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Do I Know You?

Shikamaru muttered something undecipherable under his breath before closing the door on the blonde duo. Obviously his services were no longer needed. He took one last glance at the door before slouching his way downstairs to the kitchen where he and Ino's neighbor Chouji was making breakfast. While the brunette would rather be anywhere else besides this house at the moment it would be troublesome to pass up a free meal, especially if it was being made by Chouji. As he slid into the bar stool in front on the island Chouji turned from the stove with a large plate of hot bacon.

"That was quick." The rotund man observed.

"Hn. She's alright." Shikamaru shrugged and lazily reached for a slice of still sizzling bacon only to have his hand slapped away by a spatula.

"Nuh un not until Ino comes down. You'll eat it all before she comes down."

Chouji shook his greasy spatula in Shikamaru's face as the brunette nursed his hand and frowned. It's not like the troublesome girl was going to be down anytime soon anyway. She was too preoccupied with the company she'd seem to have acquired. Trouble was all Ino seemed to be and he and Chouji were always bailing her out of it. From helping her catch up on homework to coaching her through heartbreak, he and Chouji had seen it all. They all lived on the same side of the street, with Ino's house in the middle and he on the right while Chouji resided to the left, and had known each other since the tender age of seven.

Somewhere along all of the scrape ups he'd caught feelings for the girl next door. He was always waiting in the wings for her to see him as a viable candidate for her heart. Shikamaru's brow wrinkled at the thought and a small frown marred his features that were usually unreadable. While Uzumaki stepping into the picture wasn't ideal, it did indicate that Ino was finally getting over that damn Uchiha pretty boy. Shikamaru had always known nothing would ever come to fruition with Ino and the Uchiha he just detested seeing her drool over another man. Soon her 'whatever' with Uzumaki would pass and he would be there to be noticed. He was patient. He had waited 10 years, what was a few more?

Ino quickly pushed the blonde idiot Naruto off of her, stood up, and crossed her arms. She glared at the smirking Uzumaki, he seemed to have found a way to ruin today as well. She was such an idiot for helping him.

"What are you doing here idiot?"Ino demanded while the boy merely scratched the back of his head.

"I'm not quite sure. I need answers."

"Well just ask Sakura, you two were hugged up all night."

"A-about that..."

Naruto blushed and trailed off. His lack of eye contact made Ino curious as to what had actually happened last night between the two. If her assumptions were correct there had been more than just hugs and kisses had taken place.

"Naruto-"Ino started but the boy in question interrupted.

"I don't know where she is."

"What do you mean you don't know where she is?" she demanded.

"I mean after last night I fell asleep and when I woke up she was gone. I can only barely remember what happened and what I do remember is getting more and more hazy."

"Well I don't know what you want me to do about it."

"Call her. Make sure she's ok."

Ino was taken aback by his request. Of course she would've called Sakura on her own at some point today but she was surprised Naruto cared so much. The look of concern in his eyes was new and peculiar.

'What does it feel like to have someone concerned for you?' she thought.

"Okay okay, hold your horses." Ino sighed and grabbed her cellphone off of her bedside table.

She rolled her eyes as Naruto made himself comfortable on the bed without taking off his shoes. Boys were so dumb. As she dialed Sakura's number she kicked Naruto's feet and he seemed to get the message to take them off. The phone rang and rang but eventually went to voicemail. She tried three more times but still no answer. Ino frowned at the device in her hand. It wasn't like Sakura to not answer the phone, especially after a party with as much juicy gossip as the one last night. For one thing Hyugaa Hinata would need to be discussed...

"Did something happen last night that you're not telling me about?" Ino asked, now highly doubtful that the blonde had merely fallen asleep.

"W-Well we did have sex, if thats what you mean." Naruto gulped as Ino spun quickly on her heels and smacked him.


Ino raised her hand to slap him again but Naruto caught her wrist and pulled her forcefully down into his lap. Once there he had her body in a near vice grip. No matter how much she squirmed and protested he was not letting go.

"Let me go you ass! Let me go!"

"Ino shut up."

His voice was so hard it sent a chill down her spine. While his voice was cold his eyes showed the confusion he felt underneath. Ino was not in the mood to pity him but she did quiet down.

"Ino, I really do like Sakura. She is beautiful, smart, and strong minded. I would never purposly try to take advantage of her I can promise you that. I don't know where she is or what is wrong. I came here for your help in finding her. Will you calm down and help me?"

Ino looked down at her bare thighs in guilt. She may have over reacted a bit. She nodded her head and Naruto released her from his grip. As she stood Naruto cleared his throat and and turned away from her.

"You should probably put on some pants."

Ino looked down and remembered her lack of undress. She ran embrassedly to her dresser and quickly donned a pair of sweatpants. This morning could not get anymore awkward than it already had. The smell of bacon wafted strongly through the air vent in her room and she was reminded that they were not the only ones in the house. Naruto cleared his throat and drew her attention to where he was by the window.

"Go have breakfast. Call me after so we can go find Sakura. I don't have her address or her phone number."

Just as swiftly as he was able to enter the room, he was out. Ino rubbed her upper arms briskly and sighed. This was turning into quite the morning after. Downstairs Shikamaru and Chouji were staring longingly at plates of crispy bacon, fluffy omeletes, crossants, and mixed fruit bowls. Chouji had really outdone himself this time.

"You could've already eaten dummies." Ino smirked but was thankful that they had in fact waited.

Breakfast was a silent affair, the elephant in the room being that she had been found with Uzumaki.

"Ino." Shikamaru started and Ino looked up curiously from her plate at him.

"What is going on with you and Uzumaki Naruto. The last I checked you two had no prior reason to speak to one another."

"H-he's just a friend." She blushed and returned her gaze indignantly to her plate. What was up with Shikamaru, he never normally pried.

"I'm pretty sure he likes Haruno and that Hyugaa is head over heels in love with. It's a messy love triangle with those three."

"I don't like him like that."

"Then why did I find you in such a compromising position earlier-"

"Look Ino its okay if you like him. He's a nice guy." Chouji interuppted.

"But I don't-" Ino tried to explained.

"He is a clueless neanderthall that could never aim to actually fufill you. His head is always going to be on the next best thing. He will never be satisfied with you. He isn't into Hinata because she is small and easy. He wants big prey like Haruno who to him is an unattainable goal to strive for." Shikamaru mumbled.

"Thats not true Shika. You go too far." Chouji reprimanded but Shikamaru merely shrugged.

"I only speak the truth."

Ino solemnly pushed the remaining food around on her plate with her fork. Naruto was not that calculating of a person. Shikamaru might be but Naruto wasn't. But then again how much did she really know about the boy?

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