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A Partnership is Born

The halls of the high school were vacated like a deserted town, no one stayed long after the final bell rang unless they had after school activities. Wait scratch that there were still two students loitering in the halls by the lockers…

Ino crossed her arms as she frowned at the blonde boy in front of her. What made him believe that Sakura Haruno was ever going to like him? He always spouted his believe it dogma like it was fate for the two to be together but Ino couldn't help but feel skeptical of that logic. First of all Sakura had been head over heels infatuated with a boy she couldn't have since grade school. The pinkette only had eyes for the stoic raven; she wouldn't even glance in the other boy's direction unless he was doing something foolish. Second of all Sakura hated Naruto's guts. She was always complaining about Naruto did this and Naruto said that, her animosity was not likely to turn amorous any time soon. Ino could list a ton of more reasons as to why the two were incompatible but she really didn't feel like it. Right now all she could do was tap her foot impatiently and lean against the lockers as Naruto scratched his head nervously.

"I haven't got all day Naruto. What do you want?" Ino huffed, she wasn't trying to be rude but she really didn't have all day.

Softball practice was in an hour followed by a quick swim team meeting. Some people may say she had her fingers in too many pots but she tried to keep busy at all times. What else was there to do?

"Hold on geez!" Naruto sighed and it seemed like he was trying to gather up that legendary Uzumaki courage. "Okay so you know how you and Sakura are best friends right?"

"Yes." Ino said as she rolled her eyes.

"Well I was wondering since you know all about her, um what she likes and stuff, do you think you could help me?" Naruto asked and Ino raised her eyebrows in surprise. She honestly thought the blonde just liked Sakura for her looks seeing as how he didn't know anything personal about the girl. After all the only communication the two had was through arguments.

"Why should I help you with forehead?" Ino countered. "I'm very busy and I need to get something out of this deal."

"Okay um I don't know!" Naruto pondered, what could he possibly give Ino? That was when an epiphany hit him like a ton of bricks. "Oh I know I'll set you up with Sasuke!"

Ino felt her jaw nearly drop to the floor. He could set her up with the Sasuke Uchiha! The ultimate bad boy and heart throb of the school? Scratch that Sakura had a crush she wanted him just as much as Sakura did! The foundation of their friendship had been built on a rivalry for the Uchiha's closed off heart. It was highly plausible for Naruto to put in a good word for her as well seeing as the only person the Uchiha talked to was Naruto. Ino offered her hand to her goofy blonde counterpart. Even if Naruto and Sakura were nowhere near compatible she would make it work, she was Ino Yamanaka after all and she was reigning queen of getting what she wanted.

"Deal!" Ino smirked and Naruto shook her hand vigorously, too excited about their new partnership to contain himself properly.

Naruto then threw his arm around Ino's neck and shoulders as they began to walk towards the gym together. Dammit she'd forgotten the boys' basketball team was practicing today!

"I do believe this is the start of a beautiful relationship!" Naruto cheesed and Ino rolled her eyes at his antics.

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