Notes: Short story, only a few short chapters, no real pairing fluff but there is friendship involved *cue cutesy music* Seriously though, my explanation on why Rain doesn't think it's an insult to die a 'dog's death'. OC involved. Set a couple hundred or so years before he meets Machika.
Rating: T for death related themes.
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AN: Hey guys, this isn't really one of my serious stories but I do enjoy the writing style of it, so hopefully others do to. It's not on the top of my list but I hope to give you more sooner rather than later, I wasn't kidding when I said these were short chapters.

Dog's Death

Rain collapsed onto the hard floor. He hadn't bothered closing the door to the abandoned looking shed, although thinking on it he should have. Rain was pouring and some was bound to seep into the place he was vacating for the moment. With a low grunt he moved, much to his abdomens discomfort he forced himself to roll onto his back. Laying there, covered in wounds from his latest escape, his mind started to wander as the water made little tick-tack noises against the tin roof. 'How am I meant to do this?' He thought to himself, '376 years, and it hasn't gotten any easier.'

Chapter 1

"Hmmm…" A girl, no older than nine, stared at the door of her father's shed. Placing a careful hand on it, she forced the heavy thing open to its full range. "Hello?" She called, voice filled with uncertainty. Her sky blue eyes regarded the miscellaneous items about the place until they noticed the floor. With a small gasp she ran over and dropped to her knees, staining her blue silk summer dress with dust and dirt. Fingers traced the outline of what was surely dried blood. Now she was truly worried. "Hello? Are you here?" Most books told you to run, told you to preserve your own life when walking towards a possible threat. However courage and concern filled the girl, she wasn't about to let someone this injured go through the pain alone. "Maybe I can help?" She asked aloud. Her small, British affiliated voice simply echoed about the place. Her feet had forced her to move without thought, already starting to sleuth her way around instinctively. Despite being only a shed, it was considerably large. She would have her work cut out for her searching for this person. "I'm coming to find you!" She announced, determined.

Rain had been careful to try not to make noise, leave mess or any trace of his arrival. "Hello?" A small voice called. His back stiffened, again to the discomfort of his abdomen. He'd only been resting here a night, there was no way he'd healed enough to make another escape if he was found. Watchful of where he stepped, Rain slunk deeper into the maze of items in the place. "Hello? Are you here?" The voice was louder this time, more worried. Thinking on it, the voice couldn't have belonged to someone full grown, but that didn't persuade Rain to come of the shadows. There were a number of tricks people pulled when trying to catch something they sought after; especially if they were desperate enough. "Maybe I can help?" She was closer, too close for comfort. However Rain couldn't move now, if he made any form of noise she'd hear it just like he heard her. His assumption from before had been correct, the footsteps were soft and bared no weight, it was a child that was searching for him. "I'm coming in after you!" With that, the girl burst into what sounded like a sprint. Once the pitter patter of her feet seemed less pronounced Rain dared peaking outside of his hiding place. Glancing in several directions he checked the coast was clear before risking a quiet dash to the door. Jumping behind a stack of boxes, he froze. The pain had dulled his sense of hearing, he couldn't be certain of how much noise he was making as he ran. Beads of sweat formed from the mixture of adrenaline and an unwell body. Luckily for him he hadn't delved too far away from the door, one more quick sprint and he would be home free. Daring another look about, Rain found the coast was clear before he made a run towards freedom's direction. He stopped before reaching the exit, "Found you!" The young girl stepped out from behind the already opened door. Rain squinted as the rising sun covered her face and clothes in silhouette. Long strands of ebony hair shined in the morning light. With one clean, determined hand the girl pointed a finger at Rain, "You're mine."

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