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A cool breeze washed through the town, rustling trees, mimicking the sound of light rain. "I wonder if you're out there meeting people." The fifteen year old wondered aloud to herself, adjusting the blanket around her shoulders. Sitting at the window of her room, she twirled strands of black hair. "You sure were weird. That kind of wound healing after only a few hours." It was only after the reports could finally reach her village Mana had realised just who she had been talking to. "Shame you left so soon, I wanted to braid that long mane of yours…" She smirked, chuckling at the mental image. Sadness however dwelled on her mind, thinking of just how lonely he'd be. "What kind of person will it take to catch you and make you feal at home again?" She asked absently, coughing lightly as she reminisced over the strange man that had stumbled into her father's shed. A small laugh left her as she considered the words she passed on... and she smiled, "I bet they'll be real nice."

~Years later~

"Cry baby."

"Dumbass!" Rain's grim reaper scolded, landing a successful hit painfully atop the immortal's head. "That's because you're always doing things to make me cry." She continued, sniffing. "Listen, you! You should care a little more about your life!"

"Life?" Rain tilted his head curiously, he was immortal after all what was there to worry about?

"Uh, I mean…" Machika stuttered, "W-What I mean is… you want to be human right?" Rain slowly nodded, "But if you become human, you'd die right away."

"You think?"

"Sounds good to me!" A moment passed while Rain took in what she was saying, the fourteen year old grim reaper sighed, unimpressed, "You are definitely the type who would jump in front of a car to save a dog." Machika decided, frowning at the immortal. Rain considered her words, thinking and unconsciously smiled at the notion. "Th-" Machika threw her arms in the arm, threatening to hit the immortal again, "That's not a compliment!"

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