Robin and Zatanna Time to Themselves

Set after the first season

Gotham City

Zatanna was visiting Robin in Gotham City.

"Hi Rob you still upset about what happened to Roy?" asked Zatanna. "Yeah trying to get over it." Sighed Robin. "how about you take a break and hang out with me I'm having a hard time without my Dad." Suggested Zatanna. "Ok." Agreed Robin.

Soon they were walking to an apartment.

"This used to be Dad's when he and I lived in Gotham for magic shows." Explained Zatanna. "I see." Replied Robin taking off his mask. "Don't you need your sunglasses?" asked Zatanna. "Not really because I want you to know who I am my name is Dick Grayson." Replied Robin. "I like it." Smiled Zatanna and kissed Robin. "I thought you would." Smiled Robin.

Then Zatanna took off her jacket.

"It's boiling in these clothes let stripe down to our undies?" suggested Zatanna. "Ok." Agreed Robin.

Soon they were laughing and having a little kiss at a time before it was time to help the others find where the rest of the Light were.

"Thanks for letting me spend some time with you." Smiled Zatanna. "You're welcome." Smiled Robin and they kissed once more.

The End