Summary: The major part of vampires want one human that they can call theirs. Klaus Mikaelson, the leader of the vampire species, decides to employ vampires that can kidnap humans for other vampires, selling them for a price. Damon and Stefan are now doing this job. The rules are simple:

No human could know about the existence of vampires until being sold

No human should be marked

No vampire could have an emotional or physical bond to the human kept captive until being sold.

Things were going well until a certain blue-eyed Salvatore with pride as his weakness fell for a weak, mortal girl.

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Warnings: (Please read so you don't be disappointed!)

In this story, Katherine's dead. Details of how she died will be revealed later.

This story takes place about one hundred and fifty years after Katherine's death, in 2012.

Damon will be portrayed as a dark vampire who embraces his nature to the fullest. His pride is a major part of the story. Lust too.

The latter being said, this story won't contain lots of smut. You know me-My fics are rated T, with traces of smut ;P


"The third disappearance this week," Elena sighed as she folded the paper neatly. Jenna, who was unsuccessfully trying to cook breakfast, stopped and turned to her niece.

"Oh God," She said, sitting next to Elena on the couch. "Who is it?"

"Not from Mystic Falls, thankfully," Elena sighed, "Aimee Bradley's disappearance was enough. This one's from Georgia…but again, a seventeen year old girl."

"I can't imagine what her parents are going through," Jenna mumbled, standing up again. God knows how much she cared for Elena and Jeremy, and how she wouldn't be able to forgive herself if something bad happened to them. She had already lost her sister and her brother-in-law in a car accident, and due to that, Jenna had to change from the girl that couldn't even keep a goldfish alive to a parent of two teenagers that lost their parents.

"Yeah," Elena said quietly, wincing when Jenna mentioned the word 'parents'. Her wounds were still not healed.

"Oh God, Elena, I'm…" Jenna started to say, realizing that she had unknowingly hurt her niece.

"It's fine, aunt Jenna," Elena muttered, "I have to go to school."

"You didn't even have breakfast yet!"

"I'll grab a sandwich from the grill on my way," She said dismissively, and in a flash, she was outside.

The cool air seemed to make her dizzy. The people around her were still offering her sympathy and though she loved that people cared about her and her parents, she didn't want to be the girl that lost her parents anymore. She wanted to be a normal girl. But she knew she couldn't, because a piece of her died in that car that went off the bridge, the night that her parents came to pick her up because she was too wasted to drive herself.

And since then, remorse and guilt settled in Elena's heart, making her feel lonely and abandoned from the world. Caroline and Bonnie, her two best friends, were there for her but Elena didn't make any effort to keep contact. She just wanted to be alone.

But now, September 26th, the day that another school term began, Elena had to leave her personal bubble, the bubble she created, and started to socialize again. She didn't use to be this girl. She used to be a cheerleader, a bubbly friend, and most of all, a kind, and caring woman.

However, Elena couldn't help herself. She made her way into the cemetery where she settled down on the cold, hard floor in front of her parents' grave, crying like she always did, her diary in her hand, however close to her heart. She said silent prayers, wiping the tears away.

She had been sitting there for ten minutes when she sensed that someone was watching her. Someone was studying every move that she was making, and she was suddenly feeling very uneasy. Elena stood up immediately, flinching back when she thought she saw an arm covered with a black, leathered sleeve. However, when she turned to look again, there was no one behind the bush.

Not trusting herself or anyone around her, Elena took her schoolbag and after saying silent goodbyes to her parents, she went for her first class.

A blue eyed man with raven black hair smirked behind the trees that were close to the Gilberts' graves.

"Elena, are you even listening?" Caroline sighed, clearly annoyed.

"I'm sorry, what?" Elena shook her head, as if she was trying to gain consciousness.

"I said that cheerleader forms are available again," Caroline mumbled, "Just get a parent to sign it for you and you can-" Caroline stopped dead when she realized what she just said. "God, Elena, I'm so sorry…"

Everyone just keeps reminding me of them, Elena thought, trying to stop the tears from falling. Her voice, however, cracked.

"Don't worry about it, Caroline."

"No, Elena, I am truly sorry."

"I know," Elena continued. "Look, I'm going to the ladies room, I'll meet you in a few."


"Seriously, Caroline. It's just the bathroom. I'll be back."

Elena walked to the so called 'ladies room', or more 'hiding-from-people room', and stared into the mirror. The girl looking back at her was not her. She tried to arrange her hair and makeup as much as she could, then opened the tap to wash her hands.

But when she looked in the mirror again, she almost screamed. She could've sworn that there was a man with black hair behind her.

However, when she turned to check, there was no one. Her forehead glistening with perspiration, she grabbed the small bottle she was keeping with her at all times these past few months, and swallowed the pills in it with a few milliliters of water.

"Elena?" Caroline's voice echoed in her ear, and she was in Caroline's arms before she could react. The warm hug between the two best friends felt nice and comforting, and unable to hold any longer, Elena cried on Caroline's shoulder.

"I don't know if I can do this," Elena sobbed, "I don't know if I want to go to school anymore, and if I want to live anymore…"

"Shh, shh, Elena you don't know what you're saying," Caroline tightened her grip around her friend. "It's going to be okay, do you understand me?"

Elena didn't reply, but she still let herself be comforted.

"Seventeen years old, from Mystic Falls, very pretty," The blue eyed man was saying. "We'll get a good point or two if we sell her to a big headed vampire."

"Do you think we can have her here by tomorrow?" The other replied.

"I don't know, Stefan," The blue eyed man-Damon-said. "The girl's weak and fragile. You know how I always go for those. I've been stalking her, and I think she's pretty easy to control."

"Good," Stefan smirked. "Klaus would be pleased."

"Indeed," Damon smiled. "We knew what we were signing for when we accepted to do this job. Being Klaus's most trusted circle isn't an opportunity everyone has."

"You're right," Stefan shook his head, looking at his brother. "As long as we don't break the rules, Klaus trusts us. I mean, after all, we always gave his followers the best humans we found."

Damon sipped on his bourbon. "What I can't understand," Damon sighed, "Is this girl's appearance."

"What about it?"

"She looks exactly like Katherine, Damon."

"Well, let's hope for everyone's sake that she isn't that tough."

"I told you, she looks weak."

"First impressions are wrong sometimes," Stefan pointed out. "I'm not really in the mood to keep a human-Katherine chained or tied to a chair while I babysit."

Damon didn't say anything, but he couldn't help but smile a little at the thought of a little human Katherine under his care, even for just several days.

"What are you thinking?" Stefan asked suspiciously.

"Nothing," Damon said. "Just about the girl."

"You can think all you want," He continued, setting his own glass down. "You know you can't touch the human. Kidnap, sell, party, do it all again the next day. And the following."

He walked towards the door. "Tell me if you need any help. Goodnight, brother."

The rest of the day passed agonizingly slow for Elena. Every minute felt like an hour, and half of her work was either incomplete or incorrect. Giving up after the fifth period, Elena decided to stop caring and let herself go with the flow at least until she gets settled down.

She now was in the Grill having a hamburger and fries when her ex-boyfriend Matt set a plate of chicken nuggets in front of her.

"I didn't order these," Elena commented dryly without realizing who the server was.

"I know, but you love them," Matt said, his voice gentle. Elena's face lit up when she heard his voice, and she stood up and embraced him.

"Thanks," She said, hugging him tightly. He hugged her back, even though she had hurt him badly he still believed in them. After all, it wasn't her fault that her parents died.

"You're welcome," Matt said, stroking her hair. "You know I'm your friend, Elena, and I'll always be here for you…so if you want to talk, or hang out…."

"Thank you," Elena smiled softly. "I appreciate that."

Matt looked at Mr. Cowell, his boss, and rolled his eyes. "Elena, I have to go. We'll talk later, okay?"

"Okay, Matt. Thanks."

"William," Damon greeted. "I see that Klaus really got you to like the idea of having your own human."

"Let's just call this an experiment," He said with a shrug. "I won't hesitate to kill her if I get bored."

Damon smirked. "She's yours, now, you can do whatever you want." He pointed at an unconscious blonde on the couch.

"What's her name?" William asked, turning the girl around to examine her.

"Angela, I think," Damon shrugged. "Don't worry…You'll get to know her soon enough."

The payment was done, and William and the unconscious blonde were gone in a minute. Leaning against the couch, Damon thought how wonderful things were going to work out the next day.

Just what I need, Damon mumbled. She'll be here soon enough.