Next day in No 30, Callum walk in the living room and sat on the couch, turn the television on so feel so bored already then turn over to his mother Sonya who just enter the living room with some laundry work "Mum, who is lady?" Callum asked his mother with his confused face. "Her name is Phoebe, she used to live here long ago and she is mother of Hope" Sonya explained to Callum until Phoebe appear from the spare room "Morning everyone" Phoebe said with a soft smile and turn over to Callum "Oh hey Callum, Sonya told me about you" Phoebe said went to kitchen to make herself a toast. "She's nice" Callum commented before went to Harold Store to look for Sophie or Rani.

At No 22 Hope walk downstairs and get her stuff for visiting her old friend near Erinsborough, Paul see her and walk over to her "Look I'm so sorry for not tell you about your mother come here, well I just think it's for best" Paul explained but Hope stop him "It's okay, Mum's gone now" Hope mumbled before walk out of the house. In the Harold's Sophie and Callum chatted about Phoebe being staying at No 30 in a while "Phoebe is nice woman and is good making coffee than everyone, she used to work here in Harold" Callum explained to Sophie. "Wow Hope must be lucky to have her mother" Sophie muttered and takes a sip of her milkshake. Hope enter the store and buy water bottle from the fridge before start to overhear to Sonya talking to Jade about Phoebe staying at Sonya's place, Hope feel so gutted to hear her mother staying at Ramsay Street right now before storm out of the Harold Store "Whoa it's sound like Hope know her mum staying at mine" Callum said sighing.

In No 30 Phoebe and Toadie talked about house where they live before and now, have a laugh about memory until hear a door knocking, Toadie get up and opened the door "Hey there" Toadie greeted but Hope make herself inside the house. "Mum, it's a nice surprise to have you stay over!" Hope sarcastically to her mother. "I can't go back because Stephen and Dotty in Perth, He have my house keys" Phoebe explained softly and get up "Please we need to talk" Phoebe spoke to her daughter with bit firm voice to make Hope calm down and agree to let Phoebe explain in this time. Toadie leave them alone and went to join Sonya in nursery, Hope sighed and sat next to her mother "Do you live in here before?" Hope asked softly then Phoebe nodded her head "Yeah and you born in here, not hospital." Phoebe said with a sweet smile. Hope bit her lip and looked at her "How my dad dies?" Hope asked nervously. "Hit by the van, he stopped me from going abortion, I heard your father in hospital. Me and Dorothy run to hospital as quick, I decide to keep you until it's happen, your father suffer a heart attack then dies" Phoebe explained and remember about Todd's death affect her so badly.

Hope feel so guilty for hear the reason about her father's death, sighed heavily to herself "I can't believe it, but I can't get over it when you never told me about him until now" Hope replied angrily and get up from the couch "I can't get over it, I'm so sorry Mum" Hope said run out of the No 30, decide to visit her friend to talk about work in club secretary in tonight. Hope decides to take a job and stay at her friend until tonight. Hope went to get dressed and walk to the club to start to work as secretary. She spotted some boys fighting on the disco floor, tries to throw them out and heard some noise like the roof and ceiling "Watch out Hope" Jenny yelled at Hope and try to run over to her but the ceiling start to fell on Hope's shoulder. Hope fall down on the floor and is unconscious, Jenny and others throw everyone out and call ambulance and fire brigade for help.

Next chapter: Hope is in hospital alive but suffered from loss memory, will she remember thing?