Molly watched as he lifted the riding crop and strike blow after blow on the corpse, again and again. Hit it sometimes with more sometimes with less force. His face contorted, though she couldn't tell whether it was with endeavour or with downright anger. It was difficult for her to guess his feelings, still less to tell if he actually had any.

Naturally, she knew what he could feel. So often she'd had witnessed his emotional outbursts, seen him grin so widely. How he'd been thrilled to bits. How he'd become so serious, so grave, that he'd scared people off.

Sometimes, she almost believed she knew two different people.

Actually, the thought wasn't so wrong. He indeed was a different person, at least that was what he lead people to believe. And he did all this without even intuiting anything about it.

Sherlock Holmes, that's who he believed to be. A consulting detective, who solved crimes for the police, helped them out when they were out of their wits. Oh, and by the way he was the most insufferable man alive.

But truth be told, he indeed was someone entirely different. Someone who was the exact opposite of what he pretended to be.

She ached to tell him the truth, to tell him who he really was. She wanted to travel and look for adventures with him, just as they used to do. But she had promised him to keep her mouth shut. Just to be quiet and watch over him.

It broke her heart to watch the man she knew fade away until only the cold Sherlock Holmes was left.

Slowly, Molly even began to forget what he actually was like, what a caring and wise person he'd had been. What a fighter. But she was bound to her promise, there was no way she was allowed to break it. She knew if she would do this out of reasons this selfish, everything would be over.

With a heavy sigh she reached into her pocket and took out a pocket watch. It weighed heavy in her tiny hand. Swinging circles were engraved on the cover, though she couldn't even guess about their meaning.

"Oh, Doctor…" she mumbled miserably and clutched the watch close. The metal was warm against her skin and she almost felt as though a heart was beating inside it. "Why couldn't I just refuse?"