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A Spanish Lullaby

Pirates of the Caribbean

Chapter XI - The calmed bull

The cloud was all bright, shining in all light blue shades from the sun that heated the deck. Angelica had been behind the helm during the morning and still had the post. At some points, she'd shout for John or Elise to get her some water, but mostly Elise helped John handle the ropes and masts.

Eventually feeling hungry, she let go of the helm and headed down to deck where she found John sitting under the stairs with a bottle of rum in his hand. On a bench right next to him, sat Elise with her curious eyes as she listened intensely to what he told her. They looked like having almost a big brother - little sister relationship.

Angelica snatched the bottle from his hands.

"Miss?" he burst out, wondering what had caused her to do that. "What are you doing?"

Angelica threw the bottle overboard and gave him a warning glare. "Nobody drinks rum under my command."

John in his late teenage years gave her a goofy grin. He stood and wobbled slightly. "What if I make you to be under mine?"

The respond caused her eyes to widen as she gasped scandalized. "Mr John! Do not talk to me that way!"

Frankly, she was honestly very tired of all flirty men. None of them seemed to use their brain after absence of being away from women for more than one simple week. And here was a teenage boy that she sincerely had noticed was on his way to develop a crush on her. He had given her those winks all the time as if she in fact would be interested in a little boy like him. All she had in mind was to sail to Nassau as soon as possible. Even Jack didn't vandalize her mind like he usually did.

"You are aware that you're the most attractive woman that I ever met?" he more stated than questioned her.

Angelica who had been on her way to head inside the kitchen, stopped tracks in the doorway. She looked over her shoulder with a quirked eyebrow before she whirled around. "Pardon?"

John grinned. "You are the prettiest woman I've ever laid my eyes on," he continued flirting.

Rolling her eyes, Angelica folded her arms. "I could almost be your own mother," she responded.

The flirtatious yet sheepish grin John had worn still remained. "Well, perhaps experienced women have a thing for me then?"

Angelica took a few steps over to him and fingered on his loose shirt. "You remind me of Jack."

"Really?" John asked a bit excited. "I take that as a compliment according to how you feel about him."

Angelica chuckled. "You'll probably drive me insane before we arrive to Nassau, just like he drove me insane when him and I were about to sail to Saint Dominic."

"Aye?" John smiled. "What did it lead to?"

"Me trying to tear his head from body."

John's happy smile fell into a slight feared expression.

"Mhm, just like I'll do with you if you don't stop with the remarks!" and with that she shot him one last glare before entering the kitchen.

The Black Pearl had continued its' course. Most of the crew had been nagging about sailing to Tortuga. For the same two reasons every pirate wanted to go there. There were always two major reasons of going to that particular town, but right for the moment, Jack had other things in mind. He had rum aboard plus that his woman had finally showed him some interest and told him that she was coming back in the nearby future, so he had no reasonable reason of sailing for days to that turtle formed island.

He opened his compass and noticed it pointing straight at the same direction it had since Angelica had left. It was naturally pointing into her direction. To not let anyone find out, he discretely closed it again and threw it back into his pocket.


Jack jumped and turned around to bump into Gibbs that laughed. Jack shot him a confused and warning glare.

Gibbs only pointed to Jack's pocket. "I be seeing what that needle pointed to."

Shaking his head in denial like a little child, Jack knew he was never going to admit it. "It be pointing to the sea," he smiled, showing some golden teeth.

Gibbs shook his head as well but also let out a laugh. "Jack Sparrow? Are you in lo-,"

"NO, I am not!" the captain was fast to interrupt in a declaration. He didn't want to hear that question ever. "Do not even ask that, Gibbs!"

Gibbs shrugged. "Fair well. Whatever ye say. But it's still clearer than the bright sky that she has ye wrapped around her little finger," he added with an annoying smile as he lifted his little finger.

Jack gave Gibbs a weird look. "Don't know what ye talking 'bout."

Suddenly Joe's voice cut their conversation. "Oi! There is a ship!"

The information gained everybody's attention and it didn't take long for them to crowd around Jack, Joe and Gibbs who themselves pushed at the railing with the binocular.

"It's Kingston," Jack said after seeing the pirate vessel sail in the circulate glass in the binocular.

Gibbs eyelids flew up with his eyes going wide. "Kingston?" he repeated astonished. "Hendrick Lucifer is out on the seas?"

"Apparently," Jack muttered.

Gibbs got handed the binocular from the uninterested Jack to see the legendary vessel sail. Jack himself penetrated the crowd of crewmen that looked questioningly at him.

"Shall we not attack?" one asked surprised. "Or we might get attacked ourselves."

"Aye!" another one agreed. "Shouldn't we at least prepare?"

Jack only twirled around. "No need unless they sail in our direction."

"Then it be all fine!" Gibbs shouted from the railing. "Because it seems as if he's sailing in the Scissor's."

Then it was Jack's eyes which popped open and Gibbs only watched knowingly how his captain immediately hurried back and penetrated the crowd once again. He snatched back the binocular to examine the vessel. After barely looking into it he began shouting orders in instant.

"All men to stations and steady course after Kingston!"

A booming sound was heard and awakened Angelica with a jolt. She lifted her head from an uncomfortable position. As a sleeping post, she had fallen asleep with her body leaning onto the helm with her head resting on the hard wooden material.

Her eyes scanned the misty area around them. Only a small space further around the ship was visible. The rest of the sea or where the nearest island was, was all covered by the thick fog.

Elise had also woken up by the noise and wrapped a cloth around her. She made her way up to Angelica from the cabin they shared.

"Are you freezing?" Angelica asked her and held her arm out for Elise to hug her side, which the girl did. She nodded and pressed her head against the woman's side. Angelica took off her coat and placed it over her shoulders. It was so long it created a long tail behind Elise.

"Come here," Angelica instructed and grabbed Elise's hand, deciding to bring her back to the cabin and light the fireplace. She looked wonderingly at John when he in the same moment opened his door with a rifle in his hold.

"Miss Teach?" he asked to get her attention. "Did you hear the cannons?"

"Cannons?" Angelica repeated. "It couldn't possibly be cannons, John," she told him, secure of the fact.

John nodded. "Oh it is cannons, Miss. I recognize them. Englishmen."

"What are Englishmen doing out here? We're so near Nassau."

John nodded. "Exactly."

Elise looked scared up to Angelica as if she waited for Angelica to explain to her what it meant, and why Angelica looked like hiding some kind of fright.

"Are Englishmen bad?" Elise asked carefully, not knowing how she should react.

With trembling fingers, Angelica caressed the girl's hair stressfully in an attempt of showing her that everything was fine, but even John could see that Angelica was scared.

"We don't have a chance against the marine if it's them," he began. "I warned Hector Barbossa's crew about the whole marine they've been building for the past years."

"What are you talking about?"

John sighed. "I worked for the Englishmen before…"

"I know, you told me."

"And I attended an employment in Port Royal for a couple of months," by Angelica's raised eyebrow, he explained what I meant. "Where they're building the biggest English marine that has ever existed. They want to capture all pirates at once and for all."

Angelica took a deep breath and urged Elise inside the cabin, firm to not let her hear more. "Go to bed. I'll be there in a minute," she said and closed the door after Elise insecurely had gone inside.

"What do you mean? There is a-,"

The booming sound echoed in the air for a brief moment until something hit the ship and shook it. Angelica and John both lost their balance and crashed down onto the floor.

"Quick!" he helped her up and threw her a sword while Englishmen swung themselves over to the vessel. It was more men that they could count. They came from all directions and fought against the two pirates. They were both very good pirates, excellent pirates in fact. They had been well-trained by legends themselves so they knew how to manoeuvre the swords and rifles to decrease the number of opponents. But yet, they were under disadvantage of the amount of Englishmen. Simply, there were too many of them.

Without any wound bigger than a bruise, two strong muscular men had gotten their hands on Angelica and pressed her down to the ground while tightening a rope around her wrists.

Within moments the same occurred to the kicking John that still tried to fight them. They had even found Elise inside the cabin and brought her out as well.

"Let us go! We are not pirates!" John called out, trying to convince them. He struggled in the ropes right next to Angelica that had ropes around her wrists as well. Only Elise didn't have any. She looked worriedly and frightened at Angelica from being carried around by a sailor.

Suddenly, Mr Groves took a step over to the Scissor and grinned wickedly at Angelica and John. "What a lovely surprise to see you again," he greeted Angelica that glared at him. "Ms Angelica Teach and John Lucifer. What a combination. Both of you on my ship barely a month ago."

Angelica immediately turned to John with wondering eyes. Lucifer? "Lucifer?" she repeated.

Since he didn't denial it, he quite confirmed that it was true.

"You didn't know?" Groves asked Angelica amused. "Women are so stupid nowadays. There is a reason they don't have more tasks to do than staying in the bedroom," he continued. "You recruited Hendrick Lucifer's son without knowing it was him?" Mr Groves had hard to not laugh at the woman.

Truly, Angelica did feel fooled. She examined John carefully from the corner of eyes of all sudden a bit nervous and bewildered. It was John's father she was looking for. The one she wanted dead and had wanted dead for so long. And there his own son had been right next to her. If that pirate captain Lucifer had cared, maybe she could've kept John as hostage till Hendrick would give up and leave himself to Angelica in exchange of his own son. But to hurt him even more, Angelica could've hurt John instead. Still, she knew deep down that it was impossible for her to hurt someone like John. A child in her eyes. No matter what Hendrick had done, she could not hurt his son just to make Hendrick suffer for the rest of his life, like she would have to herself. If anyone was going to get hurt physically, it was only right to happen to Hendrick.

"Is this yours?" Mr Groves snapped Angelica back to reality by gesturing into Elise's direction. He had a look of waiting for her answer.

Not sure of how she was supposed to reply, she eventually nodded. "Yes."

John looked to Angelica, feeling a bit of suspect. Why had it taken her so long to answer that question?

"Well then," Mr Groves said and directed the sailor to hand Elise over to Angelica. He was not after all completely heartless. Another sailor cut her ropes off, knowing she was no danger as long as she had her daughter in her embrace.

Elise quickly flung her arms around Angelica's neck. "I love you mom," she whispered quietly only for Angelica to hear.

For a brief second while the Englishmen began walking back over to their vessel and they practically shove John with them, Angelica froze like an ice cube. Her gaze got stuck on no particular spot but into the emptiness. Her breathing made a pause and so did her actions.

It felt weird. Strange. Odd. Unfamiliar. Yet, it warmed her heart by what Elise had done. Firstly of what she had called her and then what sincere sentence she barely heard anyone think of her. Her arms tightened around the girl's body as she gave her a big kiss on the cheek and a smile appeared on the woman's lips, even though the severe circumstances.

"I love you too."

Elise pulled back from resting her head on Angelica's shoulder to stare into her eyes. "You promise to not leave me?"

Angelica nodded and kissed the side of her head again as she hugged her tight again. "I promise. Voy a estar aquí. Para siempre y por la eternidad."

The Pearl sailed straight towards the two ships, the Scissor and the Englihsmen, that apparently had set anchor right next to each other. Once in a while, or in fact more honestly – Jack constantly brought up the binocular and watched what was happening between the Scissor and the Englishmen. He witnessed how Angelica, that lad and El were forced over to the Englishmen's ship every now and then when the fog faded for a brief while.

"Come on! Hurry!" he called over his shoulder quickly and loudly to soon replace the binocular at his eye.

"We are trying!" Gibbs panted from his position as a rope wrapper. After knotting another strong rope around the railing, he noticed the Queen Anne's Revenge's approach. It was sailing right towards them.

"Oi!" he called out to Jack across the ship. "Barbossa be approaching!"

For once, Jack picked down the item to walk over to Gibbs and examine the vessel. Surely, it was the Queen Anne's Revenge and Barbossa was on deck behind the helm, shouting and pointing into different directions when he directed his crew.

Within moments he had managed to get alongside Jack.

"Stop the ship!" Barbossa called out to Jack and flapped with his arms frustrated.

Jack squinted confused when Barbossa's voice got drowned by the sound of the sea waves that crashed against the ships.

"STOP THE SHIP! STOP THE SHIP!" he shouted over and over again while flapping even more dramatically.

"Ah!" Jack finally figured out what he was yelling. "Stop the ship?" he then turned to his own crew and began shouting the order. "STOP THE SHIP!"

After receiving weird glances from the crewmen, they did as they were told and slowed down the ship.

The Queen Anne's Revenge sailed next to the Pearl until they were right next to each other. Barbossa walked over to the railing and so did Jack on his Pearl.

"What be the meaning of this? Whatever it is – make it quick."

Barbossa shook his head and pointed at the Scissor further away. "Don't sail there."

"Why?" Jack frowned.

"They have a whole English marine behind these islands. If we make an appearance of piracy – they will bring us down Jack."

Jack looked unbelievingly at Barbossa on the other side of the two railings. "That's nonsense."

It caused Barbossa to raise his finger as to teach Jack a lesson. Perhaps it was what Jack needed. He was after all much younger than the elder captain of the Revenge. "Don't be a fool, Sparrow! Ye be risking all of our lives for a woman!"

Gibbs placed himself next to Jack in a tryout of joining the conversation. "An English marine?" he requested. "Isn't that what already exist?"

Barbossa nodded. "Aye, indeed. Now they've expanded it to bring all pirates to any port where they'll get hanged. If you gain their attention now – they'll know we are all here."

Jack opened his mouth to respond but left it hanging wide open when another ship joined them. On the other side of the Pearl; Kingston set anchor with a whole bunch of crewmen with swords drawn.

"WAIT A MINUTE!" a deep voice yelled.

Hendrick Lucifer stepped out from the shadows and jumped up onto his railing. He scanned the Pearl and Revenge with wondering eyes. Why didn't they have their swords drawn nor any cannons prepared for fighting him?

"Don't have time for this! I must bring her back before they take her to Port Royal. They'll hang her!"

Barbossa pulled out his sword at the same time as Jack, both pointing them at one another without really doing more actions than just keeping the posture.

"We cannot let you destroy for all of us. As long as we plunder around Nassau, we cannot get discovered."

"I'm bringing Angelica back!"

"No, ye be not!"

"But I will! If you don't like it – sail to another sea!"

"Sail to another sea? This is my sea! You sail to another sea and forget all about the wench!"

"No, you sail to another sea!"

"No, you do that!"

"No, you-,"

"HOLD ON!" someone barked.

Jack and Barbossa turned to the man standing between them a metre away. He held his arms out frustrated and glared warningly at them. In normal circumstances, they'd fight against him - but not for the moment.

"Mates? I cannot believe what I hear! Ye be fighting over a woman?"

Like two children blaming each other, Barbossa raised his sword even higher to point it at Jack. "He wants to sail to the Englishmen and to rescue a woman in distress," he said before adding in a mannered voice. "To save the fallen beauty."

Hendrick turned to Jack with raised eyebrows. "What fool are ye? Ye can't go there!"

Jack took a deep breath in an attempt of seeming more serious in Hendrick's eyes. "First: there be a woman 'board that ship. Secondly: a lass barely five-six-seven years old, and a lad called John Lu. All of them pirates. Are we not supposed to help our brothers in need?"

Barbossa's angry frown turned to a musing expression as he thought about it. True. There was a rule that when pirates fought against Englishmen, they had to keep each other's back. All attention then turned to Hendrick that look bothered.

"John Lu, ye said?"


Barbossa couldn't believe his ears, but he had heard correctly.

"Fine. Somehow we must bring that trio back."

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