Finally! A new idea! Since Dani Miami is the most reviewed story I've ever written, I've decided to branch it off from the CSI Phantom series.

A new adventure is waiting for our favorite ghost-girl in Miami! Enjoy!

Misguidance Councilor

Chapter 1

Murder or Suicide?

She was sobbing uncontrollably as she ran through every shortcut in downtown Miami. Why was this happening to her? Why was there a puma chasing after her through the streets of Miami? First she was diagnosed with depression now this!

She stumbled upon the beach and continued to running. She screamed and cried for help. Surely there must be a lifeguard that still hasn't gone home for the day yet. She hid underneath a pier and waited.

The air suddenly dropped by a few degrees. The weather forecast didn't predict a cold front. The hair on the back of her neck started to prickle. Sensing a presence, she turned around and saw an evil shadow-like being grinning evilly as it advanced toward her.

"What do you want from me?" she wailed. "Why are you chasing me?"

"Don't worry, sweetie," the shadow creature said feigning concern. "This will only hurt a little."

The girl backed away from the creature. She heard a growl coming from behind her. She whimpered as she turned around. Her eyes met with the puma that was chasing her. She screamed as the animal and the creature advanced toward her.

The following morning, two members of community service were strolling the beach picking up trash.

"I'm tellin' ya, Doug! Ratings for American Idol have gone downhill ever since Simon left. It was bad when Paula left but Simon just made it worse!"

"Then how come you were watching it a few months ago?"

"I only watch the auditions for humor's sake!" Doug exclaimed.

"See, this is why I only stick with Family Guy and the Simpsons. It's not every season that a character leaves the show."

"You need to expand from the cartoons, Randy," said Doug.

Randy then noticed feet dangling from the pier. It was still pretty early for people to be visiting the pier. All the shops and boutiques lining the pier were still closed. Hopefully it's some random person who passed out drunk. Then again, Spring Break isn't for a couple of weeks…

"Hey, Doug, you those feet dangling from above?" Randy pointed out.

Doug looked up and furrowed his eyebrows. "Yeah. Who is hanging out at the pier at this hour? I don't think my kids have even left for school yet." They walked out from under the pier and saw to their horror a girl dangling on a rope that was tied to the railing. It was quite clear that the girl was dead.

"Holy Mother of God," Randy gasped.

Horatio Caine stepped onto the beach and approached Dr. Tom Loman who was examining the body. The body was carefully lowered down to the beach and onto a gurney.

"Hard to tell if this was a murder or a suicide," Tom noted.

"What do you mean?" Horatio asked as he took off his sunglasses.

"Normally for suicides by hanging, the only bruising visible would be on the neck." He lifted her shirt up a little to expose her stomach. Several bruises and scratch marks were visible all over her torso. "The bruises on her neck were pre-mortem as well as these bruises and scratches." He pointed to some of the bigger scratches. "Although, I think it's safe to say that, judging by the length and depth of these scratch marks, that these were not made by a person. I'm thinking animal."

"An animal?" Horatio asked bemused.

"Hard to believe, I know," said Tom, "but no human being I know is able to make scratches this deep."

Horatio noticed that something was off about this victim. Something wasn't right with these scratch marks; he just couldn't put his finger on it. But right now there was something bigger he had to figure out.

A bald gruff man approached the duo (or trio if you include the DB). "Found her purse half-buried underneath the pier," said Detective Frank Tripp. "Girl's name is Holly Seabrook, eighteen years old, goes to Lenore High School. She's been living with her relatives for the past two years."

"Inform the parents?" asked Horatio as he looked out into the ocean.

"Yeah. They're coming down later to make a positive ID," said the Texan. "I gotta say this is the fourth Lenore suicide. There have been three others this whole school year. Too weird to be a coincidence if you ask me."

Horatio raised his eyebrows at this information. "Three suicides this past year?"

"Four now and counting," said Frank. "First one was reported in September. Makes me wonder what's going on at that school."

CSI Ryan Wolfe then approached the three men. "H, you might want to see this."

Horatio nodded. He excused himself and followed the shortest member of his team. An examination table was set up to go through and label evidence that the CSI's found. On it was the rope used for the suicide, the victim's purse and its contents.

Ryan picked up the victim's cell phone with his latex gloved hands. He turned it on and went to show the pictures saved on it. He went through them till he found the one that he was looking for.

"Does the name Seabrook ring a bell?" Ryan asked Horatio.

The redheaded lieutenant thought about it for a moment. Seabrook…where has he heard that name before? "Refresh my memory, Mr. Wolfe."

Wolfe showed Horatio the phone. A picture of the victim, Holly, was displayed on the screen. The girl was with another girl who was slightly younger than her. Holly had dark brown hair with multicolored highlights in her hair. Her eyes were sky blue. The girl who was with her in the picture had black hair and her eyes were the same shade of blue. The title of the picture read: Fourth of July with cousin Gwen.

"Gwen Seabrook?" Horatio asked.

"Wasn't she kidnapped earlier this year?" asked Frank. "Her and three other girls?"

Now it was coming back. Gwen and three other girls were abducted by an escaped convict named Freakshow and hid them in the Everglades. One escaped but had an asthma attack and died in the Glades. Luckily, a very unusual girl was also found with her. With her help, Horatio and the team found the other girls and arrested Freakshow. It was during this investigation that this unusual girl turned out to be a half-ghost named Dani Phantom. She was currently staying with Horatio's sister-in-law, Yelina Salas. Gwen and the other girls befriended Dani and persuaded her to stay in Miami for safety purposes.

"Gwen Seabrook might know something about Holly," Horatio commented.

"Think she might know something about her cousin's suicide?" asked Frank.

"She might. I'll go to her school and ask," Horatio murmured. "Eric!" he called.

A Cuban-American man approached the group. "What's going on, H?"

"Take Walter and go to Lenore High School. Find out everything you can about Holly Seabrook," Horatio ordered.

"You got it, H," said Eric Delko.

"So how did our vic go from being mauled by an animal to being hanged from the railing of the pier?" Horatio asked aloud.

Frank shrugged. "Maybe she provoked an animal into attacking her and then finished herself off?"

"Suicide by mauling and hanging?" suggested a perplexed Ryan.

Horatio put on his sunglasses. "This case is going to be a pain in the neck."


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