This is not actually about Jade and cat, It's Ariana and you enjoy it:)

"That's a wrap for today guys!" Dan shouted. "See you all soon, Enjoy your holiday".

"Is your mom here yet, Ari?" Liz asked fetching her bag.

"No, she said she might be late," Ariana replied. "She's taking Frankie to the airport, He's going to New York for a couple of weeks,"

"Lets go wait outside for her then," Liz said.

Whilst Ariana and Liz were waiting for Mama Grande. Ariana took out her phone with her earphones.

"Earphone?" she asked.

"Sure," Liz laughed. "what we listening to sweetie?"

"Sweetie?" Ariana laughed "You've never called me that, Ever! I love it,"

"Thought I'd try it out for size? Like with shoes," Liz replied, laughing. She's so cute, Liz thought. Wait what?

I said excuse me your a hell of a guy I mean my my my, my you're like pelican fly I mean your so shy and I'm loving your slicker than the guy with a thing on his eye, Oh!

"There's mama Grande!" Ariana Screamed yanking the earphone out of Liz's ear.

"Ouch!" Liz Screamed at a Running Ariana.

"Hi Baby, D'you have fun today?" Joan asked whilst placing her lips on to the red haired girl's cheek.

"The best!" She replied excitedly, returning the slight peck onto her moms cheek.

"What about you Liz?" She asked excitically like her daughter.

"Yeah, it was quite fun!" She laughed as she entered the black range rover .

Liz loved when she was with Ariana and her mom and as her own mom and dad were both away on business she got to stay with them for two weeks. Two whole weeks! The reason that she loved it so much was that Ari's mom treated her like her own daughter, each morning when they both woke up, her mom had made a lovely breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes, muffins, cupcakes and lots and lots of bacon. Liz may not eat a lot of meat but bacon she liked. Not the healthiest breakfast ever, but man was it good.

"So, what do you girls want for dinner?" Joan asked.

"Im not bothered," Liz sighed.

"Can we have Chinese ?" Ariana asked sweetly.

"Of course, is that ok with you Liz honey?" Joan asked.

"Just peachy," she laughed.

"Mom, can we go to Bella Itaila Instead of Chinese?" Ariana screeched.

"Oh yeah, that would be amazing. Not been there in a long time!" Liz screamed.

"Guess we're going to Bella Italia, Here we go!"

"Do you have any Aspirin?" Liz asked Ariana. "I've got a sore head,"

"Awh, sweetie. Of course i do," Ariana replied going in to her bag. "Here you go, now take two of these, lie down and I'll massage your head"

"Thank you Ari, i really appreciate this," Liz said, giving Ariana a cuddle. She is so sweet, Liz thought.

Liz took two Aspirin and lay back, with her head firmly placed into Ariana's lap. Liz brought her hands up and started to twirl Ariana's hair. After 20 minutes of silence Liz's sore head was gone and Ariana was almost asleep.

Liz sat up and stared at the small girl, nodding off into a deep sleep. "Ari?" Liz Whispered, stroking her cheek and getting a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach. To check if the small red headed girl was awake. "You awake there sweetie?".

"Yeah, I'm up!" She jumped up. "Sorry, i fell asleep, but with you twirling my hair like that it made me so relaxed"

"It's fine honey," Liz laughed. "What should we do?"

"Em? Lets do a Twit cam for the Fans!" Ariana Screamed.

"Ah, that's a fantastic idea Ari!" Liz said pulling her phone out of her pocket. "Tweet about it then, i will as well,"

"See in it, we should make a cake!" Ariana Screamed. "How fun would that be!

Liz and Ariana took Ari's laptop and charger threw to Ariana's kitchen. While Liz set up the Twit cam, Ariana set up everything for the cake.

"We've never done this before have we Liz?" asked Ariana.

"Nope, I don't think so," Liz answered.

"Ok. Cake mix ready. Here Ariana," Liz shouted flicking a spoon full of cake mix in Ariana's direction. "TASTE IT!".

The cake mix flew across the room and went all over Ariana, In her red velvet hair, all over her clothes.


"Having a very small food fight..." Liz said Laughing.

"Sorry guys, gotta go for a shower" Ariana said Laughing "Blame miss 'I can throw cake mix at Ariana and nothing will happen' Gillies,"

"Ok, guys. We'll see you later!"

Liz ran upstairs and in to Ariana's bedroom to find the petite red head brushing the cake mix out her hair, She never heard Liz come in, so Liz sat and watched her for about 20 minutes.

'what was happening... i am sitting and watching my best friend brush her hair, and have been for about 20 minutes, was i getting a crush on my Ariana. My best friend. I've had a funny feeling in my stomach for a while now'

"Ari?" Liz mumbled.

"Oh good god Liz, you nearly gave me a heart attack!" She said finally getting most of the mix out her hair "How long have you been sitting there?".

"Just a few minutes," Liz lied. "Are you not gonna go for a shower?"

"No, i am. I was just getting it out first," Ariana said. "I'll be about 20 minutes, ok?"

"Ok. See you soon sweetie pie!" Liz blurted out.

Ariana gave Liz a really weird look and continued to walk to the bathroom.

So, That was my first ever Fan-Fic! The song used was 'Super Bass' by Nicki Minaj. I really want reviews, I'm worried in case its not very good :/ Get back to me please :)