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Moving On, Literally

Life went on as usual the following day, both Arizona and Callie waking up with a very familiar and very comforting soreness throughout their bodies and they shared a sweet and simple kiss before rolling out of bed and finding their clothes. And today, just like every day for the last year, Arizona has gone about her morning routine of getting ready and tending to her healing leg.

By the time the blonde is back out in the living room Callie has already gotten little Sofia up and has started breakfast. The tiny Latina sits in her high chair, her head bobbing and eyes hazy with morning fog. It's the same look Callie has after waking and it never fails to make Arizona smile.

She limps her way through the apartment, very efficient with crutches by now, and sits in her usual spot next to her daughter. As with all mornings, Arizona notes the awkwardness of the feel of ground beneath just one foot, her left leg barely hanging off the edge of her chair. She doesn't wear her leg in the mornings because despite as much time and energy Callie put into to making her leg comfortable and amazing, it's still a five pound lump of metal that pinches and tugs. It took a while to get comfortable coming out of the bedroom with her stump on display, but just like with everything else it just took time.

Blue eyes watch in amusement as Sofia's head bobs again, the little girl jerking up as she fights off sleep. Only when she hears the muffled giggle of her mama do big brown eyes look over and find Arizona. A big gummy smile is given and Arizona returns her own dimply version.

"Morning, big girl." Arizona coos, leaning over and kissing a still warm cheek. Fair hands run through raven hair, subconsciously noting how soft and silky it is.

"Babe, fried or scrambled?" Callie asks from her place in the kitchen, peeking over her shoulder to find her smiling wife and sleepy daughter.

"Scammel." Sofia answers lazily.

Arizona's and Callie's gaze connect and Arizona says "You heard the woman. Scramble them bad boys up!"

"Yes, ma'am." Torres replies with a small salute.

Soon three plates of bacon and eggs are set around the table and the soft clinging of utensils against plate ware is the only sound in the apartment. Callie is glancing between their daughter and the folded newspaper next to her, occasionally taking a sip of fresh coffee before biting off some bacon. Sofia's fine motor control is still a little shaky but that doesn't keep her from chasing a piece of egg around her plate with her pretty pink plastic spoon. And Arizona? She just watches. She watches her wife, she watches her baby. …And she thinks. It used to be a dangerous thing, her being left to her thoughts. But after last night, the memorial at Joe's followed by a night of nothing but love and passion with her wife, she can't help but think it's all getting better. And that this is a turning point in her recovery.

Arizona watches her wife from across the table, smiling when plump lips purse at something the Latina reads, or her brows furrow in concentration.

"I wasn't kidding." Arizona states softly, pulling brown eyes up from her paper.

"What?" Callie asks in confusion.

"Last year, I wasn't kidding." The blonde repeats herself. "Let's get a house." It was a long time ago, at a point in their lives where everything was up in the air, but now Arizona is certain.

"Arizona-" Torres starts, a little blindsided by the sudden return of this issue.

"Let's do it, Calliope." Arizona cuts her off. "Let's get a house." Blue eyes dart to their daughter, Sofia carefully watching the exchange between her moms while she absently chews on a bite of breakfast. "It's time. I mean, we're growing out of this apartment anyways. Sofia can run from one end to the other in five steps." The peds surgeon looks back across the table to find brown eyes watching her. "I think it's time. …Time to move on. We have great memories here but… a lot of painful reminders also. And I'm tired of looking back, Calliope. I'm tired of feeling stuck. I want to move on, live my life. And I want to live it with you and Sofia."

Arizona can see her wife listening to every word, processing it all at her own pace.

She reaches across the table and takes a tanned hand in hers, saying "I want a home with you, Calliope. A place that's… ours. With a view, and background noise other than ambulance sirens. …A yard for Sofia and her siblings to play in."

Callie gasps, blinking back joyous tears, and asks in a thick voice "Siblings?"

"Yeah." The blonde answers with a big smile. "I promised you ten kids, so we have some work to do." They share a laugh and Callie stands from her chair, leaning over the table to share a salty kiss with her wife.

"Ok." Torres murmurs against pink lips.

"Yeah?" Arizona asks, smiling into another soft kiss.

"Yeah." Callie answers, pulling back just enough to stare into bright blue eyes. "Let's do it."

The hunt for a house started immediately, Arizona not wasting anytime in calling up a realtor and getting the process started. Within a day she and Callie had figured out how much they could afford, the blonde insistent on not dipping into Callie's trust fund for their house, as well as what they wanted. And with the housing market like it is, the idea of a couple eager to buy, and quickly, landed Callie and Arizona a new best friend.

"Ok, now this one was built in 1959 and offers 4 beds, 3 and a half baths with an ensuite master bath. As you can see the ceilings are vaulted in the main living area and…" The realtor goes into her spiel of the house, Callie milling around and nodding along with the woman while Arizona wanders off on her own. It's the five house they've seen today, but still it's not right. The couple try to explain what they're looking for, but it's hard to put a picture into words.

The first house they visited was a shack and they didn't even get out of the car before telling the realtor to continue on. The second one was better, but the neighborhood wasn't the best. The third was in the worst school district possible, and the fourth was situated on a steep hill. …A huge no-no when it comes to Arizona's shiny new leg and living in a state where 9 months out of the year it's either raining or snowing.

Blue eyes stare out of the windows of the master bedroom, Arizona softly swaying from side to side like she used to do to settle a fussy Sofia. Callie watches, a small smile forming as she thinks back to two, two and a half years ago, when Arizona was still wondering if she'd be a good mother.

The shuffling of feet over the floor alerts the blonde that she has company, and Arizona doesn't jump when arms wrap around her from behind.

"So?" Callie whispers before kissing her cheek. "What do you think?"

"It's not it." Arizona answers in a sigh, then turns in her wife's arms. Blue eyes stare up into brown and she says "This isn't our home."

"Then we'll keep looking." The Latina replies, confident that there is a house out there that is just what they are looking for.

The search was taking longer than they had planned. Nearly two weeks after seeing the first house and Arizona still hadn't found her dream home. She was sure it was out there somewhere, and if she had been able to survive the past year she was sure as hell not settling for anything less than perfection when it came to the home she would be building and raising her family in.

But then one morning while Callie was getting Sofia ready for the day Arizona's cell rang. It was the realtor saying that she found another home and was excited for the couple to check it out. Just from the description of it Arizona had an inkling that this might be it. So the blonde agreed that she and her wife would meet her later that day, sure that they could steal an extra hour for lunch without getting into too much trouble.

"Is this it?" Callie asks, shifting their car into park and peeking over to glance at the small post it note Arizona is holding which has the hastily written address on it.

"Yep. This is it." The blonde replies, eyes wide as she takes in the street.

They exit the car and find their realtor already inside and waiting for them. She goes about her usual routine of giving an overview of the home. When it was built, how many owners, any improvements, school systems, the neighborhood. …All that fun stuff. But none of it registers in Arizona's mind because she doesn't need to hear it.

And her decision is only strengthened as she moves from room to room, the home being open and airy, giving off the feeling of space. It's not dark or constricting, and the large bay windows let in plenty of natural sunshine. Without even trying she can already imagine Sofia running up and down the halls, chasing after their dog. Sitting in the living room and opening presents on Christmas morning. She can picture Callie dancing and shuffling around the beautiful kitchen, singing along with the radio as she effortlessly creates one masterpiece after another that nourishes and strengthens their family.

"So?" Her wife asks, pulling Arizona from her daydreaming. She turns from where she was looking out into green and grassy backyard and finds Callie smiling at her. "What you think?" She asks, just like every house before this one.

"What do you think?" Arizona turns the question around on the Latina.

The ortho goddess shuffles forward, the bright Seattle sun shining in through the window and making black hair look almost brown. "I think… we better start getting busy making babies." Callie answers in a whisper, her hands coming to rest on her wife's hips.

"I love." Arizona says, sure that her face is about to split into two from the huge smile she's wearing. "It's perfect."

"It is." Callie agrees, sharing a kiss with her wife.

The realtor clears her throat, letting the couple know she's there, and says "What do we think?"

"We'll take it." Arizona states quickly, as if there is someone else making a bid for the house right that very second.

"It's a little bit above your price range." Their realtor confesses, watching her clients for a reaction. "About 50 grand above, but still at the asking price this place is a steal." Callie meets her wife's gaze, blue eyes almost exploding with joy as Arizona excitedly grips and tugs at the Latina's shirt.

There once was a time where Callie could say no to anything. She was strong, and independent. She didn't take crap from anyone. …But this woman in front of her, dimples popping and golden hair shining in the sunlight, Arizona is her kryptonite. There is nothing Callie wouldn't do for Arizona, and their love has only strengthened in the last year. Just as a blacksmith crafts a blade, it takes polar opposites to create something solid and lasting. Metal is heated to a red hot ember, then quickly dunked into ice cold water. That blade is Callie and Arizona's relationship. They started off with fire, then were shaped and molded by harsh reality, but the freezing dunking came by way of the crash. And they were held under for a long time, so long that Callie didn't know if they'd come up for a long time. …But they did. They came up for air, they were brought out of the cold and the dark. It was a test very few could have survived, but they did. And they are stronger because of it.

The realtor shifts awkwardly, unsure if she just lost a sale or not, and asks "…So?"

Callie's gaze hasn't broken from that of her wife's, but she smiles and answers "You heard the woman. We'll take it."