Welcome, readers, to my first High School Alternative Universe Fic! Of Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity!

Eyup, this is gonna be fun.

Please note that I changed quite a few of the character personalities simply 'for the lulz', and maybe some romance and stuff.

I don't own any of the characters save Alex (Hey, gotta throw in the Player Character in there too), and several of the changed personalities. Oh, and there's no uniforms, they're all dressed as if they're still in the game.

Oh, and Nagisa is going to be VERY OoC in this fanfic. Trust me, it's better off this way. If you need an explanation, please hit the 'End' key on your keyboard, which'll zip you down to the bottom.

Well, enjoy!

Alexander's POV

…Ah… sleep… my eternal friend…

"Hey, Alex, wake up!"

"Ngh… five more minutes…"

"He's not waking up, Kunoh."

"Here, hand me that workbook."

"Alright, here…" Oh shit, WAIT-


"AH FUCK!" I gripped the back of my head, "Geez, Kunoh, did you have to hit me so damn hard? And you knocked off my hat too…" I bent over to grab the business man style hat which was lying on the ground. Ah, good to know it's not that dirty…

"You weren't waking up." She said with a satisfied smile before handing Hyuga back his workbook, "Thank you, Hyuga."

"No problem…" he said nervously.

"Do you always have to hit me?" I groaned.

"It hasn't failed so far, has it?" she shot me a deadly smile, which was only made even more scary by her intimidating dark red longcoat and dark blue hair.

"Ugh…" I groaned.

"Good morning class!" Mr. Wynarl said, followed by a girl I had never seen before.

"Whoa, who's that?" Hyuga whispered.

"Tch, like I'd know," I rolled my eyes, quickly scanning her to get a look for her appearance.

She had long, black hair that went to maybe her waist, with a blue flower in it, along with an eyepatch with what looked like an army insignia on it. Her white jacket had two sets of golden buttons, making it look pretty fancy, yet almost casual, with a gold trimmed collar and another blue flower right over her heart, plus some emerald gem looking things at the wrists. Her blue and black striped undershirt hung out just a little bit over her white skirt, which went halfway to her knees, exposing her rather slender legs, covered by black leggings that had a golden stripe running through the center front and back, and what looked like a leg accessory went around just where her skirt stopped, which was a small band, golden border with a blue inside, with a golden, ornate pattern running through the center of the band. I traced her gaze to the floor, as she tried to not look anyone in the face. "Well, why don't you introduce yourself?"

Just so you know, that eyepatch, BADASS.

"H-hello… I'm Nagisa Arisato… Pleasure to meet you…"

"Now, I don't want any of you hitting on her, you hear me?"

"Wow, she's pretty cute!" Hyuga nudged me in the back.

"Hyuga! Did you NOT hear what I just said? Or perhaps you just went ahead and straight up ignored me? Maybe you'd like to scrape the gum off a few hundred desks after school?" Mr. Wynarl grinned.

"No!" the poor boy shouted, "Please! Anything but that"

"Then I trust you won't say anything else?"

"Yes sir…" I heard a satisfying Thunk! As Hyuga's face hit his desk. Serves him right. Well, now I'm bored.

I opened up my video game magazine, for all the bravado Hyuga has when he's on the fencing team, he totally loses it around teachers. And Kunoh, but after all, she TOTALLY can freak the living shit out of anyone if she tried hard enough.

"Ah, I'd hate to have to put you so close the Hyuga, but you can sit next to Alexander there, which, might I add, why don't you show our new friend around?"

"Right, Mr. Wynarl…" I got up after closing up my newly opened magazine. The only reason I even bothered to be on welcoming committee was because the chances of someone transferring to our school, to this specific classroom, were so low that the odds were going to ALWAYS be in my favor. Oh well, DAMN YOU STATISTICS!

"Come on, let's go." I signaled for her to follow me as I held open the door.

"Right…" she said meekly.

A long time later, I ended our tour of the school in front of the clinic.

"And, that concludes the tour of the school… any questions?" I turned around… only to find she was gone. Tch, where'd she go off to… Alright… let's just listen closely… Aha! I hear footsteps coming from down the hall.

Walking down the hall, I saw Nagisa come out of the bathroom, "Hey, next time, if you're going to the bathroom, tell me so I don't think you vanished off or something."

"O-oh, I'm sorry…" she looked down at the ground, starting to murmur, "…for sneaking off."

"It's alright, just don't forget next time, mkay?" I looked up at her, "Er, Nagisa, either you've got a fever or you're blushing…"

"Ah!" she turned away after looking at me again, "Alexander, was it?"

"Please, call me Alex, it's a lot easier, but if you're fine with Alexander, sure, whatever gets you to sleep at night."

"Sleep at night… uh… OH!" she gasped, "It's just a figure of speech… Alex… right?"


"I think… I might like you…"

…Silence filled the halls.

"Lulz… what?"

"Uh…" her face lit up in like a crimson light, "I think so… in a documentary I saw…"

"TV? You got that from a show?" I raised an eyebrow, starting to think this was one hell of a practical joke.

"I've never… uh… felt that much attraction to someone who wasn't in my family…"

"Er, what are you talking about…?" my brain was starting to fall apart in all the confusion.

"Yes… Um… can I tell you a secret?"

"Uh, sure, I guess. What's up?"

"I'm… not quite normal."

Cue the awkward silence in the hall!

"…Um, you're not like, an escaped convict or mentally insane person, are you?"

"Huh? N-no! O-oh, it was only a joke…"

"Oh, good."

"I… uh… am an amnesiac. I had it from blunt force trauma or something from an accident and forgot a lot of things… they've reawakened lots of things, like the important motor functions or something… but I still don't know a lot of things… Ever since a year ago…" she looked down at the floor again, "So I had to relearn how to walk and had to also relearn everything I've learned in a year…"

"Ah… "

"P-please don't think I'm weird or something…"

"Eh, I don't think that, that's actually pretty cool how you recovered from that so quickly! Besides, you're pretty unique then."

"A-ah… thank you…" she smiled, and it was actually kind of nice to see it… "Alex… is something wrong…?"

"It's… just that you're smile is very cute…" I looked at the floor, "You have an amazing smile…"

Did I REALLY just tell her that? Man, what the hell is up with me today?

"O-oh… thank you…"


"Ah, shit," I sighed as the bell rang, "Well, looks like we missed first period. Mr. Wynarl is totally going to kill us…"

"But… he wouldn't actually murder his students…" she paused for a moment before realizing I was only joking about it, "Oh! It was a joke, right?"

Eh, I see a Moment of Funny coming up, "Nah, he actually kills his students if they miss first period. Watch your back after school."

"Oh no! Help me, Alex!" Nagisa put her hands over her mouth as she looked around nervously.

"Come on, let's get back to class." I laughed as I started walking down the hall, back to the classroom.

"W-wait up!" she called, running to catch up to me.

"No running!" I chuckled, picking up my walking pace.


"Where have you two lovebirds been?" Hyuga adjusted his glasses as we sat back down, "You missed all of-"

"I know we missed first period. And seriously, lovebirds? What the hell, man? It's not that, it's just that Nagisa had a lot of questions for me."

"Oh right, I forgot you like to be detailed in your answers."

"Hey, I don't put THAT much detail into-"

"Says the one who used up three pages to write what was supposed to be a PARAGRAPH describing the moon." Kunoh interrupted.

"Shut up."

"A-anyway!" Nagisa interrupted our argument, "Alex is correct, I had a lot of questions."

"She's calling you Alex already?" Kunoh asked with an evil gleam in her eye, "You weren't hitting on her or anything?"

"'Course not, just who the hell do you think-"

"If you finish that quote I swear I'll-"


"Alright class," Ms. Mika, our English teacher walked in, "Please get out your homework assignments…"

I heard a few groans, coming mostly from the back of the class, and one I recognized to be Hyuga's voice… right before a shout as Kunoh probably smacked him on the back of the head. Meh, he never learns.

Lunchtime came sooner than I expected, and I went up to the roof with Nagisa to have lunch.

"Are you sure we can have lunch up here… There's no one else…"

"We're allowed to eat lunch wherever we want, as long as we don't leave the school and we're back within an hour."

"Oh, okay."

I sat down and looked over the city, "Ah, I remember now why I always come up here."

"Why is that?" Nagisa sat down next to me.

"Well, I love to look out over the city… but anyway, can you go on about you having amnesia?"

"Ah… yes…" she nodded as she took a bite from her small cheeseburger, "It was about a year ago, when we had a… structural failure is what I think dad said back at the house, and I was lucky enough to dodge most of it, but enough force hit me on the head to cause me to forget everything, or most of the things I knew. I spent a while relearning how to walk, talk, things I'd need to do later on. Lately I've just been learning what I needed for high school… and I think that started about four months ago."


"You're… n-not thinking I'm strange now… are you…?" she said, tears in her eyes.

"Ah! Of course not!" I quickly said, "I'm just thinking about how amazing that is, you relearned almost everything you knew in the course of a year, which I think is amazing. I don't think I could do that."

"T-thank you…" she blushed, looking away.

"Hey, no need to thank me all the time, I'm just stating fact." I leaned back, pressing against the fence behind me.

"Also… I was wondering, since you were sleeping in between classes, you didn't hear me talking to Kunoh, but how does she know so much about you?"

"Well," I sat back up, "My parents died when I was five on Parum, and Kunoh's family was really close to mine, so they offered to take me in. Problem was, they were living on Clad 6, since they knew eachother through work, so I had to move away from home, and once I had settled in, they shipped me off to school. Little Wing High's fine with me though, Clad 6 sure has been good to me."

"Oh… sorry…"

"Eh, don't sweat it, I got over their death a long time ago. Anyway, if you see Kunoh whacking me upside the head, it's really only to keep me outta trouble, and I appreciate the sentiment, but I don't like the way she does it at times."

"What about Hyuga?"

"Ah, Hyuga, I think we met around… third grade? Saved me from the wrath of about seven girls who I angered because all the guys just gave into their wishes and stuff because of the whole elementary school crushes and crap, and I was the only one who hadn't really done that, because, well… I'm not one to just give in just 'cause everyone's doing it. Besides, crushes come and go, and I wanted to find that one person that I'd go with to infinity. That, and he also bought me lunch when I didn't have any."

"You've led an interesting life, Alex…"

"Eh, sure. Anyway, when you said that you liked me, you were simply embarrassed, right?"

"It was the first time I was ever around someone my age alone… so I got a little flustered. But… I do like you… as a friend of course! For now…"

"For now?" I raised an eyebrow as if she had suggested something.

"Ah!" she blushed, "I-I didn't mean-"

"Relax, we'll go through it, one day at a time." I put a hand on her shoulder to calm her down. Of course, this only gave me the reverse of the desired effect, and her face looked as if she had fallen in a giant tub of red paint.

"A-Alex… t-t-touching shoulder…"

"Deep breaths, deep breaths… calm down." I nodded with each word as she inhaled and exhaled, "Better?"



"Well, let's get back down to class then." I hopped up from the table, "Don't want to be late again!"

After School

The rest of the day was over pretty quickly, and I didn't get called on to answer a question even once. Yay!

"Hell yeah! School's over!" Hyuga cheered, "Now I can go-"

"Goof off instead of studying?" Kunoh flashed a dangerous grin. I don't like that look…

"Eherm… uh… Oh wait, you're not my mother, I don't have to listen to you."

"Sure, but your mother would be disappointed if you got another horrible exam grade, right?"


"Well then, let's go to the school library so you can study. At least there they won't have any distracting books…" she grabbed his arm and began dragging him, "Ah, Alex, I'll see you back at home."


"AHHH! ALEX, HELP ME! SAVE ME FROM My doom…" his voice trailed off as Kunoh dragged him further. What's funny is that he's AMAZING at science, but terrible at everything else. Seriously, he beat out many people on a test in an advanced, optional, nearly impossible Physics class, yet is terrible at simple Algebra… HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN WORK?

"Sorry buddy." I shook my head.


"Ah, Nagisa, sorry, I got distracted."

"Oh, it's okay."

"So, did you want to go somewhere after school?"

"Uh…" she thought as we walked out of the classroom.

"'Ello!" a familiar voice called out from behind us down the hall.

"Oh, hey there Chelsea," I greeted the green haired French girl, "What you up to?"

"Oh, Chelsea and I were going to her dad's restaurant so she could teach me how to cook." Yut, another one of my friends popped up next to her, "You wanna join… hey, who's your friend there?"

"Ah, this is Nagisa Arisato. Nagisa, this is Yut Jun Yunkers, and Chelsea Luvener."


"Actually, Nagisa, do you like to cook?" I raised an eyebrow.

"I-I know a bit…"

"Then why don't you come with us?" Chelsea linked her arms with Nagisa and began to drag her off.

"Chelsea, don't kidnap my friends!" I groaned, chasing the two, followed by Yut.

Ah, the Skyward Lovers, although it's a pretty cheesy name, serves some DAMN amazing food.

Anyway, Chelsea dragged all three of us into the kitchen, where we got started on learning how to cook, and she also took Nagisa into a separate room. Guess she's getting to know her. Anyway, I made some omelets. Can't ever get enough of those things…

I was helping Yut with his stew when a familiar smell filled the room.

"Dude, do you smell that?" I whispered.

"…Hm…" Yut sniffed the air, "…Holy crap, Chelsea's making brownies."

"Holy shit." We murmured in awe.

If you didn't know, Chelsea's brownies were amazing. As in, if she brought them to school, even the proudest sociopath jerkasses would get on their knees and beg for simply a crumb. Yeah, they're THAT amazing.

"Here Nagisa, just wait, those boys'll be dashing through the door within thirty seconds…" I heard Chelsea chuckle.

"Oh, she wouldn't…"

"She said that loud enough that we could barely hear it." I noted, "Well, I'mma make another omelet."

"Alright then, well… I'm going to have the first piece!" Yut shoved his way past me and made a break for the door separating the two groups.

"Tch! Must… control… self…" I clenched my fists in frustration, "Ah, fuck it."

Walking towards the door, I pushed it open as I stood in front of it, "Hey, Yut, you left your stew out there, you're lucky I turned off the stove for you."

"Oh my goodness, they're so good…" Looks like I lost him…

"Well Chelsea, looks like Yut's lost in the world of wonderful chocolateness. Did you already try them Nagisa?"

"Yes… they're quite good. Better than I've ever made." She looked down on the floor.

"Nonsense!" Chelsea wrapped her arm around Nagisa's neck, "I'm sure you'll get very good! Now, Alex, would you like some brownies?"

"Uh, sure."

"Well, I'll let you have them on one condition…" she smiled evilly. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Chelsea loves teasing me and flirting with me, even though we both know I don't like her in that way, she enjoys doing so simply, as I would put it, 'For the lulz'.

"And that condition would be…"

"You have to let me feed them to you." Her smile only widened.

"Oh, you suck." I groaned.

"Are you sure you don't want them?" her smile rivaled the Chershire Cat's smile as she took out her fan and waved the smell over to me, "I mean, I could always give them to Yut and Nagisa…"

My stomach betrayed my pride, "Fine."

"Oh! I thought you'd need more persuasion than that!" she sat down next to me, "Now, open up!"

"Alright…" I grumbled, complying to her demands, making a mental note to get revenge on a snickering Yut.

"Ch-chelsea… are you sure that's necessary…?" Nagisa's face was that already familiar shade of crimson.

"Of course! Now… here's comes the train!" she put a small bit of brownie into my mouth.

"Holy crap it's so good… Why must my pride as a man be murdered so brutally though…"

"Because it's fun!" Chelsea clapped her hands, "Now, here we go again!"

"Yahaha… MY SIDES!" Yut laughed uncontrollably, "It's… so… hard… to believe… you guys… aren't… dating!"

"You know that we wouldn't date," I rolled my eyes, "Besides, it's a lot easier to stay friends with some people." Open mouth, eat brownie, "And I don't think Chelsea and I would work. So Nagisa, how are you liking Little Wing High?" Hooray for being good at changing the subject!

"It's very nice, I'm very glad your friends have been very kind to me." She gave a small smile.

"Don't worry, Nagisa, I'm sure you'll be a fine friend to have!" Chelsea smiled at her, "Now, it's getting late, so why don't we have Alex walk you home, I'll even give you a plate of brownies to bring home!"

"T-thank you…"

"Oh, hey, Yut, better check on your stew…" I walked back into our room and looked in the pot, "HOLY FUCK!"

"What is it?" Yut immediately looked in, pudding crumbs still on his mouth.

"It's… pudding now…" my jaw hit the ground as I put a spoon into it and tasted it. "H-how…"

"…" Yut was still in shock.

"Pudding…? How did stew turn into pudding…?" Chelsea looked into his pot, and tasted a bit, "I'm sure this isn't right…"

"I'm… going to get some help on this one tomorrow… But… it is getting late, so I guess I'll walk Nagisa home…"

"I'm very glad your friends are nice people." Nagisa mumbled, holding a container of brownies.

"Yeah, they're pretty fun to be around. So, how was your first day of meeting other people again?" I asked as we got off the train.

"It was very good. I'm glad I met you… Not in that way though! I meant, because you were nice to me and-"

"It's alright," I chuckled, "I know what you meant."

"O-oh, okay…"

A short, silent walk later, we ended up in front of the Zenheiller household, where I had lived for so many years.

"Well, this is it… Oh, crap, I should've asked which way you lived!"

"Oh, no, it's no problem, I just live in the other direction that we walked, it's not that far away."

"Oh… okay… I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

"…Okay… bye…" Nagisa walked off.

Well, looks like things got a hell of a lot more interesting, didn't they?


I'll tell you how… NEXT CHAPTER!

Actually, it was a gag a friend suggested on why Yut loves pudding so much: His food turns to pudding somehow!

Eh, don't worry, we're working on an actual formula on how to turn stew into pudding. We will have it done within the next 2,389,377,562 years. Then pudding shall be everywhere. Of course, then we'll have to spend even more time finding the formula from stew to cake, and then EVERYTHING TO CAKE! Eherm… Uh, yeah. Besides, even if I don't find it within my lifetime, MY LEGACY WILL CARRY- OOMPH!

Minaka: Get to the explanations already!

Fine then…

Explanations time!

Okay, I know you're here because of Nagisa's personality. YES, I know she is massively OoC, but then again, this is a romance/humor fic, and a stone cold, I-kill-you-when-you-piss-me-off isn't that great for romance… besides, I have plans for someone with THAT personality. Can you guess? Back to the topic at hand, Nagisa is made an amnesiac because, well, coming up for a past that in the game was filled with her finding the fragments is, frankly, very irritating to do. Yes, I know it was lazy of me. But hey, shy Nagisa is AWESOME and, I'll say it, is pretty damn cute.

Now, onto Kunoh. Yeah, I gave her a last name, Zenheiller. I did keep around her rather cold-ish and much more mature personality, but there's that little bit of kindness that you see if you always talk to her in both PSP2 and PSP2:I. Mostly kept her character, and she does have a sort of 'Older Sibling Mentor' thing towards Alex. Also, I haven't introduced a formal pairing yet… hm? Just kidding of course, but there's no telling who it'll be.

Ah, then there's Hyuga. Amazing at science, and Cassanova Wannabe-ish. Yeah, it's absurd how he's good at Science and yet terrible at Math, but it's more fun this way! Besides, this is supposed to be humor story along with romance, so, you get the picture. But Kunoh tries to get him to at least be smarter in some way or another, and this story won't always focus around Alex, it'll change POV's every now and then, so maybe there'll be a chapter on Hyuga's thoughts at Kunoh's attempts to make him smarter?

And lastly, Chelsea. I still made her pretty happy-go-lucky like, and she's still got the green hair and dress. Gave her the brownie making things just because it would be fun, and besides, if you've read PSP2:I A Novelization lately, you'll see Alex making more and more remarks to his manliness. Note the remark from him about his manliness being murdered for a brownie. She does flirt with Alex, as he puts it, 'for the lulz', which is exactly what is going on… or maybe something more? Who knows?

Anyway, the other members of the Little Wing Crew will be introduced soon, I didn't want to introduce all of them right now.