Lin looked to the monitors for a moment before saying, "I didn't think he would ever let anyone in."

"We…" Harry started to say as he drooped a little.

"Harry?" Lin asked him concerned.

"Mai's in the spirit realm again, she was calling me, but she's stopped. Guess she didn't need a friendly face this time." He smiled as his energy picked up again.

Lin narrowed his eyes a little, "when Mai went to the spirit realm earlier she pulled you along, right?"

Harry nodded his head and then realised his mistake, "I'm fine."

"You should have told us though Harry." He told the teen.

Harry chuckled, "Lin, put it this way, it was like falling to sleep and waking up almost immediately and talking for a while. Then I come back here. If it happens during the night when we are supposed to be resting then we will be tired the next day since it does take energy to travel the spirit realm."

"Just make sure you both tell us," the older sighed, "I have two stubborn idiots around me." He said softly.

Harry laughed as the two of them went over the footage properly, and wait for Naru to come back and Mai to wake up again.


Naru walked into the room and took of his coat, "Welcome back," Harry said as he turned to face the other teen.

"Anything happen while I was out?" he asked as the others walked into the room.

"Just me trying to drive them away," Ayako sighed.

"Didn't work, was hoping we would be able to get a few of the spirit to leave." Harry said as Naru's nod.

"Oh Naru you're back!" Mai exclaimed as she sat up on the sofa.

"Well, I am right here." Naru told her with a raised eyebrow.

Harry chuckled a little when he heard Mai's comment, 'Yep, defiantly Naru.'

"Hey, heard you had an adventure Mai?" came Monk's teasing tone.

Mai swung around to face him, Masako, Ayako and John, "Aren't you and John supposed to be watching over Ayami, what if she is in danger?"

"Naru told us to come back, and that she'll be fine now." Monk told her.

Mai turned around to face Naru and asked him, "Is Ayami really going to be okay now? She really is going to be safe?"

"Yes, this will all be over tonight." Naru said, confidence in each word he spoke.

The others all wondered what was going to be happening tonight that would solve this problem, with Naru speaking a few quiet words to Lin.

Naru stood up straight and turned to Masako, "Miss Hara what are the spirits doing at this moment?"

Masako closed her eyes and let herself be open to the spirits, "they are all in the living room, none of them have gone to the hotel."

"Good, Ayako, can you make some charms that will stop the spirits from passing?" he asked her, "When she is done I want the rest of you posting them up throughout the house. We are going to be raising a kekkai barrier."

Monk looked at him and asked him, "Care to fill us in on the plan Naru?"

"I'm planning on returning Tomiko back to her mother." Naru told them, much to the shock of the others.

"But that's not possible." Monk said.

"Tomiko was killed," Mai added.

"Bringing Tomiko back herself is impossible of course." Naru said, though Harry wanted to shout, no it isn't just let him summon the spirit. "We will be creating the illusion of her return to get her mother to pass on, we need a substitute."

"You don't mean Ayami do you?" Mai asked him.

Naru shook his head, "no, not Ayami." he told her, easing that fear within her, "The problem lies with the woman, if we leave here without removing her."

"Yes, but she's dangerous, she almost killed Mai when she pulled her into the well." Ayako told him, "at some point we need to start considering our own safety."

"Maybe, but what about Ayami, if we leave without doing something she'll be in danger again." Mai said as she looked to Ayako and then to the other two, wondering if any of them would speak up.

"I'm with you what ever Naru." Harry said softly as he looked at his boss, he knew that the other teen already had a plan.

"For the rest of you, I have to say I am disappointed, I expected a lot more from you all. If you cant think objectively then I don't need you." He said, Harry could feel the sting of anger coming from the others, as well as the disappointment coming from Naru. He had just tested them to see how willing they were when it came to helping a family.

"The risks are high Naru, if we do this wrong we could end up spirits that are trapped here as well." Monk said as he looked to the young teen.

Naru looked at him with a cold look, as though he was saying 'and you think I don't know that' towards Monk. "It is up to you if you wish to participate, Mai you are free to leave as well." He said as he walked past them all and started out the door.

"I'll wait here for the two of you to get back," Harry said to Lin as he too started walking past them.

"All right," Lin said with a nod as he walked out the door, following Naru.

"He sure is a handful," Ayako said as she waved the bunch of paper slips in her hand.

"He has a plan in place and I know that it will succeed," Harry said from behind them all as they turned towards him. "He was also testing you all. Seeing how willing you are to help a family out." He added.

"Harry, death is what awaits us if we do this wrong," Monk told him. "Would you put your life on the line for others all the time?"

Harry snorted, "At age eleven I stopped a would be terrorist destroying my school, he almost killed me. At age twelve I rescued and saved the life of my best friends little sister. I was poisoned for saving her, if I had waited another minute to get the antidote I would have been dead. When I was thirteen I stopped an innocent man from being executed for crimes he didn't commit, I again almost died because I did what was right and not what was easy. At fourteen I was made to watch as a very good friend of mine be murdered by the person who betrayed my family, almost thirteen years before. And a few months ago I watched as my godfather was murdered by his own cousin as he risked his life to save mine because of a stupid mistake I made." He told them all as he looked at each one of them. "So yes Monk I do put my life on the line, and I continue to do so all the time and that wont ever change because it is who I am. My friend calls it my saving people thing. I will do what is right, not what is easy. What is right is helping Ayami, what is easy is walking away." He added sternly, Harry hated the fact that he had told them all that, he didn't think many of them would believe him in the end, but that didn't mater, it had got them all thinking.

"You're right, if Naru is willing to go that far, then there is a chance that it will work." Masako said as she looked at Harry, "we have a choice and it isn't an easy one."

"Naru hasn't steered us wrong so far." Monk said, "We do the right thing," he added as he looked at Harry and nodded.

"It does sound like a good plan, we do what is right." John nodded his head as he joined in with the others.

Ayako sighed and said, "if you all end up dead I'll see to your funerals."

"Look forwards to the music arrangements," Harry smiled to her. "Masako, where are the spirits gathered at this moment in time?" he then turned to the young medium.

"They are all in the living room." She answered him, wondering why he was asking.

"Right, Ayako, get to work on those charms, as soon as you have some done pass them out and we start from the top and work out way down. Leave the living room for last that way we have less chance of any of them noticing what is going on. With these charms they wont be able to leave the house," Harry told them as they went off to do as they were told.


Two hours later they were all back in the base room, the only ones missing were Lin and Naru.

"So these charms keep the spirits in?" Mai asked, as she stared at one of the ones in the base room.

"Yes they do Mai," came a voice from the doorway.

"Naru!" Mai smiled as she saw him.

"Also, we shall be leaving the Demon Gate open to disperse the spirits." Naru added as he walked into the room fully.

"Demon's gate?" Mai asked as she looked to the others.

"No, Demon Gate, is the northeast quarter, it's the easiest direction for spirits to pass through" Monk answered her.

"Monk, Ayako, you both will be at the Demon Gate and when the spirits exit scatter them as best you can." Naru told the two of them.

"So, we're going to reduce the number of spirits to draw the woman out," Monk nodded his head as did Ayako.

Naru turned to the young priest and said, "John, I want you to cover the living room and do the same."

"Right," John nodded with a smile.

"If the three of us are busy who is going to do the exorcism?" Monk asked.

"You don't mean…?" Mai, Ayako and Monk said as one as they looked to Naru.

He didn't answer, just gave them a smirk as he walked back out of the room.

"He is so infuriating." Ayako fumed.

"He is Naru." Mai smiled to her.

"Well, go and get ready, all of you." Harry told them, "We have an hour till dark."

Everyone nodded and went and got themselves prepared.


Harry, Mai, Masako, John and Naru had gathered in the living room. Naru was standing by the door while Mai, Masako and Harry were kneeling on the floor at the back of the room. John was standing in the middle, dressed in his priest's robes.

John held up his bottle of holy water and sprinkled it in the shape of a cross as he started his prayer, "Our father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name." He started.

Masako gripped onto Mai and Harry and hid her face, "Masako what's wrong?" Mai asked her softly.

"Purifications are addressed to the spirit to break their hold on this world. Only a medium can be successful at it," Masako gave a glance over to Naru, "And Naru is no medium, so he will be doing an exorcism."

"What's the difference?" Mai asked.

Masako was about to answer when Harry decided he would instead. "A purification helps a spirit move on willingly, a chance to change their ways. A lot of mediums believe that an exorcism kills the spirit, as that is what it looks like to them. What is actually happening is that part of the spirit is being killed, the part that wont change, its ripped from the rest of the spirit, which is forced through the gateway. There is also a third way to get a spirit to cross over, purging. Only certain people can do them." That is what Harry does, he purges the negative feelings a spirit has, which allows them to move on.

Masako nodded her head, "that is what I have always believed when it came to exorcism, but you told me at the hotel that, that was not the case."

"Only the negative emotions are killed, not the spirit." Harry reassured her.

"I still wish that they would not do this in front of me," She said softly.

"I…" Mai started to say as something grabbed her arm and yanked her away from the two of them.

"Mai, you all right?" Harry asked as he went closer to her and looked her over.

"Something yanked me," she told him as she looked around, John and Masako doing the same.

John turned back to the well and carried on, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God…"

"Miss Hara, how are they now?" Naru asked her.

"They are trying to escape, there are a lot fewer of them now, they are trying to get out of the living room, and they are crying." She told him as misty spirits started to appear around the room.

"Masako, why don't you try and purify the spirits?" Mai asked her.

"I can't, not with that woman here." Masako told her, Harry could see it was upsetting her.

'Naru, I'm going to calm the spirits down a little, I'll be using the blessed thistle from my wrists. I can't force them over at the moment, not got the things I need for it.' Harry called to Naru.

Naru nodded his head, 'go for it.'

Harry nodded his head as well and brought up a wrist, he plucked one of the blessed thistle from it and dried it so it crumbled within his hand. The sound drew the attention of Mai and Masako; he gave them both a quick smile. A spirit of one of the children came near, he took a small amount of the crumbled thistle and threw it at the spirit, hitting it, it glowed as it hit, as it did so Harry whispered, "Sámae" it was an old Irish word for peace and tranquillity. The spirit stopped moving and calmed down, sinking to the floor and remaining there.

Masako smiled, "she's at peace, it's like she has woken from a nightmare and is now calm after being held by a loved one. What did you do?"

"The thistle is for protection, but it is also one of my choices as a purging element, I purged her of every emotion except for what made her feel at peace." He answered as best as he could.

A few more spirits got the same attention, much to the smiles of Masako. Then she went pale and turned towards the well. "She's coming out." She said covering her mouth with a kimono cover hand.

Slowly a woman started to rise out of the well, "Tomiko." She rasped, "Tomiko."

Masako looked at the woman and shouted to her, "Tomiko is not here, these children do not belong to you. Please," she started to beg, "Please, set them free, cant you see they are sufferning, they want to go back to their real mothers."

Hands strated to crawl out of the well and rush towards Mai and Masako, John moved in the way as they lashed out against him, sending him skidding across the room away from them. Mai jumped up and ran over to him to make sure he was all right.

Naru walked away from where he was leaning against the door and went towards the spirit, "Your child is right here," he said as he brought up a small woden figure. There was a small strip of paper on the front of it with some writing on. "Take all of the children that you have gathered with you, and leave this place." With that he threw up the small figure.

Harry and the others watched as the wooden figure was surrounded in a golden light, as it fell back to the ground it slowly morphed into the image of a child. The woman's spirit held her arms aloft as the golden child fell into them. Harry smiled as the mother took on a golden hue, the golden child may not have been a true spirit, but it was a representation of one. Mother and child finally reunited, though Harry knew that it would truly happen on the other side.

They all smiled as the children's spirits also went golden and started to rush around the room, filling it with childish giggles and laughter.

"They are all moving on." Harry said as he felt the gateway open and slowly close behind them all. "they are gone now." He smiled at the others.

"We'll pack up in the morning, but I think we should all rest well tonight." Naru said as he turned to the others in the room. "Go and tell Monk and Ayako that its over." He then walked out of the room.

"Still typical Naru," Mai smiled after him.

"Go and tell the others and I'll make something to eat for us all." Harry said as he got up and went towards the kitchen. He had felt the true reunion between mother and daughter, and between the other children and their loved ones. There was so much happiness from it all that Harry felt like he was going to burst.


It was morning and the group were standing on the doorstep of the house as Ayami and Noriko were saying goodbye.

"I can't thank you all enough for what you have done, my brother says that he will be returning as soon as he can." Noriko told them with a smile.

"That's great news." Mai grinned as she saw the happy look on Ayami's face at the news that he father would be coming home soon.

"Are you sure everything is gone?" Noriko then asked, wanting to be sure.

Harry gave her a reassuring smile, "We are, though if you experience anything like it again, please call us and we will be happy to help. Good bye." He said.

Noriko nodded as goodbyes were said to one another. They gathered around the van and car that would be taking them all back. John and Masako had to leave earlier that morning due to other commitments. Ayako and Monk had remained to help breakdown the base room.

"Hey Naru, what was that little wooden thing you gave the ghost?" Mai asked him curiously.

"It was a hitogata." He answered her.

"What's that?" Mai asked even more confused than before.

"It was the original form of the straw effigy doll, you care a piece of paulownia wood into the shape of the person you want to put a spell on." Monk told her.

"You dummy, isn't that the way you put a curse on someone." Ayako said as she looked at the man standing next to her.

"Spell casting has both a light and a dark side, a light spell helps the person, while a dark on harms them. Often he casting has both light an dark sides." Naru further explained.

"That's right," Monk nodded his head, "in esoteric Buddhism, either can be used to confound a sworn enemy."

Naru looked to Mai and said, "The hitogata is a vessel used to contain a spirit. For example, if I were to pattern a hitogata after Mai, if I were to do harm to the hitogata then Mai would be harmed as well. That's how close the effigy is to the real person."

"So that one was Tomiko." Mai said, as she understood, "since she thought she had gotten her daughter back she moved on."

"I'm impressed, is that why you left to make the hitogata?" Monk asked him.

"Tomiko's birth and death dates were necessary to make the hitogata." Naru said as he then told them what he had found, "the woman was Oshima Hiro, and Tomiko was her only daughter. Tomiko disappeared one day and her body surface from the pond a year later. A few years after that Oshima Hiro's house was torn down, and this house was built." He finished.

"Do we know if Tomiko was kidnapped?" Lin asked him, wanting a little more confirmation about Mai's dreams, "Is that why the mother threw herself down the well?"

"I found no mention of a kidnapping, but I did find out that Oshima died when she drowned in the well." Naru answered, "The important thing is this house is now cleared of spirits." Naru and Lin then head to the van and got in.

"I never would have pegged him as an Onmyoji," Monk said as he watched Naru.

"Onmyoji? Do you mean like that Abe guy?" Mai asked, recognizing the term slightly.

"A high level trick like fashioning a hitogata of Tomiko and performing a purification can only be done my a pro." Monk smiled.

"That is amazing, being so young." Ayako said with a smile.

"Mai, Harry!" came a sweet voice from behind.

"Hi Ayami," Harry said as he knelt before her.

"Do you think we'll see each other again?" Ayami asked the two fo the shyly.

"I'll tell you what, if you ever need us, just call and we'll come as fast as we can," Mai said as she stood next to her friend, Harry nodding his head in agreement.

"Okay, Promise?" Ayami said as she held out her pinkie finger.

Mai shook it first then Harry, both of them saying. "We promise."

"Mai, Harry! Get in the van we are leaving." Naru shouted the two of them.

Mai and Harry ran past Ayako and Monk as the two of them headed towards Monks car. Mai jumped in first and scooted over, then Harry joined her. It was time to head back to the office and put away all the equipment, then after that came the sorting of all the evidence that they had gathered. Harry couldn't help but wonder what the next case may bring.

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