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Felt Good On My Lips – Tim McGraw

"Why are you running?"

"I'm not RUNNING, Mom. I'm going on a vacation. A much needed vacation. I just… I need to get away for a while."

"Sounds like running to me." My mother says in that 'I'm your mother and I know everything about you' tone of voice.

Using all my strength, I keep my snarl withheld and plaster on my best fake smile. "Mom… I'm fine. I just need some time away from this place. You always tell me I work too hard, and now that I'm finally listening to you… you say that I'm running away."

"Fine." My mother spits. "It's not like I'm your mother and actually know what you have gone through. Walking in on Joanne cheating on you-"

"Stop! Just… just please stop! I don't want to think about that. Ok?" I exclaim, hurriedly packing the rest of my suitcase. "I just… I'm going on a vacation, alone. Away from everyone that I know. It'll be good for me. I'll see you when I get back."

"Another?" The bartender asks, pulling me out of my memory. That scene was two days ago, just hours before I hopped on the first plane out of Boston. I'm not running. I just need space… and time. Away from everything I know, because everything is a reminder of what I had. …Of what I lost. So here I am, in some no name bar, chugging down beer after beer.

"Please." I answer ,then throw down another bill as a fresh bottle is placed in front of me. The slightly bitter, yet very crisp liquid washes down my throat and I can almost feel the bad memories just wash away. Turning on the bar stool, I look out over the small dance floor, different colored lights flashing and the DJ spinning a mix of songs. The atmosphere is upbeat and lively, all the patrons enjoying the Hawaiian themed night. The warm Miami night breeze whips in through the open windows, bringing with it the smell of the ocean. Then, like the draw of the most powerful magnet ever known, my eyes land on the whirl of motion at the center of the dance floor. There, the most beautiful woman I've ever seen is dancing to the quick tune filling the air. Even in the crowded bar, I can feel her gaze lock on mine.

After another minute of dancing, my gaze never leaving hers as her glorious body sways to the beat, she leaves her dancing partner behind and heads my way. My heart pounding harder and harder in my chest every step closer she takes, I watch her part the crowd like she's Moses and the dance floor is the Red Sea.

"Hi…" She says, stopping only a foot from me. At this proximity I can see how deep her chocolate eyes are, how full of life and happiness they seem.

"Hi." I manage to get out, though I'm not sure if I was actually able to form words or if I just kind of grunted.

"You're new here." The woman states, her eyes trailing up and down my body. I can feel my temperature rise as she appraises me just as I did to her.

"Yeah. I'm on vacation." I tell her, my hand fidgeting with the beer bottle grasped tightly.

"What's your name, beautiful?" She asks, taking a small step forward and my breathing nearly stops as I watch her hips sway.

"Arizona." I tell her, feeling completely at the mercy of this goddess before me. "Arizona Robbins…" I add, holding out my hand to shake.

The softness and warmth of her hand in mine makes me gasp, and the glint in her eyes tell me she heard it too. "Calliope Torres."

"Calliope?" I ask, a smile forming on my face as our hands remained clasped much longer than a usual handshake should.

"It's a hand-me down name, from the side of my family that long ago came over here on a boat from somewhere in Spain." The Latina says with a smirk.

I've never heard of such a name before and it sounds a little bit strange, but as I whisper her name again "Calliope…" I decide that her name feels good on my lips. "It's nice to meet you." I add, finally extracting my hand from hers and taking a swig of my beer.

"Pleasure is all mine, Arizona." Callie adds, taking the empty bar seat next to mine. "You aren't here alone, are you?" She asks, taking a look around as she tries to locate someone who might be my travel companion.

"I am." I tell her, and those beautiful brown eyes snap back to mine. "I just… I thought that time away by myself would be… healthy." At that last word, a knowing smile plays across the woman's face.

"Well then, Ms. Robbins. If you're here alone, you won't mind dancing with me." Callie states, already standing up and reaching for my hand. Before I can say a word, my hand is being held in her strong ones as she pulls me off my barstool and out onto the dance floor. "Wait here." She whispers in my ear as we find a place in the center of the masses. Before I know it, she's gone. I catch a glimpse of her muttering something in the ear of the DJ, pulling a folded bill from within her glorious cleavage. A big smile from those luscious red lips and my new friend is heading back through the masses. Just as the gorgeous woman finds me again, the song playing fades out and another starts to pick up.

"This is my favorite song!" Callie exclaims, taking a hold of my hips with both of her hands. Our bodies meld together perfectly, like they were made for each other. The beat of the song is nice and strong, a Spanish little number that is rocking on strong. Everyone around us are dancing and grooving as well, and when the second chorus hits I'm singing right along with them. I don't know what it meant, but it felt good on my lips. Our bodies and hips pulse and sway to the beat, my hands exploring her body as hers hold me close.

Songs pass, my mind not seeing or feeling anything else besides this breathtakingly stunning creature in front of me. But when another song fades, my dance partner takes the smallest of steps back, removing her front from mine. The sexiest chuckle falls from red stained lips when the look of regret crosses my face when I lose that amazing contact with hers. A smoky wink, and then Callie grabs my hand and pulls us back towards the bar.

"Joe…" She shouts over the new song that's playing. "Two Tiki Tumblers." Callie orders, then turns back to face me. Her skin is flushed from all the dancing, or at least that's the excuse I'm using for my own blushing face. It's not the fact that this woman makes all other women look boring.

A second later, two large drinks are placed in front of us. "House special. Got a shot of a little bit of everything." A yellow umbrella sticking out of it, and the purple kind of pink color tips me off that this would never be a drink I'd be seen with. But I took a sip and it felt good on my lips. Callie and I get lost in each other's company, drinking and dancing the night away. Something about being around this woman makes me feel… right. Like my life hasn't ended, but only begun. That Joanne was… just a thing. Nothing important, not in the big picture.

As another song fades, I tell the Latina that I need to hit the head, and then leave her as she goes to get us some more drinks. When I return, she's found us a corner booth, away from the crowd to give us some privacy. I take a seat and she slides around right up next to me. Another Tiki Tumbler down each, and I turn to look at this beauty once again. Her gorgeous womanly body, the swell of her breasts, the way her lips curve into that perfect smile. …It makes me dizzy. That, or the forgotten number of Tumblers I've had through out the night. But it doesn't matter, she's the only thing I see right now.

When I lean in another inch, smoky eyelids close half way as she waits for me to make my move. "I've wanted to do this since I first saw you." I tell her, then close the remaining distance between us. Those lips that have teased and tortured me all night are nothing like what I imagined. They are 100 times softer, sweeter, and sexier than even my wildest imagination could come up with. My hands tangle in soft, silky black locks as Callie's find hold on the back on my neck and my ass.

It's not until the bartender hollers "Last Call!" that we pull away from each other. My lips, swollen and bruised, hum with the energy that radiates off the Latina. Walking out the front door with the few other last minute patrons, we stand at the curb and face each other, our hands intertwined.

"So…" I start, not knowing where to go from here.

"So…" Callie echoes. Then the smallest of smiles cross her lips and she leans in, placing a soft kiss on me. "Good bye, Arizona Robbins. I had an amazing night." With that, she lets go of my hand and slowly backs away. I watch her go, unable to think of how to keep this woman in my life. At ten feet, she turns her back to me and starts to walk off.

"Wait!" I call, making her face me again. "Will I see you again?"

Her face softens, eyes flicking up to the clear sky above. With a shrug of her shoulders, Callie answers "Maybe. …Maybe not. We'll just have to wait and see. Never know what our destiny has in store for us." With a wink, she turns back around and continues on her way.

I just stand there, watching the most magnificent woman walk away from me. As she fades from my sight, the world comes back to me. All these things that I've let happen to me. I've just sat back and took. And now… now I know what I want. I want her. Tonight, tomorrow, and as long as I can have her. The next second I'm running as fast as I can on the heels I'm wearing, the clacking of my shoes echoing off the surrounding buildings. As I near my target, Callie hears the sound and turns around just in time for me wrap my arms around her and place a blazing kiss on her lips.

When we part, I look deep in her chocolate depths and whisper "I make my own destiny now, Calliope." A life altering smile rewards me and I know that she feels what I feel. Taking her hand, she leads me further down the road. I don't know where she's taking me, but I know that it's the only place I want to go.

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