Wendy cried.

She poured out her tears into her pillow, sobbing as quietly as she could so as not to arouse attention.

Sometime during the night she fell asleep, the tears drying on her cheeks.

When she awoke, the sun streamed through her curtains, blinding her.

It was a beautiful day, contrasting perfectly with Wendy's mood. She felt dark, dull, like something was missing.

Maybe it was just, oh, her feelings!

It was as if she couldn't feel, couldn't experience emotions any longer.

Not even sadness, and she had cried her last tear in a while. She had none left for anyone, especially Loki.

That… There were no words for the way he had acted.

She couldn't call him anything, because thinking about him made her weak in her own eyes.

She wore a dress of dark red, with black stitching.

It was just two days before her wedding to Tove, and she supposed that she should be wearing bright colours, dancing around, making arrangements, acting like the blushing bride that she was meant to be.

But to her, marriage to Tove was something to dread, and the loss of her freedom of choice in who she pledged her love to was something to mourn.

She was going to miss this, being able to look at Loki and wonder if his offer in the gardens, the first time that they had kissed, still stood.

Whether Finn would ever look at her in that infuriatingly blank way that he always did, before letting his emotions through and kissing her.

But now, she would be tied to Tove, unable to even think about the man that she loved.

Yes, man.

She loved Loki, loved him more than she could ever even care for Finn.

Finn was like a brother to her, and Loki was like… the man that was there in her dreams, dreams about husbands and children and loving, caring families.

But now, her dreams were shattered.

Loki, meanwhile, spent his day in his room, playing video games.

He knew that he had lost, not the game, but love.

He missed Wendy so much, longed to hold her in his arms, but he had promised.

He had promised that she wouldn't be bothered by him, wouldn't even see him again until after the wedding. It was insanely hard, but he would do it for her.

He loved her, so he would do what she asked… for a while at least.

At that thought, a small smile began to form on his lips and he laughed quietly.

"Tomorrow…" He murmured, and nodded to himself.

That was it! He would go to her tomorrow, and convince her to leave with him for just a few days, until the wedding should have been over, but with the bride gone it couldn't go ahead, could it?

To hell with it, he couldn't wait.

He had never been good at keeping reluctant promises anyway.

If it was his choice, he would keep the promise forever but if he had to make the choice, and had no other options, he was never able to keep it.

He stood quickly and left the room, walking through the empty corridors.

Everywhere was quiet except the ballroom where final preparations were being put into place.

He neatly avoided anyone he saw, until he reached Wendy's room.

Swallowing nervously, he knocked and Wendy's voice was like music to his ears.

"Come in." She said boredly, obviously trying to hide her emotions.

He entered, giving her a nervous smile.

"I thought you promised that I wouldn't see you again! At least not until after the wedding!"

Loki's nerves were high as he walked to the chair by the window in her room and sat down after closing the door.

"I want you to leave here with me. Just for two or three days. So that you won't have to marry Tove and you can fall in love with whoever you wish." He blurted, giving Wendy a worried look.

"Your mother told me that… that I would hurt you, but I could help you too, and the latter would be more my style." He laughed, with a winning smile in her direction.

"Ok." She whispered.

"Okay? Just like that?! I don't have to beg for forgiveness or anything?"

"Just get me the hell out of here; I can't be in this place anymore!"

Loki was shocked at her but really, was he about to tell her to stay?

Wendy stood at the same time as Loki and walked over to him.

Her arms wrapped around him and he kissed the top of her head, his lips brushing her soft, curly hair.

"Let's go." He whispered in her ear, and she smiled, before pulling away from his embrace and stepping towards the door. "How do we get out without being seen..."

"There are a lot of secrets in this palace… I think I'll show you my favourite."