After long, tiring hours at the Ministry, Ron and I arrived home and sat down to lamb stew with squash and pumpkin juice. Dinner was unusually quiet, but since we just found out that we just might relive our nightmares, I guess it was okay.

Ron coughed, "So…you're going to investigate with us?"

"Why wouldn't I? I want to know why they are coming back…D'you reckon they are still after Harry?"

"No, no not really. I uh, think they're over that these days."


"Then what are their motives?"

"Hermione, do you remember what the Death Eaters and Voldemort originally planned to do? That is, before James and Lily Potter were to be murdered and even after that?"

Of course. Everyone knew what Dark Wizards dreamed of. They dreamed of taking over the wizarding world, ridding every Muggle-born and building a foundation of Pure-bloods. Prejudice bastards, they are.

I nodded. "But why would they waste their time, honestly? It'll be just as impossible as it was years ago…"

"I don't know, I really don't know. But we have to be prepared, whether this is a false alarm or not, okay? Let's get to sleep. You've had a long day." After this, Ron leaned across the table and kissed my forehead.

Things are going to be fine.

But sleep didn't come easily.

Ratty looking wizards closed in on hundreds of wizards, green light flashing everywhere. "We're doing it!" screamed a pale witch with beady red eyes, as plenty half-bloods and muggle-borns dropped dead.

I skimmed the crowd frantically searching for Ron and Harry, and then I lost my own life as a terrible wizard screamed, "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

Screeching. Loud, terrible screeching. I jumped awake, sweaty and crying. A maroon owl was making the noise by the bedroom window. I looked at the clock, I only slept for two hours so far, and then glanced to my left. Ron slept soundly, and his flawless face calmed me down as I watched him breathe steadily. I stepped off the bed to read the letter and hopefully get back to sleep.

The parchment on the owl's leg was from Harry.

Hermione and Ron,

Sorry I sent this owl so late, I just heard of the news earlier today in the office. I bet you two have also, but just checking in. I wouldn't worry, either of you, many people don't think it will persevere.

Hoping all is well, maybe we could settle with some butter beer later this week?


Harry didn't seem to think anything would happen either, so why am I so worrisome? Not that Harry has always been so alert…

I went back to sleep and tried to just forget it all.