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Their lives were complicated, it was undeniable. With a sudden confrontation and hidden feelings,

What will happen now?


Promises and Heart Break

Chapter 14




He watched his mother bustle around the house in excitement. She was humming a happy tune, he realized as he proceeded walking towards her.

"Mama." He said, trying to capture her attention. Receiving no response, he tried again. "Mama!"

But to no avail, she was still off in her own happy little world. He felt a pout forming on his lips; his mama was happy and he didn't know why. He felt left out and that was just unfair! He wanted to know why too! Determinedly, he tugged the hem of her shirt. "Mama!" He called out once more.

That seemed to do the trick because even before he could blink, he was whisked up into the air and spun around in circles. He could hear his mother's laughter and he too felt the corners of his lips curve upwards.

"Ollie, Ollie!" She cooed, hugging him close to her. "Daddy's coming today!"

He found himself smiling wider.

"I'm going to see daddy today?"

Maybe then…

His eyes shot open. Blinking, Oliver breathed deeply, brushing a stray lock of blonde hair away from his single seeing eye. He slowly sat up, feeling somewhat disoriented.


He could remember. He was four at that time. She was so happy daddy was coming home. Oliver remembered that he was happy too, the happiness of a naïve child who knew nothing.

And he felt pissed.

Shaking those thoughts away, he got out of bed.


"How long have you been playing the violin, Rinny?"

"Hm?" She murmured distractedly. "Quite a while."

Oliver pouted at her vague response. "That's no answer!" He complained. She merely shrugged and continued walking.

"I accompany you to get your strings fixed and this is how you repay me? I'm wounded, Rinny." The translucent eyed boy told her melodramatically. "Give me a recital or something!"

"I never asked you to accompany me, Ollie." She replied flatly. "And no. My strings are busted." Heels clacking, she turned to a corner where an old music store was located. Oliver followed suit, trailing after her. He gave a small smile.

Oh Rinny.

The clouds started to darken.


"Excuse me," Rin said as the store's bell rang. Oliver trailed closely behind her, smiling cheerfully. The man behind the counter looked up from what he was doing-cleaning a saxophone-and smiled at them.

"What can I do for you?" He asked politely. The crystalline eyed girl raised her case and placed it on top of the counter.

"I need help fixing my strings; they snapped halfway through my playing." She told the clerk.

He inspected the damaged instrument and nodded in understanding. He turned, opening one of the many drawers behind him and fished out a new set of strings. He glanced back up at her.

"Okay, I'll have it done in an hour or so." He told her. She bowed in gratitude.

"Thank you."

Finding nothing to occupy themselves with, the pair began to browse through the items in the store. Strings, rosin, tuners and rows and rows of different instruments littered the area. Oliver was drawn to the flutes while Rin merely gazed at the multitude of colors the violins in the store possessed.

I wonder if I should change my violin already…She contemplated.

Oliver stopped browsing at the set of flutes and flocked over to her. "Rinny? All joking aside, I'd really like to hear you play sometime, can I?" He asked her, noting that the man was beginning on his repair. Rin shrugged.

"Mmhm." She answered, pausing for a moment to think. "Sure." She moved away from him, browsing through other items.

The bell once again rang, signaling another customer. Turning to look, Rin frowned at the familiar face walking inside the shop. She raised a brow at the familiar black hair and translucent eyes.

It hit her. Rei Kagene? What was he doing here? He looked around the shop as well, looking bored. His eyes wandered and then it landed on her.

His eyes narrowed somewhat, scrutinizing her. Erin Honne? He mouthed in a confused manner. Rin immediately schooled her face into a neutral expression, pretending not to notice his stare on her.

Crap. It would be bad if he recognized her.

Hopefully he was the type who dismissed these kinds of things. Or maybe he'd run away from seeing a dead girl alive and kicking.

Suddenly, a hand rested on her shoulder from behind. "Excuse me, but you look familiar…"

Apparently, Rei was none of the above.

Fate must be laughing her ass off now.

Damn it. Rin bit back a curse as she turned to him. He stared at her heavily, as if trying to figure out if he was wrong or right, trying to distinguish out possibility from impossibility.

She held his gaze before saying in a nonchalant voice, "It's rude to stare, you know."

Rei blinked, regaining himself. "Ah-I apologize, Miss…" He murmured. "You see, you look like-"


Both of them turned at the sound of the voice. She mentally thanked Oliver for the distraction.

"What is it Oliver?" She asked, walking over to him. Oliver stood immobile, rooted to his spot. His single eye, Rin noticed, grew wide.

Rei stopped too, eyes intense on Oliver. "You." He spat out. "We have business." The blonde haired boy forced a smile, instinctively touching the bandages on his eye.

"It seems we do. It's been quite a while."

The crystalline eyed girl looked back and forth at the two.

What was going on?


Miku gazed at the picture in her hand.

It was a snapshot of hers a few years back and she inwardly cringed at how she looked back then: short, bobbed hair with thick, red framed glasses.


Sighing, her eyes travelled over to the other person in the picture. With jet black hair and smiling in a refined manner, Rei stood beside her in all his attractiveness.

She felt so small and insignificant beside him, and yet, he….

Feeling a familiar warmth rush through her cheeks, she placed the photo down.

I'm doing something unfair…and terrible. She thought, closing her eyes. But I can't help it.


Rain fell harshly outside; however, the two occupants of the room paid it no heed.

There was the sound of a violin.

It had been a while since she last played; the melody danced and reverberated in the room. Unknowingly, her crystalline eyes slipped close halfway through the song-Last Carnival by Acoustic Café-and she was already nearing the end. It was supposed to be accompanied by a cello and a piano but it sounded lovely nevertheless.

Playing consumed her whole; it took her mind off things quite well because she had to concentrate on the finger positioning, the notes and the tune. It was a great way to block trains of thoughts and inner broodings.

She only hoped it had the same effect on her solitary audience.

Opening her eyes, she saw him gave a small, smile as she hit the last note with ease. "..That was beautiful." He gave a short pause, before continuing. "You're talented."

Oh, if only she was playing for him under different circumstances.

It was the automatic response that came out of his mouth. It was meant to be a compliment, meant to sound sincere and polite but it only came out flat and half hearted. She didn't mind; today wasn't exactly the best of days for him. She simply nodded and paid no heed to his uncharacteristic comment. Walking over, she sat down beside him on her bed. He offered no words and the two of them lapsed into silence.

She didn't mind her usually boisterous guest's silence. He would speak if he wanted to…he would speak if he needed to. She was in no position into forcing him to talk about this afternoon's incident.

She had merely been a spectator in passing, after all. It never crossed her mind that getting her violin strings fixed would lead to a very…different afternoon.

Golden eyes, very much like a cat's. One of the most prominent family that had this trait were the-

Her eyes narrowed. It wasn't possible, right? She thought. But then…


Her attention snapped back to him. He was smiling but his gaze was empty and resigned.

It was a look she knew all too well.

"…I owe you an explanation, don't I?"

The rain continued to fall.


Rei Kagene sighed for the umpteenth time that evening. Pacing around the room, he felt sorely tempted to punch the wall. Break something. Anything, anything to get him out of this state.

After that fateful encounter that afternoon with Oliver…he just felt…frustrated. Irritated. Pissed beyond compare. That bastard even had the nerve to decline what he was offering.

His eyes narrowed; Oliver was the reason everything went downhill.

And Rei hated him for that-no matter what his father asked him to do here-he could never bring himself to care for Oliver the way he cared for Rui. He would never accept Oliver.

Oliver was taking away what was his, what was Rui's…all because his father made a stupid mistake.

He stared wide eyed at his father. He wondered if he had heard wrong, wondered if his father was joking…because there was no way his father was serious about this.

He couldn't be.

Getting over the shock, Rei began, "Papa, you can't just-!"

But his father silenced him without much effort. Eyes, much like his own, stared at him, neutral.

"Do as I say, Rei."

If he had his way…Gritting his teeth, Rei settled for punching the lampshade.




End of Chapter 14

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