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Prologue – A Spanish Lullaby

The breeze blew in the long white fabrics, shoving the vessel from the Spanish marine forward. It divided the waves and entered new areas within every hour that passed. There were new islands to lay eyes on, to study and be amazed of their beauty. But the heat had kept the very special passenger inside her guest room. The chamber was a bit cooler than the outside heated air.

Angelica Teach had spent several days aboard Costa del Mar, ever since the day the lancers had found her fire and rowed ashore with a dingy.

A damsel in distress was what they saw. Neither of them recognized her for whom she truly was, and the captain had barely been interested. He was too busy cheering and celebrating their victory. They had destroyed the Fountain of Youth, hadn't they? He had completed the mission he had been allocated. Everything was going his way. Until that particular night.

The moonlight shone over the deck and working crewmen. Their strong, muscular and tanned arms were visible from under the shirts they wore. The sweat dripped from their foreheads as their mouths let out similar sounds. A string of words echoing between them all, and a groan that escaped their lips at the end.

The former pirate daughter who lay down on her bed, sensed the feeling of hunger increase inside her by the absence from the dining room. She moved her feet to dangle over the floor before she moved them down to make contact with the cold wooden boards. At least something that wasn't burning from the heat.

The door creaked when she opened it and she carefully stepped outside. The men took a pause and glanced at her but returned to work before the next second had embarked.

She strolled over to the railing and gazed over the islands that the vessel passed. The thought of where Jack might be right at the same moment crossed her mind incessantly many times.

"Ahem," a male clearing his throat interrupted her ideas and she turned her head to the sailor who smiled flirtatiously at her, obviously trying to charm her with his smug expression. She knew him quite well from the small amount of time she had spent with the crew. And this certain man had tried to court her ever since he laid eyes on her. "What is the beauty doing out here in the middle of the night?"

Angelica scoffed and rolled her eyes at him. She turned her brown eyes back to focus on the island ahead of them. "I was just going to leave,"

"I have not seen you today," he informed her with an accent, similar to her own. In the corner of her eyes she could see the tanned face with that dark hair leaving a few strands to fall down from under the hat. He seemed disappointed as if he actually had a chance with her.

"It's because I don't want you to," she replied with a slight fiery mood. The men didn't seem to accept her disapproval of their constant flirting. If it hadn't been for the captain's firm decision that she should be treated as a proper lady, she would easily had become one of theirs 'entertaining women'.

His lips separated as he was about to speak and try with another charming sentence when a thud interrupted him. He pushed her aside as a cannonball hit the ship. It shook it with strength and caused Angelica to leave a soft moan. She had luckily only fallen onto her bum.

The man who had tried to court her stood in front of her with his feet as steadily as he could against the floor. His hand reached out for her and she greatly accepted the gesture which helped her up.

The roars from fighting men and noise from scratching swords were heard when the enemies swung themselves over to Costa del Mar through the masts.

One of the enemy pirates raised his gun at Angelica with a devilish smirk. It was first then she knew it would be over. Everything would be over. He was going to shoot her and she would never ever see the light again. She wouldn't see that infernal lover of hers ever again.

The men that fought around her against the enemies' vessel weren't important to her. The only thing her mind focused on was on that bullet flying towards her.

Her eyes closed as she awaited the tiny second for it to hit her, when she of all sudden felt another thing struck her chest. She lost her balance completely and took steps backwards in an attempt of regaining it. The last thing she saw was the man who had flirted with her lying on the floor with a bloodspot forming on his shirt. She felt how the ground where her feet tried to stabilize, opened up and she rolled backwards down the stairs to below deck.

Normally, she would've tried to stand up and weakly cross the room into the shadows where she could hide. But the liquid she felt flow along her leg made her instead await a hopeful death.

Chapter I - Somebody needs you

Pirates of the Caribbean

A Spanish Lullaby

Port Royal, Jamaica

The wedding ceremony was in full swing when Captain Jack Sparrow and his loyal first Joshamee Gibbs entered it. They had spent half of the day inside a chest that was some sort of a decoration for the wedding guests. It was a piece of furniture where they could put their bottles of wine and presents.

The lock lifted and Jack's two brown eyes scanned the room. The big saloon was filled with ladies with their caballeros in proper clothes made by exclusive fabrics.

Across the room, sat Gibbs in his chest with his eyes peeking out through the tiny gap between the risen lock and chest-wall. He made eye contact with Jack and made a gesture in the direction of the orchestra.

There was no other way than making a scene. That much was clear.

Gibbs stood up quickly, causing the lock to fall down onto the floor. The abrupt movement had naturally been noticed by the guests. The women gasped by fear of the pirate as the men looked shocked.

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen," he greeted them as Jack stepped out of his chest. The captain hurried over to the petrified musicians, snatched the trumpet out of a man's hands, but didn't expect him to fight back. He had a steady grip around the item and pulled it closer to him, all the while Jack pulled the item in his way.

"Let go, you filthy pirate!" the musician shouted and pulled the trumpet a few inches closer him.

"Let go yourself… ye clean drip!" Jack shouted back and put in more strength, finally dragging the instrument out of the musicians hands.

"Stop the thief!" a man from the crowd screamed. Clearly it was the annunciation all folks in the room needed to hear to hunt Jack and Gibbs.

The two pirates ran out of the mansion and down the alleys towards the harbour. The houses surrounded the narrowed streets made of stones closely with the front doors right next to where the population walked. Especially when it was market time, as it was every Saturday. Every single human being was outside buying groceries and fabrics from the stands.

A magician had a group of people around him, deeply intrigued into his tricks when he got white bunnies out of his hat and white doves coming out of his black suit's sleeves. The kohl that framed his eyes made him even look more frightful than the scared audience already thought. Men or women like him could go to jail after being accused of heresy. Still, they enjoyed getting scared off by the tremendous man.

Jack and his clumsy friend Gibbs passed him just in the second the magician had put down a valuable item on a table to advance his demonstration. He smiled mischievously at the frightened viewers with pale faces as he swept around the ground as a wizard with a dark mantle.

The shiny stuff that shimmered in the sunlight caught Jack's attention in an instant.

"Oi, Gibbs!" he called out to his friend who stopped and swirled around his heel to see why Jack wasn't right behind him. Jack threw him the trumpet and nodded towards a group of people. "You be preparing the vessel!" he shouted before turning around and running over to the magician with high knees. Neither the audience nor the magician had time to react before Jack had snatched the hourglass and penetrated the crowd back to run down the street to the harbour. All the while with the angry men running on his heels with bullets getting fired off towards him.

"Jack!" Gibbs called out when he saw his captain run towards him in that feminine way. His arms were swinging around and fluttering as his knees practically touched his stomach.

And as always, there was a whole group of angry roaring people chasing him a bit further behind.

Luckily, the captain was tolerably conditioned with the events, so he greatly jumped the last part into the water and swam over to the ship where a rope hung down. His soiled fingers grasped around the jarring rope as he was pulled upwards along the vessel, Scissor.

When he rolled over the railing, he fell headlong down onto the wooden raspy floor with a low thud. He raised his foot and took the boot off to turn it upside down and let all of the water that had been inside splash onto the boards. Even a tiny fish came out and started skipping on the floor.

The captain stood up and kicked the little sea creature overboard back into the cold water before facing his first mate.

"Ye always manage to make the demographic rabid," Gibbs stated from his spot right next to Jack. The two of them gazed over the group of upset people crowding on the edge of the pier, all roaring after them.

Jack smirked of pride. "Seems like I've got a gift then," he said and changed view by walking up to the helm.

"Indeed you have," Gibbs shook his head and walked over to the masts where he had to fix some ropes. As long as they didn't have a crew, they would have to do everything themselves.

Tortuga, Haiti

It was a city who constantly had what pirates urged for: women and rum. Partly because of the fact it included the criteria the pirates longed for, was the reason the outlaws arrived to the turtle formed island and certainly left a visit to the infamous town. They would see prostitutes in every corner. Women with long dresses but absence of fabric around her chest area. The cleavage absorbed the tired pirates when they strolled down the alleys and they were more then willing to pay her a few coins to have some fun.

Early next morning, the men met up at the inns and pubs to clunk the bottles against each other, take a gulp and continue their fascinating adventure in the pueblo filled with whores and alcohol. They had probably just finished a sailing and needed to relax for some time. That was at least what Hector Barbossa's men did in the tavern. Some of them leaned over women, while other just drank the desired liquid and discussed what they might do afterwards on the Queen Anne's Revenge. Where to sail and how they could earn more money. Even better, how to seize the next treasure that awaits them. But Barbossa had kept his mouth shut and just enjoyed the visit. He had no willing to get out back in the storming weather on the seas just yet. He didn't even have a mission to follow since he was kind of out of maps. Of course, there were many. But he only possessed a few invaluable that would lead him to find perhaps just a petite chest or jewel box filled with unworthy crap. He wanted something bigger and spent most of the time just analyzing and thinking about what could be worth suffering for.

Angelica Teach though, didn't have a big interest in the city, since it didn't benefit her at all. She was a woman which meant that every now and then, a man was heaving over her with a hungry expression. Many of the men had tried to capture her eyes but when she had shown her disapproval, they had all tried to force her by grabbing her arm. The lady was after all a former daughter of the most feared Blackbeard. Obviously she did not accept such actions connected to her. A few of them had been stabbed right through the stomachs while others just had been taken off guard with her giving them an earful and quickly pushed them out of her way to escape. It wasn't easy for her as a woman to try to survive the town without someone using her.

The pirate hat was gone since a long time ago and so was the embroidered coat she used to wear. That particular attire had been a gift from her dearest papá so she could look like fitting into the world of piracy, even though she truly didn't. She was too kind-hearted to live like that. A thing she couldn't do was killing anyone else. Especially her father which Jack had to do instead. Hadn't her former lover taken the actions into his hands, she would have been the one who's bones were left in the Fountain of Youth.

She pulled the thin rope around her waist and tightened the white long dress she wore. It was nothing special as the dresses other women wore. Expressly the whores who pretended being classy with the long, fluffy dresses they had surrounded around their waists and legs. Angelica on the other hand had no time for pretending. She had no interest in showing anyone about class or whatever they liked to call it. The fabric was slender and fell almost transparent over her skinny body.

Her dark hair fell down in bigger curls over her shoulders with an elegance and beauty that unfortunately for her attracted the passing men. Her brown eyes with black eyelashes matched the small boots she had over her feet. The muddy streets had bedraggled them quite much since the day she paid the seller to buy the brand new shoes.

She gathered her courage after spending the day in the shadows made by the narrowed alley she had lived in for the past weeks. Her ears had worked diligently to eavesdrop on every suspected pirate that passed her strolling down the streets. Her intentions were for once to actually in fact kill someone. Not anybody someone but for real a person that kept haunting her mind. The moment when she would torture the man to death was a longed moment.

She swallowed before entering the daylight from the cooler shadow. As soon as the steps were in the direction of the target which was Tavern Daryl, her nerves calmed down slightly. The glances both men and women threw after her caused her to regain the observance and hurry the walk over to the wooden door. Her palms shoved the rodeo doors aside and climbed inside the new environment. Just like she expected, women laughed and laid on tables while men poured rum down their throats and made out with the trashy females. Her eyes got stuck on Barbossa for a second before they travelled to the counter. What was the One-legged-man doing there?

She walked up to the counter and naturally received whistles from every single table of the room. Men had noticed her and began approaching her sneakily in attempts of getting her into bed.

Realizing she would never succeed ordering a water in there without either getting humiliated or bothered, she swirled around and examined the men who flirted with her. Surely, they were well-built bodily and seemed to fit her orders of what she needed.

"'Ello there, lady," one of them spoke up and winked at her.

"What is such a nice lass doing in here?" another one asked with a charming smile. At least he must have thought it, cause to the lass he tried to flirt with was disgusted by it.

Angelica, who had decided to finally give her reason for being in Tortuga a new try, opened her mouth for the first time for hours.

"I'm here to recruit a crew. I am about to sail after Kingston and kill Hendrick Lucifer," she announced. The pirates quietened and looked at each other astonished before bursting out laughing. Her eyes darted between them, already having the knowledge there would apparently be no crew of them.

"Oh, that must have been the joke of the year. What do you think, Gerald?" one of the pirates clapped another pirate on his back.

"Aye, joke of the year!" he agreed.

Angelica took a step aside to leave them and heard another comment. "Did the lass believe we be sailing with a woman?"

Her goal was new, or actually old. Barbossa wasn't young at all and it was easily seen by the many wrinkles his face wore.

The Latina plopped down with fiery on the chair opposite the new captain of Queen Anne's Revenge. His eyes went wide open in bewilderment of what had awakened him. When the view of the tanned española came in sight, he sighed and rolled his eyes.

"You again," he muttered and sat up more straight in the chair. "What do you want now?"

"I want to sail with you…," her words died as she acknowledged which ship he sailed. "Aboard my old vessel,"

Barbossa frowned and folded his arms before chuckling. "And why would I approve a woman with the fiery like you to sail with me?"

Angelica glared into his eyes with hatred and leaned a bit forward over the table with clasped hands. "I need to find Jack. Unless you want to meet Lucifer yourself,"

Barbossa coughed the rum he had drunk and spit it out. He slammed the bottle down onto the wooden table with even more widened eyes at the woman. "I knew you might had courage and bravery from the dad of yours. But going after Lucifer is madness," Barbossa warned her.

"I have to. Let me be aboard your ship. I'll try not to kill you," she tried.

Barbossa thought about it for a while. It wasn't exactly a deal for his part. "Why Lucifer?"

"That's none of your business," she replied bluntly.

Barbossa took a look over his drunk crew. Maybe the Latina could keep them under control.

"What is for me?" he then asked and eyed the woman he knew as Jack's little lass.

Angelica glanced over her shoulder where the crew of Queen Anne's Revenge was rejoicing and cheering. When her gaze had returned to Barbossa, she nodded into their direction. "They know who I am, and can follow my orders if you make me first mate," she informed the captain.

He narrowed and flinched, considering the deal back and forth in his mind.

"And I am a great swordfighter, am I not?" she added and smirked.

Barbossa thought about the option for a while before making a nod in confirmation. "Welcome aboard, Ms Teach,"

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