Hey, everybody! That's just a little feel-good I wrote between classes! Enjoy! I used their human names, so don't hate! Hopefully I can regain my -Muse and finish Brother, I Love You sometime soon!

Here are the translations! I use a couple more than once!

Dobroe utro – Good morning

Je m'appelle… - My name is…

Da – Yes,

Ne bytʹ... – Don't be…

Do vstrechi! - See you then!

Ivan was old, so very old, and looking at Canada only reminded him of it even further. The blonde hockey player was lanky, trim, and built still like the little, innocently-outgoing child Ivan remembered.

"Hello," The polite little voice at Ivan's hip made the Russian jump. Looking down, Ivan saw a little boy with wide purple-blue eyes and a wild blonde curl staring back. At his side sat a little white bear cub.

"Dobroe utro*, little one," he replied, nodding to the boy.

"Je m'appelle Matthieu*," said the little child, "Canada."

"Da*, I know." Ivan said, shifting his weight.

"Are you, Mr. Russia?"

"Da, I am." Expecting him to flee, Ivan looked away and sighed quietly.

"E-Excuse me!" cried the little hockey-lover, and Russia looked up from the window. His eyes went over the nation's head, even though the little boy had long become a handsome man, and he looked down. Matthew's big blue eyes were closed, forehead crinkled in disappointment.

"Da, Mattvey?" Ivan said, using one gloved hand to smooth his forehead gently. He knew too well that the gesture could leave bruises –it had the first time he'd tried it with the child- and used all his control for it. "What is it you are wanting, comrade?"

"I-I was just-! You looked so-! W-Would you-?" The Canadian sighed, "I'm sorry…"
Ian laughed, "Ne byt'*, Mattvey. What is it?"


Matthew said his question so quickly that Ivan was caught off-guard. He watched the nation hide his red face in his polar bear's fur, wondering mildly when his little ally had gotten so shy, and smiled.

"Da, sounds good. Russia will come at noon, yes?" Matthew relaxed, peeking at the Russian, and breathed a sigh of relief.

"N-Noon- sounds good." Matthew said quickly, managing a shaky smile. "I-I mean- da, do vstrechi!"

Little Canada has been practicing… Ivan thought, smiling and chuckling at the other nation.

"Da, do vstrechi, Mattvey!"