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"Kagome? Kagome Higurashi! Are you here? This is Officer Yamada! Please respond."

"I-I'm in the bathroom!" Kagome called back, bloody and shaking. She wasn't sure if she was shaking from fear or the loss of blood.

The officer turned the knob only to find the door was still locked. "It's okay! You can open the door, you're safe."

Kagome hesitantly unlocked the door and two officers slowly came towards her. They gave her looks of concern and one shot her a slight smile and nod to let her know it was okay. Officer Yamada took her by the hand and led her out.

"You're going to be taken to a hospital. After that a few detectives will come and talk to you, okay?" Kagome nodded and looked around. She saw broken objects on the floor and the front door was off the hinges. She was lead to the ambulance and put on a stretcher.

"She's lost a lot of blood." One EMT said. Everything was happening so fast. It was as though she went from bathroom to stretcher to moving ambulance in only a split second. Kagome was too overwhelmed by everything and she fainted in the Ambulance.

Kagome was taken to the operating room and given 100 stitches altogether for her wounds. As she slowly opened her heavy eyes, she noticed two nurses, a doctor, Sango and her mother, who were both in tears, surrounding her.

"Kagome" The doctor began with a smile. "I'm Dr. Ikeda. Your wounds were successfully stitched and we've put you on an IV. I'm going to give you an iron prescription. Take them twice a day for 30 days, okay?"

Kagome gave the doctor a dazed look. "Uh huh." Her face was pale with trauma and anguish written all over it. Her body felt weak and useless and her heart and mind felt destroyed.

"I'll come back to check on you in a little while." The doctor, along with the two nurses left Kagome, her mother and Sango alone.

Kagome's mother brushed Kagome's hair out of her face and rubbed her cheek. She grasped Kagome's hand as tears rolled down both their faces.

"Mom…I'm so sorry. I caused so much trouble." She whined in a shaky and hurt voice.

Her mother shook her head as the tears fell harder. "Kagome don't apologize! You…you live and you learn. You're not the one to blame. Okay, sweetie?"

Kagome sighed and wiped her eyes. "Okay. Thank you mom."

Sango walked up to Kagome and put her hand on her shoulder. "Kags…I wish I could have been with you today. I know we were supposed to go out a-and I blew you off to study. I end up not studying anyway. I should have been with you." She began to sob, the obvious pain in her eyes. "I should have been with you!"

"No, Sango don't cry!" She pleaded as she cried with her. "It isn't your fault. You still saved me. You called the police. You were still there for me. I'm okay. I love you. Both of you." She diverted her attention to her mother. "Thank you for being there for me."

A knock on the door slightly startled her as two detectives entered the room.

"Hello, Kagome. Is it alright if we speak with you about what happened?" Kagome reluctantly nodded. Sango gave her an optimistic smile and her mother kissed her forehead as the two left the room. The detectives sat down in two chairs beside her.

"Kagome, my name is Detective Sasaki and this is my partner Detective Adachi. We just want to ask you a few questions. Can you tell us what happened?"

"Okay…Well…" Kagome began.

"Shiro, stop!" Kagome screamed as her boyfriend slashed through her body with a knife. He was holding her down with his legs, hovering over her with a maniacal look on his face. The pain from her wounds was brutal but the fear in her heart overpowered it.

"You were fuckin' him weren't you!" He screamed with a cold, evil look in his eyes. It was as though jealousy had completely destroyed the lack of sense he already had and turned him into a psychopath. "I saw the way you looked at him, you bitch! I can't trust you for nothin'! I should kill you right here!"

Kagome froze, thinking he was really going to kill her. Her wounds were leaking all over the place. She felt lightheaded and knew she had lost way too much blood. She figured this was the end for her. She looked up at Shiro like he was a monster. Her lip was trembling and tears were rolling down her cheek.

Suddenly, Shiro's angry face softened. It was as though his personality switched and he spoke softly in Kagome's ear, stroking the side of her cheek as she grimaced slightly. "Kagome…baby. Why do you treat me like this? You know you're my girl. I'm tired of catching you talking to all these losers. Do you know how that makes me feel? I'm so hurt right now."

Kagome figured the only thing she could do was reason with him. She spoke to him just as softly, holding the hand he had on her cheek. "Shiro, those were boys from my class. I was just helping—" He cut her words off by putting the knife to her neck. He was growling and huffing like a beast. It was as though he switched back to his angry monstrous self. Kagome always considered him to be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

"You don't talk to nobody, you got that bitch! I don't wanna have to warn you again. Stupid girl." Shiro got off her and pushed her off the bed and onto the floor. "Go clean yourself up and get the fuck out my house. I'm not dealing with this right now."

Kagome slowly stood as the blood dripped out the slashes on the sides of her body, her left leg and her right arm. 'If I don't go to a hospital, I'm going to die. Enough is enough. I have to end this. Even if I survive, he may…no. He will kill me next time.' She grabbed her bag and went to the bathroom. She locked the door, slumped on the toilet and took out her phone. She put her phone on silent and sent a text to her best friend, Sango.

"Shiro hurt me again. Bleeding wnt stop. Plz call the cops."

She turned off her phone and sat on the toilet crying when Shiro came banging on the door, causing Kagome to jump. She wished she could just flush herself down the toilet or climb out the bathroom window—if he had one. Kagome was scared of a lot of things: Spiders, heights and even going to hell, but Shiro scared her more than anything.

"The fuck are you doing in there? Hurry up and get out." He started turning the doorknob as Kagome silently sobbed, hoping the police would hurry up. He banged on the door again causing Kagome's heart to pound as she was gasping for air through her silent cries. 'I don't wanna die' Was all she could repeat in her mind.

"I know you hear me, Kagome! Open the damn door, you stupid bitch!" He yelled. Shiro always talked to Kagome like she was worthless. She wasn't sure why she put up with his crap for 6 months. In the beginning, he was so sweet. But when they would fight, he would just tell her to shut up and push her. Then it got worse. He started to slap her and punch her. He would call her names and he even cheated on her. Kagome was only 14, she should be happy at this age. Not hiding behind a bathroom door afraid for her life.

Shiro began picking the lock to the bathroom door. 'Oh, God' Kagome thought. If there was a good time for her to pray, it was now. She put her hands together and closed her eyes tightly. 'God, please help me. I don't want to die here. I'm sorry I didn't listen to my mother and Sango and break up with him sooner. Please save me.'

Kagome's prayers were immediately answered as she heard the sirens outside. She then heard a bang and a bunch of feet rush in and struggling on the other side. She continued to sob but was relieved that she was saved.

"I see." The detective nodded, taking notes. "And this wasn't the first time he has abused you, correct?"

"Yeah. S-Sango convinced me to take pictures of the bruises."

"Sango is the same young lady who called the police?"


"So did you take these photographs as she suggested?"

"S-She took them. I'm not sure what she did with them."

"You plan to press charges, correct?"

"L-Like go to court?"

"Well, yes."

"Um…I-I'm scared."

"Don't worry. You'll have someone with you every step of the way. Would it be alright if we ask Sango for those photographs to bring into evidence for the impending case?"

Kagome silently nodded as the Detectives stood up.

"Thank You, Ms. Higurashi. We'll be in touch. Get better, alright?"

Kagome gave a slight smile and nod as they left. She sighed and rested on her pillow. 'I'm alive. Shiro's going to jail. I'm going to get past this. Someday.' Her body was too weak to stay awake and harp over her problems. She gave in to sleep.

The Detectives walked out of Kagome's hospital room and towards Sango.

Detective Adachi approached her calmly with a slight smile on his face. "You're Sango, correct?"

Sango stood and nodded. "Yes I am."

"Kagome had mentioned to us that you convinced her to save photographs of her previous incidents with the assailant. Do you have those photos?"

"They're saved on my computer."

"Would you be willing to submit them for evidence? Kagome plans to press charges and evidence of prolonged abuse will be very useful."


"Alright well" The detective took out his card. "Here's my card. Call me when you're available to submit those photos. Thank you for your cooperation."

Sango grabbed the card and smiled at the detective. "Of course. Anything to help Kagome."