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Chapter 1: An Eventful First Day

"Gengar battle time!" shouts the trainer tossing a Poke ball onto the arena. From the Poke ball emerges a dark purple ghost type Pokémon with a roundish body, big red eyes, a big toothy grin and a spiky back with short legs.

"Gengar!" shouts the purple Pokémon with a sinister laugh staring intently at the opposing trainer on the other side.

"Thomas Bren has started this semi final battle with his Gengar! What Pokémon will Priscilla Hark use to oppose this strong looking Pokémon!" shouted the announcer over the cheering crowd which filled the stupendously large stadium situated at the Indigo Plateau

The crowd waits with held breath to see what Pokémon it would be, Priscilla a young woman about 17 with black hair just smirks holding up a Poke ball and shouts "Begin this with Flame Thrower Magmar!"and tosses the Poke ball into the field to reveal a tailed, bipedal Pokémon with a red body that had a yellow flame design on its belly and a flaming yellow crest on it head with a beak.

"Magmar!" shouts Magmar immediately launching into a Flame Thrower attack at the grinning Gengar.

Thomas smirks and quickly shouts "Evade Gengar and use Shadow Ball" Gengar jumps up just in time to let the attack pass by and then puts his hand together to form a black ball of energy which he then throws at Magmar who at the command of his trainer counters with Fire Spin.

It looked to be shaping into a fine battle.

But this story isn't about Thomas or Priscilla so let us change our point of view and let our attention be drawn to the hero of our story Ash Ketchum. Our protagonist is currently lying in bed watching the TV intently as the semi final Pokémon Battle between Thomas Bren and Priscilla Hark was being broadcast live from the Indigo Plateau.

"That Gengar is strong and fast, but that Magmar's fire attacks are intense! This could go either way" Ash muttered absently before his eyes strayed from the TV to a lounge chair in the corner with a set of clothes and a backpack. Ash felt that familiar wave of excitement wash over his body once again. He was finally going to become a Pokémon Trainer!

For those who are not in the know, in the Pokémon world when a child becomes ten they become eligible for a Pokémon trainer's licence which in layman's terms means that they can go on a Pokémon journey. What that child does on their journey is entirely up to them. Some go on to become renowned trainers who battle their way through various gyms to earn badges and then when they collect eight badges in a league they go on to compete in that leagues Tournament with hopes to become known as Champions. Some prefer the way of the coordinator specialised trainers who compete in special battles known Contests where the main emphasis is on the beauty and appearance of both the battles and the Pokémon. Then there are breeders, researchers and many other. But Ash's dream is to be a Pokémon master, what exactly this means not even Ash knows. The closest he could think of would be the Master champion of all the regions so this is what he was gunning for.

"One more night, and it begins, the beginning of my real life"

Ash took a look at his bedside clock which read 10:30. Ash sighed knowing that he wouldn't really be able to sleep yet but he also knew that the sooner he did the sooner tomorrow would come. It would seem though that constant excitement over a long period of time though is quite exhausting because he seemed to instantly fall asleep.

It was the sound of the neighbours Dodrio that woke Ash up early the next morning and even though he usually would drop right back to sleep for a few extra hours it was the thought of what day it was that got him to bounce right out of bed and into the shower at barely 7:00 am.

Fifteen minutes later and Ash was jumping down the stairs dressed in his new travelling gear barely suppressing a loud cheer. He pulled his exclusive Pokémon League hat down over his face to hide his face splitting grin, he couldn't wait to meet his first Pokémon!

Ash then smelt a delicious smell coming from the kitchen and went inside to see his mother Delia cooking bacon and eggs. Ash's stomach growled long and loud enough that Delia looked up from the over to Ash with a smile.

"Good morning Ash! How is my favourite trainer this lovely morning?" Delia asked with a grin after looking at Ash drooling all over his new clothes. Ash saw her grin and looked down at his spit covered shirt with a blush and wiped it up before replying.

"I'm great mom" Ash replied before collecting a plate and letting Delia ladle some of 'Gods Breakfast' onto his plate. Ash savoured the food before finishing and putting the plate into the sink.

Ash looked up at the clock and noticed it was now 8:00 am. Ash grinned happily and ran to the door.

Delia looked at him and asked "Where are you going so early? Professor Oak isn't expecting you until Nine" While sitting down with a cup of tea and the morning crossword "Hmm... what is an eight letter word beginning with V that means frustration?"

"Vexation!" Ash answered distractedly "I want to get there early so that Gary doesn't get there first so I'll see you later" before running full pelt out the door and down the road towards Oaks Laboratory.

Ash ran the few miles to Oaks Lab in what seemed to him a record time, running up the stairs and into the main reception area took only a few seconds. Ash took a quick look around and noted nobody was around so he decided to try and find the Professor. Normally around this time Oak would be in his office checking emails, organising his notes and checking his schedule. Ash quickly traversed the Lab and peaked into the office.

"Not here..." Ash mumbled wondering where he could be.

"Looking for someone?" said a clearly amused voice from behind him. Ash jumped in shock before turning around to see the very man he was looking for Professor Samuel Oak. A tallish man with kind features, faded brown hair wearing brown pants, red shirt and a white lab coat, Professor Oak is one of the foremost experts on Pokémon in the world and he is quite regularly being consulted by other experts, attending conferences, giving lectures on all sorts of Pokémon related subjects and all sorts of other things.

Ash rubbed the back his head bashfully "I was just looking for you actually Professor" Ash said with embarrassed grin "I just couldn't wait until nine to get here"

Oak smirked knowingly "I can see where this is going, you are too much like your father to not be impatient what with it being such a special day" Oak finished with a fond smile of remembrance with the thought of Ash's late father.

Ash bowed his head thinking of how proud his father would have been to see this day, the day his son set out on his journey.

Oak finished reminiscing and gestured inside the lab "I suppose wouldn't hurt for you wait with me in the lab" Ash grinned and walked in looking at all the fancy gizmos and the various diagrams and there in the middle of the room on a stand lay three Poke balls. Ash felt himself drawn to the stand but got held back by Oak "Not yet Ash you have to wait for the others" Ash groaned but nodded his assent.

A while later Ash was pacing impatiently muttering curses to himself "How much longer they going to be, this waiting is killing me!" It seems however that Ash should have been paying more attention to his surroundings because the next thing he knew there was shout right in his ear.

"Right here Ashy boy!" screamed a boy from behind him. For the second time that day Ash jumped in shock and whirled around angrily yelling "What did you do that for Gary!"

Gary Oak, Professor Oaks grandson, Ash's childhood rival and self dubbed "Pokémon Champion" which in Ash's language meant "Royal JACKASS!" Oh he was good alright but he was just so arrogant and up himself that Ash couldn't stand the sight of him. Ash eagerly looked forward to the day when he defeated him in a full six on six Pokémon battle, that would teach him!

"I just couldn't help myself Ashy Boy you were just standing there looking so oblivious and out of it that it would have been a crime not to do it!" Gary snickered with a 'I'm better than you' look on his face. Ash could feel blood rushing to his cheeks and he clenched his fists to stop himself from shouting back the first thing that come to his mind and no doubt making him look stupid.

Gary smirked "What? Have nothing to say loser" he said with deliberate mocking voice, he loved winding Ash up. Ash was about to retaliate when Oak came up walking out of his office where he had been taking a call.

"That was just Mrs McNally and Mr Hobb. It seems that the other two trainers won't be making it today something about eating too much, so it looks like it's just you two today" Oak said while walking over to the stand with the Poké balls.

Ash rushed over the stand to have a closer look. He saw the three balls he had seen before and could deduce what was likely to be in them, when he noticed there was a forth ball. Ash leaned over curiously and looked at the ball under the glass cover, there was what looked like a lightning bolt on it, "An electric type?" Ash wondered. Strangely enough he felt drawn to it, Ash recognised this feeling, he had been having them for years! His Dad had said that it was his heritage showing itself and ever since then whenever he had these feelings he went with it, they hadn't been wrong yet!

Ash was drawn from his musings by Professor Oak who had picked up the three balls and had already expanded one.

"You have three Pokémon to choose from" Professor Oak began saying while releasing the Pokémon. "First there is Bulbasaur, a grass type, he is a male" out came a spotted blue-green dinosaur like Pokémon with a bulb on its back, it had red eyes and looked very sturdy.

"Bulba!" shouted the young Pokémon happily looking forward to meeting his new trainer.

"Next is Charmander, a fire type, and she's female" out came another dinosaur like Pokémon with red skin standing on its two back legs and a long tail the end of which was on fire it was a rather timid looking Pokémon.

"Char, man mander" mumbled Charmander shyly, she looked very nervous.

"And of course last but not least Squirtle, a water type and he is a male" out came what looked like a turtle standing on two stubby legs, with blue skin, a red shell, stubby arms, a round head with big eyes, and a curly blue tail.

"Squirtle!" shouted the confident looking Squirtle with a victory sign.

Ash noted that Oak hadn't brought out the forth Pokémon and was about to ask why when Gary spoke up "I already know who I'm going to pick" Gary walked up and pointed at Squirtle.

Squirtle cheered and jumped around happily while the two looked downcast. Ash frowned while Oak just nodded, returned Squirtle to his ball before giving the Poké ball to Gary along with five empty poke balls and a Pokédex.

Gary smiled looking at his new Pokémon before smirking at Ash "See you around Ashy boy!" and walked off laughing. Ash growled angrily but didn't retaliate wanting to be the better man.

Ash forced himself to calm down and as soon as he heard a car driving off he exclaimed loudly "Finally he's gone, now I can choose in peace!" before turning around and walking over to Bulbasaur and Charmander and squatted in front of them. Charmander and Bulbasaur looked up at him hopefully and Ash smiled reassuringly. Ash looked into the eyes of them both but didn't feel any sort of connection to them, not like he did that forth Poke Ball.

Ash frowned thoughtfully "You two would both be fantastic Pokémon for me to start with, but there is one last thing I need to do before I choose". Bulbasaur and Charmander looked at each other in confusion. Ash looked over at Professor Oak who was watching Ash curiously "Hey Professor, what's in that other Poke Ball over there?" Ash pointed at the ball with the lightning bolt.

Oak looked at the Poke ball in question with a raised eyebrow.

"What that one?" Oak went over the stand and pressed a few buttons, the glass cover slide away and Oak picked up the Poke ball. "I've only just caught this one, so it is still mostly wild, not appropriate at all for a beginner" Oak went to put it away but Ash interrupted.

"That's okay, I'm sure I will be able to handle it" Ash said with his typical unwavering confidence.

Oak didn't look so sure "Well..." Oak looked like he wavering so Ash went for the kill.

"You said that this Pokémon was wild, I'll have to start taming wild Pokémon very soon anyway so why not start now" Ash continued, he saw Oak was teetering on the edge and he spoke up again "I want to be known as Pokémon Master, as an exceptional trainer! So I will need an exceptional starter Pokémon! Besides I'm sure that my Dad would agree!"

That did it, Oak looked at the ball with a resigned sigh "Well I must admit this particular Pokémon would definitely make for an exceptional starter Pokémon if trained right... Oh very well, have it you way!" and with that Oak tossed the ball onto the floor from which a Pokémon appeared in a bolt of lightning. Ash, Professor Oak, Bulbasaur and Charmander watched in fascination as the Pokémon took shape to reveal what looked like a yellow mouse.

It stood about 40 cm tall with a lightning bolt shaped tail that was nearly as long as it was, it had long ears with black tips, it had red spots on its cheeks and two brown strips on its back, Ash watched as the Pokémon blinked and said "Pikachu".

Ash and the others blinked as they became aware of themselves again. It seemed as though Pikachu had become aware as well because he growled, He seemed quite upset to have captured.

Oak and the other two Pokémon backed away looking a bit nervous because being an electric type, Pikachu's electric attacks would hurt quite a bit! Ash however, although a little nervous himself he did not allow himself to show it. Ash slowly approached Pikachu showing empty hands and when close enough he slowly knelt down on one knee being careful not to show any sudden movements.

Pikachu watched Ash very closely, the moment he did anything he was going to zap him!

In back of his mind Ash could hear his dad "Ash the first thing you need to do when taming a new Pokémon is to first gain their respect, normally this happens when you defeat and then capture them, because in their minds if you could capture them it means you are a strong trainer and therefore worthy of their respect, from there you work on building a bond of mutual trust and eventually if you work at it you will have gained their loyalty and friendship. If however you have to gain the respect and trust of a still mostly wild Pokémon who you didn't capture yourself, the first thing you must always remember is do not show fear! Because you see Ash, all Pokémon in their hearts are natural born warriors, they love to battle! Some may not show it as much as others but that instinct is always there. Fear Ash, to such a warrior is a sign of weakness and if a Pokémon perceives weakness, they will never respect you, and then the bond between you and the Pokémon will never be. Remember this Ash and you could tame anything!"

Ash gazed upon Pikachu for about a minute looking for something he didn't entirely understand, Pikachu in turn gazed on this strange human who had approached him so fearlessly. Pikachu didn't know what to think, there was something about this boy that drew Pikachu to him. Ash eventually gave Pikachu a grin and held out his hand, Pikachu crouched lower to the ground his cheeks sparking getting ready for whatever this boy was going to do. When Ash's hand was within reaching distance to Pikachu Ash gave a smile and said "Hi my name is Ash, nice to meet you Pikachu"

Pikachu gazed at Ash in shock. He couldn't help but get out of his crouch walk up to Ash and shake his out stretched hand while saying hello. What else what he supposed to do with such a polite greeting? Shock him?

Ash's grin got even bigger when Pikachu shook his hand and he changed from kneeling to sitting cross legged in front Pikachu who continued to watch him, this time in curiosity.

"My full name is Ash Ketchum and I am here to choose my first Pokémon and I was wondering if you would consent to be my first Pokémon Pikachu" Ash asked Pikachu quite earnestly.

Pikachu cocked his head to the side with a twitch of his ears and then pointed to himself "Pika Pi?"

Ash nodded "That's right, You! See I have a dream to be a Pokémon master, and to do that I need exceptional Pokémon and I want to do that right from the start! It's true I could pick Bulbasaur or Charmander over there" That this Ash smiled and waved at the two Pokémon who waved back, Ash then turned back to Pikachu who had also glanced at the other Pokémon "But they along with Squirtle are so commonly used as starters that I don't really want to start with them, why should I get one of the standard starters when I have a chance for the uncommon!"

Pikachu still didn't look so sure so Ash kept going "You won't regret it Pikachu I promise" Ash once again held out his hand "So I will ask again, Can I choose you Pikachu?"

Pikachu took a good long look at Ash and eventually nodded and shook Ash's hand.

Ash's smile got bigger and he jumped up with a cheer before turning to Professor Oak "Professor I choose Pikachu!"

Professor Oak let out a sigh of relief "That went better than I thought it would, very well Ash seeing as you seem to have things in hand I will register Pikachu as your Pokemon"

Ash let out another cheer before squatting down in front of Pikachu "You hear that Pikachu" Ash exclaimed happily before a soft smile touch his face "Welcome to the family Pikachu"

Pikachu blushed which was quite a feat, considering that he was covered in yellow fur. Ash slowly reached out his hand and when Pikachu didn't pull away he started petting Pikachu and giving scratches behind the ears to which Pikachu responded positively with various pleased noises.

Ash eventually picked Pikachu up and put him on his shoulder noting with happiness that Pikachu didn't flinch or move away but instead gave him a small lick on the cheek. Ash turned to Professor Oak who had been watching the bonding trainer and Pokémon in amused delight.

"Another good match!" Oak declared with an air of satisfaction before putting on a serious face and walking over to Ash "Here is your Pokédex and some Poke balls and of course Pikachu's poke ball"

"Thanks Professor" said Ash pocketing the balls and Pokédex in his jacket but when he looked at Pikachu still sitting on his shoulder he noticed Pikachu glaring at his poke ball with great dislike.

Ash looked at the ball in question with slight confusion before showing Pikachu the ball "Don't you like Poke balls Pikachu?"he asked to which Pikachu answered "PIKA!" with a vigorous shake of his head and to Ash that could only mean a resounding NO!

Ash considered Pikachu with appraising eyes who looked back at him with heated eyes but seemed a little nervous. Ash grinned "Then we will just have to do without a poke ball won't we"

Pikachu let a cheer and rubbed up against Ash's face in pleased thanks and Ash just let out a chuckle. That earned him some kudos with Pikachu! Ash then remembered a little something and walked over to Bulbasaur and Charmander who were both looking a little upset.

Ash smiled and knelt down and gave both a rub on the head "Don't worry you two, you may not have been chosen today but there are still two more trainers coming here later to get their first Pokémon and I know for a fact that they were really looking forward to meeting you so cheer up!"

Bulbasaur and Charmander perked up a little from the encouragement and thanked Ash before allowing Professor Oak to return them to their balls to wait for their trainers.

"Was that everything Professor?"asked Ash to Professor Oak who nodded yes.

"Yes that was everything Ash, it is now time for you and Pikachu to begin your journey and just know that if you ever need to know something all you have to do is call me up and ask" Oak replied with a grin "Now you two be sure to look after each other alright"

"Okay Professor, see you later" said Ash before heading back to his house along with Pikachu chatting amenably together.


Ash and Pikachu are finally on their way to Viridian city after having picking up Ash's stuff and introduced Delia to Pikachu. Delia had taken an instant shine to Pikachu and had shower many praises on Ash and Pikachu both, Pikachu had taken an instant liking to the kind woman. Ash and Pikachu eventually said goodbye to Delia after lunch along with many promises to stay in contact they had set off.

Currently Ash and Pikachu were walking along route one on the way to Viridian City, their first destination. Ash was enthusiastically telling Pikachu all his plans to begin Pikachu's training along with of course catching more Pokémon and then their training in turn.

"The first thing we have to do is work out a set of regular exercises for you and your eventual teammates to do every day, we need to work on your strength, both your body and your attacks, your speed, your defence, your evasive skills, your accuracy, your endurance and your stamina"

Ash ticked things off with his hand as he listed various things to work on. Pikachu's eyes continued to widen with each item Ash said, it sounded like a lot of work!

"I will probably work something else out for myself as well so that I can train right along with you" continued Ash before noticing how nervous Pikachu was becoming "Oh don't worry we won't be doing it all at once, and some of it can even be done at the same time" Ash reassured Pikachu who let out a sigh of relief.

Ash chuckled at Pikachu's sigh before continuing "Then there will be mock battles between you and whoever we capture for our family so that everyone can get practice at battling various different opponents"

Pikachu looked at Ash wondering what that meant and asked "Pi Pika chu chu Pikachu?"

Ash looked at Pikachu, wishing not for the last time he could understand what he was saying before seeing the questioning look on Pikachu face. "Oh you are wondering what I meant by that are you?"

"Pika!" nodded Pikachu, Ash pondered how to answer that when he got an idea.

"Well let's put it this way, The way you would fight a flying type such as Pidgeotto for instance would be completely different than the way you battle another Pokémon let's say... a ground type like Sandslash! Pidgeotto flies through the air and therefore you would not be able to easily use physical attacks like quick attack or tackle so you would have to use your electric attacks like thundershock or thunderbolt to attack from a distance! But then Sandslash is a ground type, so your electric attacks are useless so you would have to use physical attacks, but there would also be an added danger in that Sandslash can dig underground so we would have to work out a way to remove those advantages, get it?

Pikachu nodded an affirmative, it did make sense. Pokémon are all different, so stands to reason that they would fight differently as well. Battles were tougher than he thought!

Ash grinned and was about to continue when he heard what sounded like a cry of pain! Ash stopped in confusion looking around for the source of the noise "Pikachu did you hear that?" Ash looked at Pikachu who nodded his head in a yes, he had heard that!

Ash then heard another cry and then realised he wasn't hearing with his ears he was hearing these noises in his mind! Ash could feel them coming from the forest and he started running in the direction of the pained being, it was calling for help!

Pikachu ran along with him wondering what was going on and called out "Pika Pi!" and then jumped up on Ash's shoulder.

Ash looked at Pikachu on his shoulder "I'm hearing something in my mind Pikachu! Crying out in pain! And it is coming from over this way" Ash continued to run towards the voice which continuly got louder the closer they came.

Pikachu finally the sound of something ahead, whimpers and cries of pain. Pikachu jumped and started running ahead to check what it was when he and Ash burst into a clearing and beheld ahead of them a small pink Pokémon but neither Ash nor Pikachu knew what it was. It was surrounded by a couple of other concerned and terrified looking Pokémon who milled around uselessly not being able to do anything to help the obviously sick Pokémon.

Ash and Pikachu skidded to a stop beside the pink Pokémon and ignoring the presence of the other Pokémon (who had sprung out of the way) quickly examined the crying Pokémon. It was a cat-like creature about the same size as Pikachu with rather fine pink hair covering its whole body. It had a long, skinny tail ending with a rounded tip. It had big hind legs like a rabbits and short arms with three-fingered paws. Its roundish head had triangular ears. Ash picked up the rather small Pokémon and cradled the Pokémon gently in his arms all the while making shushing noises to try and calm it at least a little. The creature opened its eyes and Ash saw big baby blue eyes full of childlike innocence but very scared looking and tainted with pain. The Pokémon took a quick look at Ash's worried gaze before closing them again in pain and turned to grab Ash's shirt in an obvious need for comfort.

Ash made shushing noises while getting out his Pokédex to quickly scan the Pokémon so that he would at least know its name.

The Pokédex beeped "Mew a psychic-type legendary Pokémon, This Pokémon is capable of learning every move in existence so experts speculate whether it is the ancestor of all Pokémon"

Ash stared in shock, a legendary was lying right here in his arms and on his first day! Pikachu and the other Pokémon stared in wonder at the Pokémon in Ash's arms, talk about wow!

They were all brought back to reality when Mew whimpered loudly and tried to burrow closer to Ash. Ash looked around viewing the area around him and couldn't see anything that could cause Mews pain so he bent down and asked the Pokémon around him "Did any of you see what Mew was doing just before that could have caused this?"

A Sentret jumped shouting "Sentret Sen!" and beckoned Ash to follow before scampering off into the forest. Ash jumped up and ran after the Sentret making sure not to jostle Mew too much and Pikachu quickly followed before jumping on Ash's shoulder.

The Sentret lead them to a tree on which some sort of large yellowish green berries were growing. Ash gasped in recognition. He knew those berries! Ash looked around and spotted the eaten cores of at least two of the berries.

Ash swore loudly "Those are Ricuta Berries! They are extremely poisonous!" Ash looked at the Sentret in panic "Are you telling me that Mew ate some of those!" The Sentret nodded seriously and Ash swore even louder.

"We have to get Mew help quickly" Ash looked down at Mew who was gasping and wheezing "But Mew won't last much longer like this" Ash pondered for a moment before remembering a little trick his mother taught him for such situations.

Ash quickly knelt down and gently arranged Mew so that it was comfortably lying over his lap face pointed at the ground. Pikachu and the other Pokémon gathered around wondering what Ash was about to do. Ash grimaced slightly before saying to Mew "Sorry about this" and forcefully pushed his fingers into Mew's mouth to rub the back of it throat in a certain spot.

Mew's eyes opened wide before its stomach reflexively convulsed and Mew unwillingly puked a rather considerable amount of yellow puke onto the ground where it began to bubble and hiss rather ominously. The Pokémon all looked on in horrified disgust! That yellow stuff had been in Mew!

Ash continued to stroke and rub Mew's back both to comfort the teary eyed Pokémon and to encourage more puke which happened twice more before stopping. When the puke stopped Mew slumped in Ash's lap both from relief that most of the pain was gone and from exhaustion.

Ash quickly cleaned himself and Mew up and then wrapped Mew in his jacket to keep it warm "While that may have helped a great deal with the pain Mew's life is still in danger" Ash stood up and adjusted Mew in his arms so that it was secure. Ash smiled when he noticed that Mew was a great deal more relaxed and calmer than before and had even fallen asleep. Ash didn't know at the time though that it actually bespoke of a great deal of trust on Mews part.

Ash looked around to get his bearings and found that he actually recognised this section of the forest knowing that it was fairly close to Professor Oaks Laboratory. Ash then looked down at Pikachu "Come on Pikachu we have to hurry back to Professor Oaks place, I need you escort us so that nothing else happens, last thing we need now is something like a flock of angry Spearow attacking us" Ash ordered, Pikachu nodded an affirmative with a confident "Pikachu!"

Ash looked at the puddle of rancid looking puke with a grimace "As for that" Ash trailed of looking at the other Pokémon around them "Bury it, wash it away I don't care, just do not touch it!" the Pokémon all shouted their agreement causing Ash to grin before he ran off shouting back a "Thank you for your help guys!" with Pikachu trailing close behind.

It took the better part of an hour to get back to Oaks Laboratory even while constantly running. Ash and Pikachu had to take care that Mew was comfortable while moving fast and Pikachu even had to take care of a few aggressive Pokémon who got in the way but they were quickly and easily handled. It made Ash all the more grateful that he had picked such a strong Pokémon. He even said this to Pikachu who had blushed from the obvious compliments. All the while Ash kept a close eye on Mew, who was extremely weak after being so violently and painfully ravaged by the poisonous Ricuta berries. If they didn't get Mew a special antidote and soon, Mew was still in danger of dying.

When Oak's Laboratory finally appeared in view Ash and Pikachu both heaved a sigh of relief. Ash looked down at the sleeping Mew "Don't you worry Mew, you are going to be just fine".

A couple minutes later Ash arrived at Oak's lab and rang the door bell he could hear Oak coming to front door calling out "Coming!"

Oak had been expecting many things when he opened the door but he did not expect to see a sweaty and puffing Ash along with an equally puffing Pikachu sitting on his shoulder carrying something wrapped in his jacket.

"Ash! What are you doing here? I thought you would have been halfway to Viridian by now!" Oak exclaimed most astonished to see the boy before looking at the wrapped something "And what is that your carrying?"

Ash grinned bashfully before saying "You wouldn't believe me if I told you"

Oak crossed his arms "Try me" he said rather dryly, what could this ten year old boy present him that could surprise him!

Ash grinned mischievously before slowly unwrapping Mew taking care not to wake it. Ash watched as Oaks eyes seemed to widen to mythical proportions as Mew was revealed. Ash gave a small grin before getting serious "Professor do you have any antidotes available?"

Oak was jarred back to reality by the question "What do you need antidote for?" Oak was still in shock, who wouldn't be if a legendary Pokémon just showed up in your doorstep.

Ash hoisted Mew closer to himself "I found this Mew in the forest just out of Pallet Town, It seems to have eaten some Ricuta Berries!"

That got Oaks attention "You had better come inside Ash, bring Mew to the infirmary and we will administer the antidote"

Ash followed Oak to the infirmary and watched quietly as Oak filled a needle with the antidote and injected it straight into Mew's blood stream. Ash finally allowed himself to relax when Mew was finally out of danger. As Mew rested on an infirmary bed Ash quietly told the Professor of how he and Pikachu had been walking to Viridian while discussing training when he had heard Mew's mental cry for help. How he found Mew lying on the ground convulsing with intense pain. How the Sentret had led him to the Ricuta Tree which led to the discovery of the eaten berries, how he used his mothers trick of rubbing the back of Mew's throat to induce puking and then how he had run the whole way back with Pikachu protecting them from the more aggressive Pokémon.

Oak had listened quietly and had asked various questions to clarify a few things. He even complimented on Ash's quick thinking in both the puking and wrapping Mew up to keep it warm. But one thing still didn't make sense to him.

'How is it though that Mew came to be poisoned in the first place?' Oak asked himself. Oak got up and went to drag over some equipment to Mew's bed. Ash watched in curiosity as Oak carefully got a sample of the unconscious Mew's blood on to some sort of thin crystal tray. Oak then inserted the blood sample into some sort of machine which hummed and flashed various colours before a printer spewed out some papers. Oak got the papers and quickly read them nodding at the results.

"What is it Professor?" Ash asked from the chair beside Mew while stroking Pikachu's back who was laying in his lap enjoying a good petting.

Oak looked up from the papers he was reading "Well I was just wondering why Mew came to be poisoned in the first place, as most mature Pokémon avoid Ricuta Tree's, as they know very well what could happen, but why not Mew? So I scanned Mew's blood just now with this equipment and as it turns out, this Mew is extremely young, less than a month old according to these scans!"

Something else caught Oaks eye while still reading the results "It seems also that this Mew is a female" Ash nodded in understanding before turning to Mew who was in a deep sleep, oblivious to the world. Ash couldn't blame her, if he had been through such a terrifying and exhausting experience he too would sleep like that.

Ash turned to the Professor who had become totally absorbed by the read outs, lost to the world as he was oft to do when he looking at something very interesting.

"Professor" said Ash gaining Oaks attention before looking back at Mew "Mew will be okay now wont she?" Ash asked, Oak looked up from the papers and smiled "Don't you worry , Mew will be fine" Oak then frowned a little "Although she will be very weak for a little while at least, and there will be some additional medicine's she will need to take"

Ash frowned a little confused "What do you mean?" he asked.

"Well, while you may have purged her of a majority of the poison there will likely still be traces of the poison lingering in the lining of her stomach, so she will have to regularly take medicines to encourage healing and to cleanse any remaining traces of poison in her body. There is also the fact that with cases like this where a Pokémon has 'ingested' a poisonous substance, we are unable to use a regeneration machine like the Pokémon Centre usually would".

Oak gave a little smile "There is nothing more we can do until Mew wakes up and from the looks of it I wouldn't expect that until tomorrow morning"

Ash nodded his reluctant agreement but then thought of something "Professor Oak do you mind if I stay here with Mew overnight so that when she wakes up it will be to a familiar face?"

Oak thought briefly and then nodded his consent "I don't see why not, why don't we get ourselves some dinner and we can turn in early" Ash looked out the window and saw that it was already dark outside he then looked at Pikachu was already yawning, Ash couldn't blame him, it had been a very eventful day. After having a quick bite Ash and Pikachu settled onto the bedside couch


It was the middle of the night when Ash woke up after hearing some noises coming from Mew's bed. Ash sleepily looked over and saw Mew twisting and turning as if in a nightmare. Pikachu was already there trying to calm her down but had so far failed. Ash quickly got up and took young Mew into his arms while Pikachu watched anxiously. Ash didn't quite know what to do but had vague memories of his mother doing something similar for him. Ash began gently rocking the pink Pokémon and making reassuring noises and too his surprise Mew began to calm down rather quickly. When she was finally calm Ash made to tuck her back in but Mew began to struggle and made a high keening whine. Ash tried to put Mew down twice more but each time Mew struggled, until finally Ash resigned himself to keeping Mew with him for the night. Ash lay on the bed with Mew propped beside him and smiled when Pikachu joined them. Slowly the three fell to sleep.