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Promises and Heart break

Chapter 1

She thought it might have been easier if she had declined their invitation.

"Hurry up!"

"Ah, wait for me, Meiko!"

"Miss Luka, may I carry you so that you do not tire yourself or would you like to walk on these eggplants so your feet do not hurt?"
"…What? ...No, I'm fine."

"Look at how clear the water is! Right, Len?"

"Yup, ah, let me carry that, Miku."

Well, there wasn't anything to decline anyway, and there was certainly no invitation.

She trudged behind them, not really hurrying. Somehow, she wasn't really all that eager to spend time with them...

They did kidnap her and had the right mind to do it so bloody early in the morning too. She didn't fancy Gakupo breaking through her window and Kaito slinging her over his shoulder as a wakeup call. While she had been kicking in protest, Meiko and Miku took the liberty of arranging her luggage (how they found out where everything was placed was beyond her.)

"To the van!" Miku had ordered and Kaito had saluted at her like a soldier would do to his general and jumped out of the window with her half dead with fright. Couldn't the idiot walk out the door like a normal person? They were on the third floor! Luka and Len had smiled at her apologetically and shoved her inside the van. (Traitors, she thought, annoyed.)

And thus, here she was, in a beach with her friends…

"Rin, change into your swimsuit already!" Meiko's voice rang out and she nodded. She grabbed her duffel bag and headed inside the cabin. She changed into a backless blue top and black cycling shorts. Afterwards, she put her blonde hair up in a ponytail and fixed her sunglasses on top.

"Rin! Come on, you're missing the fun!" It was Kaito's voice. "Coming!" She answered and headed outside. She walked on the sand and saw the group. Luka and Meiko were playing beach ball, Miku was picking up shells, Len was helping Miku and the two boys were looking sharply behind Rin.

Why are they…? She thought and turned around. A bunch of blushing men were looking at her intently. Then she suppressed a sigh when it hit her, they were looking at them, not at her.

Luka, who was wearing a pale violet two-piece, Meiko, who was wearing a deep crimson string swimsuit and Miku, who was wearing a one-piece with the color of mint green were the centers of attention on the beach. Kaito and Gakupo were glaring at the male passerby's who ogled at Luka and Meiko. And Len, well…Len was staring at the teal haired girl. Rin was watching him, carefully discerning the expressions that appeared on his face.




When the tealette noticed he was staring at her, a healthy blush adorned her cheeks, likewise, Len turned red and looked away, murmuring a small apology. "Do…Do I look okay?" Miku asked after a few minutes passed. The blonde smiled at her, still a bit red. "You look really cute." He told her. Miku looked down but a small smile was on her lips.

She turned her gaze away from them and walked towards the duo that was glaring so tremendously that you could actually see the fiery passion of anger…

Morons. She thought. If they're so attracted to Luka and Meiko, why not grab them while they're still available…? Rin rewarded their ignorance (mostly stupidity) with a thwack on the head. "Rin!" "Miss Rin!" They complained simultaneously, rubbing their heads. "What was that for?" The blue haired man asked. "Yes, what sort of action have we done to upset you, Miss Rin?" The eggplant loving man inquired.

"For you," She turned to Gakupo "it was for breaking my window." "For you," She focused her attention to Kaito "it was for jumping out of a third story window and not walking out the door like a regular person." The blonde haired girl answered. Hey, if she was going to hit them for their stupidity, why not avenge her crystal window and her halved life at the same time? "And," She continued, looking at them with her crystalline blue eyes. "For acting like idiots, if you don't make the first move, those pretty girls will be whisked away…" The two stared at her wide eyed. "How…?" Kaito asked and Gakupo only looked at her in a surprised manner. Rin gave a small smile. "Come on," She told them quietly and dipped her feet onto the water. "It's quite obvious."

Kaito and Gakupo turned red and Rin suppressed a small giggle from escaping her lips. "I won't tell them, but you two have to make the first move." She promised them, noticing the worried looks they cast over her. Without hearing their answer, she waddled onto the water, enjoying the coolness it brought to her skin.

"Hey! Don't splash me with water!"
"Enjoy the water, Len!"

Rin glanced at the two who were busy laughing and smiling and momentarily closed her eyes. She swam towards Luka and Meiko. "Can I join?" She asked and they nodded at her smiling.

At least this could distract her for the time being.


"Mei-chan, can I have those ice creams now?"

"...Call me Mei-chan again, I swear to God I will strangle you."

"Miss Luka, would you like a helping of eggplant sundae?"

"No thank you."

The blonde haired girl watched, amused. 'Mei-chan?' seriously, Kaito had a death wish. 'Eggplant sundae?' Gakupo should try giving Luka tuna sundae; make it the same way he made the eggplant sundae.

However the hell he made it anyway.


An orange flavored Popsicle was handed to her. She took it and smiled with a bit of force. This person was the last person she wanted to speak with right now.

"Thanks Len."

He sat next to her and opened a Popsicle of his own, banana flavored. "I haven't talked to you in quite a while, Rin." He said, looking at her. "I've been busy." She lied but the tone of her voice made it believable. "…I see. I mean, I missed you. We missed you. You keep skipping out on our outings. You don't go to "our spot" anymore. It's like you're avoiding us., no…it's more like you're avoiding me." Len said sadly. The tone of his voice made her feel guilty but she didn't falter. "I know, I'm sorry. I've been busy." She told him. "I'm worried, Rin." Len admitted. "Did I do anything wrong? If I did, please tell me. You're my best friend and I feel as if we're drifting apart." Rin didn't say anything and finished her Popsicle before standing up. She ruffled his hair. "…Sorry, you didn't do anything wrong. I've really just been busy." She told him, smiling slightly. I'm going to the cabin; catch up with you later." Without waiting for his response, she walked away from him.

She thought it might have been easier if she had declined their invitation.

Yup, it would have been easier if she had declined their invitation, or at least struggled from their kidnapping.

It hurt to see Len after all.




End of Chapter 1

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