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Chapter 10

"Ariana?" said Victoria opening up the door to the bedroom where they were staying. "The police are here to see you?"

"Oh right, I'm just coming." She repiled jumping out of bed leaving Liz alone in the bed herself.

"Ari?" Victoria said looking Ariana up and down. "Gonna put some clothes on?"

"Fuck!" She said pulling on a dressing gown that was hanging over the end of the bed.

Victoria and Ariana walked down the stairs, to see officer Wallace and officer Pedestro sitting drinking a cup of tea. Ariana started to get a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"Hi Officers," Ariana said sitting on the big comfy chair she always sat in when she came to her house. "How can i help you?"

"Ok, we need more information about who this could possibly be? Could you go and wake up your partner." he asked.

"Of Course, Two minutes." She ran up stairs and jumped on the bed. "Liz, The police need to see you too! Wake up! LIZ!" Liz awoke form her slumber.

"What, Ari? Leave me alone!" She pulled the cover over her eyes.

"Liz, the police are hear!" she said slapping her breast.

"Owwh!" Liz replied repeating the action.

"Owwwh, Liz that hurt!" Ariana said kissing her, "Now put on some clothers and get your ass down there!" Liz put the covers off her, and slapped her ass. Ariana left the room to stop her getting horny off the naked woman. Liz walked down the stairs slowly as she was still half asleep.

"Ah. Miss Gillies, nice of you to join us." Laughed officer Pedestro. "We need to talk to both of you,"

"Of course, What can we help you with?" Liz asked while taking a mug of coffee from her hosts hands. "Thanks Vic,"

"Ok, would you know of anybody who would want to hurt Ariana?" He said sipping on his tea.

"Well, possibly my mother. She didn't like the fact that we were going out. She actaully threw me out," She said thinking. "She wouldn't do that though, She's not like that, she loved Ariana until we started dating."

"Should we check her out?" They asked writing down notes in their notebook.

"I mean, If you want to." Liz chuckled.

"Thats fine Miss Gillies," Shawn replied.

"We'll phone you if anything arises from your mothers search,"

"Thanks officers," Liz replied leading them to the door.

"Oh hold on, i forgot to ask you. What are we to do about the money?" She asked before letting the police officers out.

"Whatever you do, don't go near that park tomorrow! We're sending a police officer undercover to the park at noon. We'll arrest the person, if any that is there,"

"Of course officer"

(Later on at Diana's house)

"Miss Gillies, It's the police. Open the door." Two different police officers asked knocking on the front door.

"Hello, officers. Can i help you with anything?" She asked.

"We have some questions to ask you, Can we come in?" They replied.

"Of course, come on in to the kitchen, I'm cooking dinner right now gentelmen." She said leading them into the kitchen.

"That smells lovely ma'am. We would like to ask you some questions about your daughter?"

Diana's face changed completely. "What? Has somthing happened?"

"Well, sort of. Her girlfriend, Ariana has had death threats and somebody broke into her house and wrote all over the walls, in her dogs blood."

"Oh no! You don't think i done that do you?" She said shocked.

"We're not sure about who could have done it, We are infact working on finding out who did it, also she was threatend to bring $500'000 to the park on wednesday noon or else this person would kill Ariana, So we hired a bodyguard for her"

"Thats a terrible thing to do, I hope they find this person. I may not like this relationship but I'd never hurt her!"

"Well, sorry for disturbing you ma'am,"

"It's fine, Hope you find this horrible person!"

"Frank, They're on to us. The police came to my door! I'm just glad i got rid of David before they came!"

"I'm glad. So, what next?" he asked.

"I think you're gonna have to kidnap her, make her pay!"

"how will i get her alone, without her bodyguard?"

"You'll have to figure something out, Frank. I'll have to watch out now frank. They're on to me! If i go in, You'll be on your own. Do you want that to happen?"

"No ma'am!"

"Honey, Can we go shopping?" Ariana asked Liz while hugging her, on Vic's sofa.

"Are you sure thats a good idea?" Liz asked.

"We need more clothes. Remember we were burgled. We have like, no clothes!"

"Fine, I'll tell Billy" (The BodyGaurd)

Ariana, Liz and Billy all got into Billys car and went out shopping, not seeing Franks car following them, into the mall.

"Thanks for this Billy," Ariana said hugging him. "Com'on Liz!" Ariana started dragging Liz and Billy into lots of shops to buy clothes. Liz and Ariana entered shop by shop dragging poor Billy around with them. Exiting with bag after bag.

"Liz, I need the toilet!" Ariana said bubbely, little did they know that Frank had hidden in the toilets when he seen them coming towards them. This was his chance.

"Fine, Lets go." Liz held Ari's hand and guided her to the toilets.

Liz let go of Ariana's hand. Ariana entered the toilets to be kidnapped by Frank. When she got in Frank, Covered her mouth with his hand until he got the cloth out his pocket. The rope he had in his pocket, he tied her up. Legs and Arms, he picked her up, with muffled screams no one could hear her desperate calls for help he climed out the window of the bathroom with Ariana flung over his shoulder. Just as he was nearly fully out the window, Liz walked in and only seen Ariana's pale white face.

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