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The date was February 14th, 2012; Valentine's day. Lakewood was a different place from the last time that date popped up. Many, many boys were buying plush toys, cars, balloons, and more for the lovely, incredible Hayley Steele. They even asked her to the dance! She told every last one that she was waiting for someone special, and Jake's heart broke when he overheard her say that to someone. Who? He didn't have a chance! Or did he? They, The Troop, had to stop Eris's evil ex-boyfriend from dominating Lakewood. It was a scary thought.. And since they defeated him at the dance, they ended up dancing in each others arms. (well, Jake and Hayley danced in each others arms. A.N.T [or however you spell it] just danced to the side; by himself.) Of course, they were all clothed in a dressy-style. When Jake and Hayley found out about the whole dance charade, they went over top, because after all, it was almost a 'date'. Almost. Everyone was in slow-motion. The world was in slow-motion. By now, the world was falling into place, finally. It was perfect. They were perfect, together; having a fantastic time.

Hayley shook at the thought. Sure, it was a perfect memory, but really, did you not hear Jake say he was 'over'her? I thought so..

Here goes nothing, Hayley thought as she ran up to the brunette with blue eyes. Mark Gavin.

"Hey, Mark," she said ever-so quietly. She couldn't even hear herself. "Hayley, so? Will you go with me to the big game?" he said, trying to coax her to utter a three letter word meaning 'Okay; yeah; awesome.'

"Sure, why not?" she flashed a smile his way as his eyes smiled; if that's even possible.

"You just made my day a hundred percent better, Steele."

I would've been happy; If Jake Collins took Mark Gavin's place. I mean, wouldn't you?

"I know I did." She hesitantly kissed his cheek. "Later," she said as she took a long look at her date. He was cute, funny, nice, and worst of all: an off version of Jake. Think of it like this: when you take medicine, sometimes you get the over-the-counter, off brand. It's just never as good as the regular.

She then skipped off to find Cadence; her best friend needed to know. That's what best friends are for; listening.

Remember when Jake was frozen by that weird monster? When, the 'only' way to warm him up was by hugging him? They both had butterflies in the pit of their stomach. It actually warmed Felix's heart when he saw it. Could you not see the smiles plastered on their faces? Those – those were real. They just stayed in each others arms, enjoying those sparks that flew out of their chests. They were a forest fire together. They belonged together. Of course, that day, after Jake was quite toasty, him and Felix went to the local diner. That day was the day Jake realized something fatal; he was going to asked Hayley out, even if he got rejected. It didn't really matter. Least then he would know whether she liked him or not. Of course, that was before he met Cadence. She stool Jake from Hayley's clutches. It angered her bad. Eventually, though, Hayley told Jake Cadence's secret; she was and still is a monster. She went back to the Monster world or whatever it's called. She was finally rescued by Jake and Hayley. So, it's like 'Cake' never dated in the first place. 'Jayley' was still a possibility back then, though!

"Cadence, guess what!" Hayley yelled over her phone, as she forgot Cadence needed to be somewhere. (As stated earlier, no one caught where she was headed.)

"What?" Cadence giggled as she was being tickled. You'll never guess who had the job of tickling her, though! It's rather shocking..

"You seem giddy, huh?" Hayley said, forgetting what she was about to tell the girl on the other end of the line.

"Uh, not real-really! What'd you wanna tell me?" Cadence hollered, pushing the figure away from her. She was on the phone.

"Oh, um, I got a date with Mark for the big game. Isn't it like Saturday?" the teen asked. Man, she's been forgetting of stuff lately.

"I think so."

The boy (being a boy) starting tickling Cadence once again. It was super hard for her to speak, too.

"Alright, Cadence, have fun with whoever." Hayley waited a few seconds to hang-up; just in case Cadence had something else to say.

Apparently not.

"Kirby? Really?" Cadence complained as she threw he phone on Kirby's living room table. He smiled at his crush. "Yep. I just love seeing you suffer," he said. They weren't dating or anything like that. Kirby likes Cadence; Cadence doesn't like Kirby like that, yet.

Did you see the 'yet'?

Kirbence may be on it's way. You never know; you never know(:

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