A girl was walking inside the Harold store, take a seat in high chair and put her backpack on the bar. She is eighteen year old, light brown hair and green eyes so she also wear a denim jacket, dark jean and grey wonder woman shirt. Kate walked over to the girl with a pen and notebook on her left hand "Hey can i get you anything?" Kate asked with a small welcome smile. Girl looked up at her and don't know what she want anything but ordered for chocolate milkshake. Kate nodded her head and went back to kitchen, thought about the girl she sounded bit familiar but decide to not get involved with others personality. In minute later Kate arrives with a milkshake for her as the girl paying her money to Kate, try to avoid someone but she clearly can't. Kate looked over to her "So you're here for holiday?" Kate asked because she notices a backpack on the bar which the girl shook her head and explained that she staying at her friend's place in a while. Kate went back to work in the counter so Paul enter the store to order for takeaway coffee "So Uncle Paul, How's Sophie?" Kate asked softly, Paul nodded his head "Yeah she is at home playing guitar, you can see her later if you want" Paul said grabbed a takeaway coffee with him as he exit the store as the girl looked on.

In Ramsay Street Toadies and Callum was playing football on the street until they saw a girl who stare at No 30, Toadie walked over to her and asked her what she doing, The girl looked at him with her nervous face "Oh it's just my family who live there in age ago, so you know Paul Robinson?" Girl asked Toadie which he nodded his head at her question and pointed at No 22 "Yeah he live there, i think he's home now, i saw him in minute ago" Toadie said to her which the girl thanked him before headed to No 22 and knocked on the door, waiting for respond. Paul comes and open the door, frowned at her "Hey do i know you? ok if you ask about my article, count me out" Paul explained but the girl shook her head "No i didn't mean it unless you know about my family and relatives" Girl explained so she looked at his confused face "Well try me, what your name?" Paul asked and folded his arm over his chest. Girl finally give up to ask much question to Paul and shrugged her shoulder "Okay fine...My name is Hope Gottlieb" Hope said so she saw him shook his head, raise her left eyebrows so she started to spoke again "Hope Landers?" Hope said to him using her late father's surname, Paul suddenly got surprised and smiled slightly at her "What? your father is Todd?" Paul asked and know his memory with Todd until his death. Hope nodded her head and smiled nervously on her face "Yeah but i hardly know my dad" Hope explained but Paul reassure her before invite her inside the house.

Why is Hope here?