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Del Z POV:

I was texting Amy late last night. I realized she was really sweet and funny. The only downside was that I woke up late and almost missed practice. Dubi and Steps had to come and jump on the bed to wake me up. We all just barely made practice. All throughout it I was thinking about the game tonight. Amy would be with her friends in the luxury box. After practice I told her to meet me in the locker room with her group of friends. Win or lose I still wanted to see her. The guys thought I was insane and they needed some proof I knew her!

Amy POV:

I was woken up with a text this morning. It was Michael telling me to meet him in the locker room after the game and that I could bring my friends. I decided to keep this a secret so I could surprise them. We continued with the rest of our game day routine we have by wearing our jerseys, watched more reruns of winning games, and finally heading to the game itself.

We got to the luxury box as the game started. I watched intently as did Julia while Sophie and Hailey spazzed every time that Boyler or Steps came on the ice. Julia shot them a death glare after the 1st period ended. The Rangers were up 2-0 thanks to Gaby and Cally. Hopefully they could keep that lead.

By the start of the third it was a tied game. I was on the edge of my seat praying that the Rangers would win. And just as I did Del Z scored. Julia, Hailey, Sophie, and I jumped up and began jumping up and down screaming the goal song.

The Rangers finally won the game 3-2 and I quickly ran out of the luxury box with everyone on my heels asking me what was going on. I dashed to the locker room entrance where we were stopped by security.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Amy O'Brian." I said. "These are my friends." I added pointing behind me.

"Oh. Okay. One of the guys said to expect you." He replied as he stepped out of our way. We all walked calmly into the room. Julia's eyes wandered everywhere and I could tell she was mumbling the players and their numbers under her breath.

"You okay?" Hailey asked her.

"I'm fine. Just having a little fan moment here." She replied.

I walked over to a sweaty and still suited up Del Z and hugged him.

"Nice goal!" I praised him.

"Thank you. You want to introduce me to your friends?" He asked.

"This is Sophie, that's Hailey, and over there having her little fan moment is Julia." I said pointing to them as I said their name. Julia gave me a death glare that turned into a smile.

"The guys and I are going out to dinner soon. Do you all want to come?" Del Z asked politely.

"Sure!" We chorused.

"Dubi, Steps, Boyler! Hang back with me will you?" Del Z called to his friends.

They all nodded and sat down in a little group and started whispering.

"Let's go!" He called when he was done packing up his things and stood up. We all followed.

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