Glee/White Collar Crossover Fic: He's My Brother

New Directions is in New York for Nationals when Blaine runs into someone he'd thought he'd never see again.

This is in response to the new spoiler because I can't contain my feels. It's not very good but ugh I needed to write something before I exploded. Also I wrote it really fast so tell me if there's a big mistake or a something doesn't make sense.



It was a quick flash but Neal was sure he'd seen him.

"Neal? You ok?" He turned to see Peter turned and looking at him several steps up. Neal hadn't realized he'd stopped walking.

"I just—I thought I saw someone." Neal said, turning back to where he'd seen the group of teenagers disappear. And suddenly his feet were moving, and not towards the FBI building.


"I need to know if it's him, Peter!" Neal called over his shoulder, not bothering to see if his friend was following him.

If he'd seen who he'd thought he'd seen he wasn't just going to let him disappear. He picked up his pace, suddenly running. As he ran he thought back to the last time he'd seen the person he was chasing. The last time he'd seen his little brother.

"Blaine? What are you doing here?" Neal leaned hard on the table he was chained to. "It's not safe."

"I needed to see you." Neal bit down hard on his lower lip as he took in the 14 year old in front of him.

"Do mom and dad know you're here?" Blaine just shrugged, not answering. "Oh, Blaine, you know you shouldn't-"

"I don't care, Neal!" The teen suddenly exploded, running a shaky hand through his curls. "I just…I miss you so much, Neal. You were gone for so long."

Tears filled the conman's eyes, "I know, buddy…I called, though. And did you get my post cards?"

Blaine shrugged, "Getting postcards and two minute phone calls isn't the same as having my brother back, Neal." The teen looked down, eyes fixed on the handcuffs holding his big brother to the table.

Without a thought Neal reached his free hand across the table, taking his little brother's hand in his. "If I could have come home I would have. For you."

A small sob escaped the young teen who nodded, "Yeah, I know. I just…I miss my big brother." Tears filled Neal's eyes, but he had no idea what to say.

The two just sat in silence for a long moment, just holding each other's hand and avoiding the other's eye as they cried. Finally Blaine broke the silence, "I guess I should tell you something."

Neal raised an eyebrow, "Oh?"

"I…I'm gay."

Neal said nothing, he'd known for years Blaine was gay. The few times he managed to steal away to his childhood home and sneak into his brother's bedroom from the window he always left open (even in the winter) Neal had always gotten the sense his brother had wanted to tell him but didn't know how.

"Ok." Was all Neal said, because what else was he going to say?

Blaine finally looked up at that, "What? Ok? That's it?"

"What do you want me to say?"

Blaine shrugged, looking down at his own hands, "Mom and Dad weren't as calm."

Neal's heart froze in his chest, "What did they say?" Blaine just shrugged again, "Blaine."

"That I'm disgusting and this is just a phase and why don't I just take the Meyers' daughter out she's nice." Blaine snorted, clearly angry and upset.

Neal shook his head, tightening his hold on his brother's hand, "Blaine look at me." Once the teen met his eye he said, "Mom and Dad are idiots. Ok? They don't understand what a fantastic kid you are. If they can't accept you for who you are they're fucking idiots." Blaine laughed, sniffling. "They're the reason I had to get out of there."

Blaine blinked, biting his lip. "So it wasn't me?"

Neal froze for a second, eyes wide. "What? What would make you think-" He cut himself off, "Did they say something to you?" Blaine just shrugged once again, "Goddamn them!" Blaine jumped, surprised, "Blaine, please listen to me. Believe me, I left because I had to get out of there. If I would have stayed for any reason it would have been you, ok?" Blaine wouldn't meet his eye, "Ok, Blaine?" The teen finally looked back up and nodded, sniffling.

"I miss you so much, Neal."

"I miss you too, buddy." Neal said, trying to push down the crushing guilt that he couldn't be there for his brother as he struggled like this. "I wish I could take you away with me."

Blaine paused, searching his brother's eye. "I wish I could go away with you."

Neal gave a sad smile, "Someday." Blaine just nodded.

A loud rapping on the window behind them made Blaine jump almost violently, "Times up." The guard said.

Blaine looked back to his brother, tears in his eyes. Without a thought he stood, leaned over the table and wrapped his arms around his brother. "I love you so much, Neal."

"I love you too, buddy. God, I love you."

With a quiet sob from both brothers they pulled apart, unaware this would be the last time they'd see each other for three years.

Neal was taken from his thoughts as he froze in front of the window of a local coffee shop. He stared through the window. Sitting across three tables was about 13 teenagers. They were all chatting excitedly, clearly they weren't New York residents. But Neal's focus wasn't on the group, no it was on one boy in particular.

Boy was the wrong word. He wasn't a boy, not anymore. Not like the last time Neal had seen him.

He was a man.

He sat next to a tall brunette boy, all but in the boy's lap. His boyfriend, Neal thought fondly without hesitation.

He was so different. He didn't have the mass of curls on his head like he used to, the mane was tamed back with bottles worth of gel. He didn't wear his glasses like he used to and he was dressed in a rather adorable ensemble of a button-up shirt, a bowtie, and were those suspenders?

"Oh, Blaine." Neal said aloud, laughing to himself, not even realizing he'd confirmed to himself who the teen was.

It was his little brother.

It was as if saying the name aloud alerted the boy. He glanced away from the group as they all chattered to each other. He glanced around the room before glancing out the front window. His eyes locked right on Neal and a look of shock spread across his face. Neal couldn't stop the teary smile that he sent the boy.

Without taking his eyes off Neal the teen threw his chair back, practically sending it to the floor. The teens he was with all gave him confused looks, some calling after him as he ran for the front door.

He ran at the speed of light, stopping on a dime as he exited the front door. "Neal?" He asked, voice shaking.

"Hey, buddy." Neal said, not even bothering to fight his tears.

"Oh my God." Blaine whispered, running forward the ten feet and slamming hard into Neal, throwing his arms around him. "Oh my God!"

"Blaine, don't cry." Neal whispered as the teen sobbed into his shoulder, but he really didn't have the ride to say that as tears of his own flowed from his eyes.

"Neal, they told me – oh my God, Neal." Blaine was sobbing hard, Neal was sure he was going to pass out.

"Buddy, calm down." Neal laughed slightly, voice breaking as a silent sob of his own hit him at the sight of his brother so hysterical.

"I thought you were dead, Neal!" Blaine wailed, hold tightening on his brother.

Neal stopped cold at that, "Wait, what – dead?" After some struggle he managed to get Blaine to loosen his hold so Neal could hold him at arm's length, look into his eyes. "Who told you I was dead?"

Blaine hiccupped, running a fist under his nose. "M-mom and dad."

"WHAT?" Neal roared, causing Blaine to jump slightly, "What – why – when?"

"N-not long after the last time I saw you."

Neal's heart froze in his chest, "The last—three years?"

Blaine nodded, half sobbing half laughing as he said, "Oh my God, Neal, I can't believe it!"

"But I—I sent you letters! You didn't get them?"

Blaine looked confused at that, "No, I never got anything."

"Those asshole!" Neal cried.

"You sent me letters?" Blaine asked, breath hitching.

"Of course I did!" Neal cried, trying to control his rage at his parents. "I sent you a letter every day since the last time we talked! Unless – you guys didn't move?" Blaine shook his head, "They had no right to hide those from you! I'm your brother!"

"Wait – what?"

It was then that Neal and Blaine both realized they weren't alone. Peter stood behind Neal, the teens all stood by the door.

"Blaine you have a brother?" Neal glanced to the 12 teens staring at him with wide eyes.

He turned to the one who'd spoken, a short girl with dark brown hair. When Blaine opened his mouth to answer but nothing came out Neal spoke, "Yes. But, I'm kind of the disgrace of the family, so don't be upset he didn't tell you about me." Peter snorted behind him. "You have something to add, Peter?" Neal asked him, eyebrow raised as he wiped away his own tears. The FBI agent just smirked and shook his head, but Neal could see the look in his eye.

"You're not a disgrace, Neal." Blaine said, sniffling.

"I was on America's Most Wanted List I think that's kind of disgraceful to mom and dad." Blaine laughed, wiping his eyes. When no one said anything else one of the teens spoke, a boy with a mohawk.

"Wait, that's not a joke?"

"The brother part of the most wanted part?"

"I can assure you it's true. I'm the agent who caught him." Peter finally spoke up, clapping Neal on the shoulder. The teens all looked to Peter in shock.

"Oh please, I let you catch me."

"Uh huh, if you say so."

"I did, Peter."


"I escaped from prison! Evading you wasn't that hard."

"Except you were in prison. Because I caught you. Twice."

"I've missed a lot." Blaine said quietly, looking back and forth between Neal and Peter.

"I'm the one who's missed a lot." Neal said, putting an arm around his brother's shoulder. "I want to hear all that's happened since the last time I saw you."

Blaine paused, looking a little uneasy for a moment. "It was really bad for a while. Really bad." Neal's brow furrowed, wanting to ask more but Blaine spoke again, "But then it got really good." Blaine glanced over to his friends, eyes locking on the boy he'd been all over before.

"Boyfriend?" Neal smirked at the loving smile the boys shared. Blaine just smiled shyly.

"I want to hear everything." Neal threw an arm around Blaine's shoulder, gesturing to the teens watching, all still looking confused. "C'mon, give you kids a tour of the city."