Heya! So I feel really bad because I promised an AVPSY one-shot when it came out but I already had a LaurWalk one going and then, when I found out that Joey and Tessa were going to be on Glee (weren't they AWESOME?!) I knew I just had to write a one-shot for it. I'm sorry it is 5 days after the episode aired but I hope it is a nice reminder.

If you didn't know about this revelation, then YEAH! Despite Joey failing to get cast as Sebastian, he was twice lucky and got a part in the group Adam's Apples which are the show choir at NYADA. Their number, Baby Got Back, I think is on YouTube and go check it out!

Next chapter should be AVPSY as it was requested AGES ago, although I might end up not doing it if I can't write it solely based on the script. I know how I am, if I can't do without it, I won't try because I don't want to deliver a rubbish chapter to you all, I only want the best for my favourite readers!

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Also, DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the words that you recognise from AVPS and also, all the random facts (except for Joey's middle name) are fictional, I made them up...if they are true then what a coincidence!

One word that could not describe Joseph Michael Richter in any way was patient. Anyone who had met him might say that he was a hyperactive 5 year old stuck in a 24 year old's body. Whether it was waiting for an entrance in a show, a birthday or another tour, Joey could not be contained. Every day that held a moment of patience would have him pacing the floor, eating a packet of Twizzlers, despite what everyone thought as a result of AVPS he couldn't actually stand Redvines or something that allowed him to be active while his mind wondered elsewhere.

Today, Joey was waiting on a phone call. He had been expecting the 3pm call since 2pm and it was now 2.59pm, just one more minute. He was alone in his apartment in LA; Darren was filming Glee as usual. And he was not the only one. On the other side of America, an equally impatient Tessa Netting was awaiting a phone call in New York. They were not aware of each other's situations although the one man who was the only other occupant of the room where Tessa was was aware of both their stress, his panda hat jauntily perched at an angle on his head and a wide smirk on his face. Joe Moses had not told the other that this was occurring, the two had worked together on his One Man Show and there was a possibility that it would happen again.

The sound of 'Not Alone' suddenly rang out from the phone in the apartment in LA. Joey simply stared at the table, this was it. It was now or never. He didn't want to fail again, once stung twice bitten as the phrase went, whether it was appropriate in this time was irrelevant but it mattered to him. Taking a deep breath, Joey reached over and picked up the phone.

"Hello, Joseph Richter speaking…yes, thank you…I understand how you felt about that…really? Oh, okay…that's fine…thank you."

As he rung off, Joey sighed, collapsing onto the sofa. There it was. The decision had been made. But before he could decide what to do next, his computer went off, signally a Skype call. Joey smiled genuinely as he clicked the accept button. "Heya Joe."

Joe Moses mentally rolled his eyes in annoyance that over the last few years, Joey had managed to perfect the art of the poker face. "So, what was the verdict?"

Joe shrugged. "I guess its second time luck." His face split into a wide smile as Joe worked out what he had just said. "I got the part!"

"Got what part?" Joey spun around from his computer to see Darren standing in the doorway, half a frown on his face, the remnants of gel still in his hair. Joe leaned forward to see Darren come up to the computer. "Hey Joe! How's New York treating you?"

Joe shrugged. "Fair enough. Oh and by the way, you both might be seeing Tessa over your way soon enough."

Joey frowned before his eyes lit up. "Wait, she didn't tell me…did she audition too?" Joe nodded. "Awesome, tell her congratulations."

"Brill, will do." Joe checked his watch absent-mindedly before starting. "I gotta go, see you two soon!"

The two men reciprocated the greeting before Joe switched off. Trying to ignore the fact that Darren was staring at him and he knew the reason why, Joey closed the lid of his computer, picked up his empty coffee mug and walked towards the kitchen.

"So," Darren began and the one word made Joey slow down, "are you planning on tell me 'the part' you just got?"

Joey didn't reply but merely smirked, before starting to whistle 'Smooth Criminal'. "Guess?" He muttered just loud enough for his flat mate to hear as he continued to walk towards the kitchen.

Darren racked his brain. There was a reason that Joey was whistling the tune he was, Grant and Naya's cover was still stuck in his head. Wait, Darren stopped hopefully as an idea struck him, Joey had spoken of him having 'second time luck'. "No way." He whispered.

"They're gonna see us on our ass there's no, no way?" Joey replied unhelpfully as he smirked, Darren had finally clocked it. "You worked it out yet slow coach?"

Darren pouted and smacked his best friend round the head light-heartedly. "Some of us weren't AP in all of our subjects Mr. Clever Clogs." Joey smirked; it was a little known face. "So, am I expecting a new co-star any time soon then?"

"Two." Joey smiled as they both grinned stupidly. "Sounds like Tessa will be flying over here in a couple of days. Any chance of a lift tomorrow?"

Darren's eyes widened. "Tomorrow?" He asked incredulously, unable to keep the excitement out of his voice.

"Is that a yes or no then?" Joey asked, peering down at his best friend. "And, do you want a delicious, Twizzler?" He looked at a random corner of the room as if there was a camera there.

A sneaky smile that Joey had learned not to trust spread across Darren's face as he nodded his thanks and took one of the red sweets. "Is it just a welcome to the team, meet the cast thing?" He asked vaguely.

Joey nodded, still puzzled by Darren's intentions. "Yeah, that kinda thing. Apparently the lead of the group that I'm a part of is some Brit called Oliver and Ryan wants the two of us to come a day early as we're recurring characters." He frowned, knowing some evil plan was growing up in his friend's mind that was probably going to be dragged into. "Why?"

Darren patted his friend on the back before grabbing his apartment keys and heading towards the door. "Come on, we need to visit Target and then our good old friend YouTube."

Joey frowned. "I still don't get it."

Darren's grin grew wider. "Oh you will when you find out what we're buying. I think you need to enter in style."

Darren and Joey had set it all up very carefully. Having a willing Chris Colfer on hand to be in on the plan was useful, most so in having someone to eat all the Redvines that they wouldn't. very few members of the Glee cast knew properly of Darren's Starkid roots and so it would be more of a surprise to them, especially as Darren knew for a fact that there were some who knew about the group.

Darren had driven Joey earlier than he normally went in. the cast was supposed to be meeting the new cast members today, mostly for Chris' benefit as it was a development in Kurt's plotline. Now Joey was sitting in exact chair that he had seen Darren occupy as Blaine for season 3. The aforementioned man had gone out to meet the rest of the cast and now all he had to do was wait, the packet of Redvines tucked into his jeans, well they were Twizzlers but it was their secret.

"Do you know what the new characters are here for?" Joey immediately recognised Chord Overstreet's voice and sat up, this was it. Time to show them what their new cast member was made up of.

"No," Joey realised he had done his homework well, as he clocked the voice of Jenna Ushkowitz, "Ryan just told me that they had a part to play and we should meet them."

The group came into the room and Joey immediately felt self-conscious with all eyes currently trained on him. But he was an actor, it was just another sketch. "Um, hi?" Chord frowned slightly, his eyebrows raised.

Joey put on his most winning smile. "Hi, I'm Joey." He stuck out his hand as he stood from the seats.

Chord took it uncertainly. "Chord. Are you one of the new cast members?"

Joey nodded. "That's me; apparently it's only the more recurring characters appearing today. They're yet to name my character." He pulled out the packet of Redvines from his jeans, dropping into is Ron mode. "Does anyone want a delicious Redvine?"

Most frowned at this sudden change of topic and the way that he stared directly at Darren, who smiled, shrugged and stepped forward. "Absolutely! These are like my favourite snack in the entire world."

Joey grinned as he took a Twizzler out and handed it to Darren as he put one in the same way. "Oh my gosh, me too! Well, here you go good buddy."

From where he was at the back of the group, Chris was finding it hard not to crack up. He knew of Darren's roots and having seen the musical many a time before, he knew what was coming. As many of the cast looked on in utter confusion, a couple had smirks on their faces and others starting to peek at the corners of their mouths, Joey and Darren completed the mirror routine from AVPS that had taken under ten goes to perfect once more.

Right back in character, Darren raised his eyebrows as they moved in circles around each other, something they had added to the routine to let the whole group see their reactions and the boys pulled the Twizzlers out of their mouths deftly, chewing off a small amount to eat while they spoke. "Alright," Joey spoke with a small frown still on his face although the looks on the faces of those watching was making it difficult not to laugh. "Favourite Amy Mann son on 3: 1, 2, 3."

"Redvines." They both answered readily.

"Favourite colour of vines other than green."

"Redvines." The play went back and forth as it had done before; this had been so much fun to revisit.

"Favourite way to say red wines in a German accent."

"Redvines." Both men stared at each other in mock shock before pulling each other into an embrace. "Oh my gosh!"

By now, those who weren't aware of what the sketch was, had clocked it was a set up and were all smiling, not wanting to spoil it. Joey pulled away from Darren with a shocked face. "Where have you been all my life?"

Darren shrugged, a smile playing on his lips. "Oh, in a cupboard under some stairs."

Joey's eyes widened in 'amazement'. "That's so cool!" He smiled, they were going to finish the scene, not noticing the broad smirk that was growing on Chris' face, the younger man was plotting something they hadn't rehearsed. "Well come on, friend, let's go to Hogwarts. We've just gotta go through that big brick wall." He pointed off to the right wall of the choir room.

Darren pretended to look concerned. "It looks kinda scary."

Joey smirked before taking Darren's hand, looking at him seriously. "It's okay, we can do this together."

Chris smiled and pushed past Chord to get to the front, putting on his best Deep South drawl. "Joey Richter, you get off my man!"

Both men turned around in genuine surprise but it was Joey who recovered first, bowing low and smirking right back at Chris. "My pleasure."

He took Darren's surprised hand and placed it in Chris'. "Ready?" Chris voiced Ron's lines to perfection and they both crouched down, ready to run. "3, 2, 1, GO!"

And the two boys proceeded to run aorund the chairs, causing Joey to laugh and the other cracked up. This seemed to lighten the mood and everyone visibly relaxed as Chris and Darren came around to the front. It was certainly a way to make an entrance and Joey had done just that.

"Sorry, am I in the right place?" A cutting edge British accent broke the momentary silence and they all turned to see a handsome young man, about 24 or so, with golden brown locks that fell floppy on his head, a slight fringe flicked to his right. "I'm Oliver Kieran-Jones, I'm playing Adam."

Joey stepped around the group who were slightly shell-shocked at the newest arrival and still trying to register as well as get used to his British accent. Having heard Lauren do one incessantly, Joey was well-tuned to the accent. "Hi, Joey Richter. I'm part of the Adam's Apples."

The two men shook hands. "Ah, you're one of the more recurring group members then, aren't you?" Oliver asked, he knew his co-stars very well.

And as they released their handshake, Darren smiled. Combining Joey's AVPS moment with Oliver's pure Britishness, the two men had made quite an entrance into the world of Glee. Darren became even more ecstatic inside as he realised that the Bromance was back for good. And it was bigger and better than before.

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