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He remembered it well, the first time they had met. It had been the first meeting of Starkid together when the core group had been there.

Darren and Brian had been in charge of making sure that those who entered Starkid could at least act well enough and rumour had it that the new girl was one of the best singers they have ever heard. That had to be quite some feat as they had talked to quite a few of their friends about joining the crew. The group, made up of him, Lauren, Darren, Brian H, Joe Walker, Brian Rosenthal, Dylan, Julia and Devin. It was a good group and he was kind of glad that they had another girl joining us. There were rumours that Brolden had talked to Tyler Brunsman, a sophomore musical theatre student with a big heart.

There was a timid knock on the door as they all sat in the drama studio, ready to think about another production they could do. Joey was the first person to jump up and opened the door. "Hi, you must be Jaime Lynn Beatty." He smiled.

The girl smiled back, she looked about his age or perhaps a year younger. She was absolutely breathtaking. Her dark red curls fell way past her shoulders and down almost to her waist. She had stunning eyes that were wide and she was just slightly shorter than him. "Yeah, that's me."

Her voice was stunning as well and he stood there, slightly shell shocked until Brolden came and rescued him. "Heya Jaime Lynn, this is Joey Richter." He grimaced as Joey kept standing there, slightly dazed. "Why don't you come in?"

She smiled and stepped past Joey. "Pleasure to meet you Joey, thanks Brian."

That had been a year ago. Most of Starkid had graduated and now Joey was a senior. Sure he had only been a senior for about a month or so but he felt good being a senior. Harry Potter: The Musical had to be one of the best things he had ever done. It was an incredible musical and AJ and Darren were truly blessed with such talent to write music. Sure they had learned some of the stuff two or three days before the show but that was part of the fun of being a part of it, there was always a new twist up ahead.

Joey's feelings for Jaime had grown over that time, since they had worked together on The Last Days of Judas Iscariot and as Ron and Ginny Weasley on HPTM. Sure there is always that chance after working on two things at the same time together. But Joey was trying to pluck up the courage, to ask Jaime out. She was the same year as him, studying Politics, which was an odd combination, Joey had thought at first to combine with drama, which she didn't actually have as a degree but it was a curious hobbies combination. Jaime had not failed to explain that there is a certain amount of courage that you had to have when making speeches in Congress or in court if she was going to be a prosecution or defence lawyer. As long as it made sense to Jaime, Joey was happy.

Although they had only known each other for a year, it had felt like so much longer. Joey and Jaime spent so much time together and it was no secret in the group that most people were betting on when they would get together. No one had bet on today so Joey would be collecting a fair amount of money. They were meeting, as they did weekly, to go through ideas for potential original or parody plays or just to meet up. The drama studio wasn't exactly the ideal place but the y were thankful that they had even had the space.

The session had ended and they were all packing up. There had been several ideas for shows but they had all been shot down. It wasn't easy coming up with a plot line and a script for a play as their fans seemed to think and they had to have processed at least 20 ideas in the two hours they had spent with each other. It wasn't just a business meeting, as Lauren joked sometimes; it was a chance to catch up with friends. They didn't see each other every day, with most of them still around in Ann Arbor and those still at university so it was a joyous occasion when they did meet up.

Soon enough, it was just Joey and Jaime left in the room. Brolden had winked at him with a knowing smirk on his face before following Lily out of the room. Jaime was packing up her bag, doing physical theatre exercises required a change of clothes. But how many did a girl need? Joey thought as he watched Jaime's ridiculously large bag but filled.

Finally he decided he was ready. If he didn't do it now, there was no way he was ever going to do it again. This was his moment to be a man. "Hey Jaime." He sauntered over to her, trying to keep the nervous tone out of his voice. "Do you want some help with all that?"

Jaime smiled up at him as he bent down to join her. "Thanks Joey. I always seem to over pack for a Starkid meeting. It's not as if my room is that far away."

Joey frowned comically, they were next door neighbours but they always liked to make it out as if they lived ages away. "Isn't it like on the other side of campus?"

His voice was teasing and Jaime punched him playfully on the arm. "Yeah, that far away." She drawled, sarcastically. In fact, their rooms were in the next door building to the drama department. It was a complete fluke that they had been next door neighbours so Joey smiled as they both rolled their eyes. "Jaime, can I ask you something?"

This was it, this was his big moment. Jaime, still oblivious, shrugged. "Sure, unless it's something uber embarrassing then I may have to turn it down."

Trust me it is, Joey thought, trying to keep the flush coming to his cheeks. "Um, what are you doing this Friday?" he asked, trying to stop himself from looking like a total idiot. He knew that you never told a girl you liked them, it just made you look like an idiot; everyone knew that including the fans. What they didn't know was that it was a real piece of advice he had been given by his father.

Jaime paused and frowned momentarily. "I don't think I'm doing anything. I have a lecture in the morning and I was going to go out with Lauren to see the new Harry Potter film, seeing as everyone else seems to have seen it but she bailed on me. Why?"

Joey smiled secretly; he had asked Lauren to bail on Jaime, she was the only person who knew about this. "Well…um…would you like to come to see it with me? We can go for some food beforehand; I hear a good pizza place has just opened a couple of hundred yards from the theatre."

Jaime smiled at Joey. "Is Joseph Richter asking me out?" she was teasing but they both knew he was being serious and Joey nodded numbly, how would she react? She relaxed and her smile grew wider. "I would love to."

"I TOLD YOU SO!" Lauren's extremely loud voice for her stature came from the other side of the doors before they burst open to reveal most of the Starkid crew. So they had been listening?!

Joey rolled his eyes. "You knew Lauren, which means you three," nodding to Brolden, Joe Walker and Dylan who were all rolling their eyes, "owe me 5 bucks."

Jaime smirked. "They had a bet on when you were going to ask me out? Typical." She winked at Dylan. "Too bad boys, better cough up."

Joey smiled as the boys groaned and handed him a five dollar note each, the money they had bet. Jaime was just too perfect; perhaps there would be a musical coming where they could play lovers.

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