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Two days had passed from the incident.

But everything was the same. There was still too much blood, too many lives lost. With supreme effort, those who weren't hurt helped everyone to the hospital and to the safe house. The doctors never saved more lives like they did that day.

Sheriff Liz Forbes had to speak out the truth in front of everyone. They couldn't hide anything anymore, not when there suddenly were one thousand more people in town. The injuries were severe-Many people lost parts of their bodies and others were killed. Even though many lives were saved, there were still too many deaths for anybody to actually comprehend at the time. It was horrible, absolutely devastating.

People from around the world started to travel to Mystic Falls in hope that their long lost loved ones were found. Families were reunited, but many others were heartbroken when they found out that their loved ones were dead. A lot of bodies were burnt along with the Forbidden Haven, not even giving the chance for families to say goodbye and bury their loved ones.

But the worst thing in this was Damon.

When they had returned to the safe house to reunite with Ellie and the other people, he couldn't let go of Elena's fragile body. He had placed her on a bed and stayed with her for two entire days, cleaning her up and waiting for her to wake up

"She's not gone," Damon said whenever someone tried to say otherwise. "She'll come back to me."

But Bonnie knew better. Elena's face was pale and cold, and her body was starting to decompose.

"We have to bury her, Damon," Bonnie said, her eyes sparkling with tears. "She deserves a proper burial."

"She's not dead," Damon said. "She isn't."

"Damon…You know that you can't bring her back."

At that, Damon let out a long and painful cry, hugging Elena's dead body closer to his own. "Elena, wake up…Please…"

"I'll leave you alone…" Bonnie said, turning away and crying hysterically.

"I'll get you back, Elena…I promise," Damon said, kissing her hands.

"Where are you going?" Bonnie yelled after him as he ran with Elena's body in his arms.

"I'm going to bring her back." He retorted as the tears rolled down his face.

He ran and ran, gently putting Elena down on the ground.

"Greta!" Damon yelled, "I know you can hear me. Elena did her job. She didn't deserve to die! But I do, because this is all my fault. Take me instead!"

There was no reply.

"Greta please! I've lived long enough!"

"Dead is dead, Damon…" He heard a voice echoing all around him.

"Please…I'll give anything."

"There is one thing that can save her," Greta said. "And that is the formula that Klaus himself made. It's the most powerful blood that you can find."

"But that vampire took it away…"

"If your love for Elena is pure then you'll find a way…" She said, leaving him alone with Elena's body.

Damon was prepared to go to hell and back to see Elena safe on her feet again.

He knew what he had to do, and in an instant he went to the place where vampires were being held captive. Stefan was in one of those cages as well, and Victoria had been freed the day before after proven innocent.

"I know you know who has the cure," Damon begged him. "I saved you. Please, help me."

However Stefan didn't pay attention.

"Brother…I know we've had our differences and I know you did it to get Katherine back. I need you. I need Elena."

Stefan took a deep breath and turned to Damon. "I believe it's James. He has the cure-He was always Klaus's favourite after me…"

"Thank you." Damon mouthed before storming out.

Tracking the vampire wasn't hard. Damon asked for Bonnie's help and even though she had her doubts, they found him in an instant-hiding in the forest.

"Hand over the blood, James," Damon growled.

"Why would I do that when we can finally exist without having to rely on them?"

"I didn't realize I was giving you a choice," He said, and without a warning, Bonnie came behind him and drove a stake to his heart. Using his vampire speed, Damon took the blood and forced it down Elena's throat, hoping that this actually worked.

The moment Elena moved again was the happiest moment in his existence. Seeing her move and the colour returning to her cheeks was a gift enough. She clung to him for dear life as she kissed him and he embraced her, crying-his tears staining her face.

"I knew you'll never let me go," Elena said, holding him closer to her chest.

Six months passed ever since that tragic night, and people were still reuniting. The process was long, but the authorities made sure to free everyone who was enslaved. The vampires, who like Damon, had broken the rules and fallen for their humans were allowed to live in peace, and Elena couldn't be happier.

She had reunited with her aunt Jenna and her friends and the reunion was full of emotion-even for Damon. Seeing her so happy made him cry. Ellie went to live with Jenna and Jeremy as well, with Victoria living close to that she could still see her little girl.

And now, Elena was wearing a long summer dress as she walked hand in hand with Damon. She looked beautiful, as if nothing had happened. And seeing her with a smile plastered on her face couldn't make Damon any happier.

"What did you want to tell me?" Elena asked him softly as they sat down on a bench looking at the beach.

"Elena," Damon said softly. "These past few months were full of emotion for everyone. I just wanted you to know that I've made an important decision, one that I want to share with you."

"Tell me," Elena urged.

He sighed. "Elena, I'm leaving."

"Leaving? What d-do you m-mean?" She stammered as her stomach clenched.

"You don't belong with me, Elena. I'm setting you free."

"You're talking as if I'm some kind of prisoner!"

"I was your kidnapper," Damon said. "I almost got you killed."

"That's right. 'Was'. And now you're my lover and the person who saved me!"

"It doesn't change the facts."

"Don't leave me, Damon…Just please…don't…"

"I'm doing this for you," Damon said in tears. "You belong here, with a human who can grow old with you, who can give you a family."

"I don't care! You're the one that I love!"

"If I can compel you to forget me…I would've…"

"Don't. Don't do this, Damon. Don't hurt me this way."

"You honestly want to spend your life with me?" He whispered, looking her intently.

"God, yes!" Elena yelled. "You're the man that I love, Damon. Don't leave me."

A small smile formed in his lips. "I love you, my sweet little fool…"

"I'm not a fool," Elena said, pretending to be offended.

"Yes…My beautiful little fool…Mine."

"Always and forever."

And it was true indeed, because three months after that, Elena had officially worn the white wedding dress and became Mrs. Elena Salvatore. She and Damon resided in the biggest mansion in town, where Damon showed her that he loved her every night.

Elena's dream of becoming a writer also came true. Millions of copies of her biography were sold, and Damon couldn't be prouder of his wife. And when Elena told him that they should consider adopting one of the babies that were saved from the Forbidden Haven, he couldn't agree more.

Victoria returned to work as a CEO of a business company again, and was respected by plenty of people. Meanwhile, Jenna continued to take care of Ellie and Jeremy until the latter decided to take a course in art in New York City. Stefan, who was spared after Damon begged for his life, moved to Europe where he started a new life.

Kol, who had been missing for two months, was found in one of the vampire prisons-Apparantly after they left the Forbidden Haven he was transported to New York and was shortly captured by the authorities. However, due to his help, he was set free and reunited with his other family members.

Elena smiled as she looked at the album in her hands, seeing Damon's baby pictures, pictures she had found in the house Damon had first held her captive in. She smiled and turned the page revealing their wedding photos, and of course, their honeymoon. Finally, there was a picture of Elena, Damon and their baby, Maria, smiling for the camera. That picture was hung in their living room-Elena's favourite picture.

"What are you doing?" He asked her, caressing her sides as he jumped into bed next to her.

"Looking at the album…"

"You do that every night."

"Yet you keep asking what I'm doing," Elena smiled, punching him playfully. "I love seeing these photos…They remind me of everything we did together."

Damon held her closer to his chest.

"I love you, Damon."

"I love you too, Elena. Our love wasn't planned and we thought it was unnatural…I never thought it'll end up to this. You're the reason I live."

"And so are you," Elena said, capturing his lips with her own. "Always and forever."

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