"Ow…" Haru mumbled as she landed on the familiar grass. As she lifted up her head, she saw the castle from two years ago. They were at the Cat Kingdom.

Haru slowly got up and began to look for Muta and Toto. Her hand quickly met with the soft white fur.

"Muta?" Haru asked.

"Yeah. It's me, kid," Muta responded. "Do you see Toto?"


"I'm over here."

Toto then flew down over to the two of them.

"I guess we're all here," Muta said.

"Wait. Where's Lune?" Haru asked.

The three looked around but saw the blue cat nowhere.

"Maybe he went back to the castle?" Toto suggested.

"That's as good a guess as any."

That voice wasn't any of the three's. It was female. Haru turned around to see a cat, around the same size of Yuki, but instead of white fur she had silky black fur, as dark as night and her eyes matched.

"Who are you?" Muta asked.

"My name is Mint. I work in the palace. I believe King Lune is still working on the ball preparations," the black cat responded.

"Wait. You work in the palace?" Haru said.

"Yes, that's right," Mint confirmed.

"Can you tell me about a cat named Paurua?" Haru asked.

"Do you mean Queen Paurua Brightfur?" Mint asked. "Yes, I have seen her around the palace. She is quite a character."


"She is, well going to be, the queen of the Feline Fairlands, just a few days east of the Cat Kingdom."

"What do you mean 'going to be'?" Haru asked.

"Queen Paurua is going to be the queen of the Feline Fairlands when she gets married. I heard that it was going to be a week after the ball."

Haru didn't want to ask but the question clawed at her like a cat on a scratching post.

"To whom?" Haru got out.

"All the female cats are so jealous,"


"Queen Paurua is getting married to,"

Please no.

"Baron Humbert von Gikkingen."

Haru could feel the heavy weight of her heart as it dropped into her stomach.

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