Not For Sale: Why was Blaine so adamant about not being for sale? That, my friends, is a dark tale…

Please note, this is pretty dark. It's not explicit, it's mostly choppy memories, but it could still be triggering. Be cautious, my babies.




Blaine punched and kicked and just beat the punching bag before him. He tried not to remember. Tried not to think at all.

"What we need to sell here is sex."

Blaine shivered, growled, punched the bag again.

"I'm not for sale."

"I'm not." He snarled, punching the bag with each word.

No matter how hard he held the flood gates, memories overflowed into his mind. Memories of hands all over. Memories of kisses he didn't want. Memories of whispered promises (threats) of what they were going to do with him, no matter how much he didn't want them to.

And worse than memories was the fact he knew it was all his father's doing.

With a shuddering sob he stopped punching, fell into the punching bag, wrapping his arms around it as he allowed himself to sink to the floor, letting go.

"I need you to do something for me, Blaine."

"What, dad?"

"I need you to help me with a client."

"Help you? Me? Really?"

Blaine had been so eager.

So naive.

His father was always a taciturn man. He kept to himself. Didn't speak too much to his sons. But then one day he'd come to Blaine, he'd asked him for help. Blaine had all but dreamed of that day. He'd readily agreed.

Had he known what his father was going to ask of him he wouldn't have been so eager.

What was worse, Blaine wasn't the only one his father had been doing it to. Cooper was 5 years older than Blaine, and when Blaine had started 'helping' his father at the tender age of 10 Cooper had been doing it for about three years.

Blaine would never forget the night Cooper walked into his room, found him sobbing. It had taken one glance for the brother's face to go white, a whisper of "Oh God, no. Not you too" falling from his lips.

It was then they tried to plan their escape. Cooper took Blaine and ran that night, but they were found quickly, returned home to their father despite what they told everyone about their lives. No one believed them, and if they did they didn't do anything. Their father was a powerful businessman, he knew everyone who was anyone, he could get away with anything.

Including selling his sons' bodies to eager, disturbed clients.

So they were stuck - what could they do? Their mother had moved back to the Philippians when their parents divorced 4 years prior. Asking for help and running away had both failed. They were stuck. They couldn't escape.

It took 2 years for something to change.

In that time, they were stuck being slaves to their father's client's every desire. But it took one particularly eager client for things to start working in their favor. It was the one client who wanted both brothers. The one client who videotaped it all. That was his mistake…well, that, and his disgusting desires.

He took Cooper first. Then Blaine. But then he wanted them both…together.

It was then that Cooper snapped. He slammed a lamp over the guy's head, grabbed his camera, grabbed Blaine, and just ran. It took them an hour of running, hand in hand, to get to the police station where they bared their souls, handed over the video tapes, told the cops everything, begged to never go home again.

And they didn't have to.

The world had believed them.

They weren't sure where things had changed, maybe it was the video tapes, maybe it was the fresh fluids and bruises on them. Whatever it was, it worked. The world discovered what their father had done. He was shamed, sent to jail for three lifetimes. He became the most hated man in the country. Everyone wanted his head on a stick.

But the best part of all was Blaine and Cooper were free. They were a slave to no one, to no one's desires.

Their mother returned and scooped them up, hid them away from the world that wanted their story. They took their mothers last name, moved across the country, started new lives. Things got better. Easier.

And thought things may have changed, may have gotten better…they'd never be able to forget.

That was why when Sam came and Blaine discovered what he did willingly, what he did for money, he was horrified. Sure Sam wasn't proud of it, and it was not the same as what Blaine had gone through, not nearly the same…it still brought back memories. Once he heard Sam's story he lost the ability to sleep, to think of anything but the memories of hands all over him, of kisses on his neck as he cried.

So when Sam said it he snapped.

"What we need to sell here is sex."

"I'm notfor sale!"

Blaine curled on his side on the floor of the locker room. He didn't care who would see him, who would find him. He couldn't stop the memories, the nightmares. He could only try to move on, and never ever go back.

But God damn it, it was so hard.

"I'm not for sale. I'll never be for sale. Not again. Never again."