Marion Silver just woke up from a nightmare. She was falling- at least she thought she was- from a big cliff and into the ocean.

The wind was rushing and gushing all over her face and she can't help but to feel that this was familiar. Moreover, she feels like she wasn't dreaming at all. She was invading someone's dream and in the dream, a man fell from the cliff and she tried to save the man from falling. But she too was propelled into the iron blue waste of the sea. That man was Harry.

Marion got up and drank a glass of water. She looked herself in the mirror and said: It's just a dream, Marion. Harry is never coming back.

It was 7:54 in the evening and Marion decided to take a fix before going to work. Her work at the show club turned her sleeping habits into a nocturnal state though she only works for three evenings a week. Today is Fetish Friday and Marion was just getting ready when she heard the shrill siren of the telephone.


"Ms. Marion Silver?" said a small feminine voice.

"Yes, this is me. Why?"

"Are you related to Harry Goldfarb?"

The question struck her numb. Harry. It was three years since Harry left- and never came back.

"I know him-" Marion stopped. "He's my boyfriend."

The word was painfully stuck in her throat like a fish bone for three years. She has just released it.

In reflex, a single drop of tear ran from her eyes.

"Ms. Silver, your boyfriend just died an hour ago." the voice said, direct, straight and without inhibition.


"Ms. Silver, Harry is dead."

After that moment of clarity, Marion almost dropped the phone.

It took her minutes to respond to the nurse on the other end of the line. It was a deafening and hurtful silence. The nurse understood the silence. She was the one, over the years, who took care of Harry.

"Where is his body?" Marion finally asked. Marion wanted to give Harry a Jewish funeral, though Harry wasn't a zealous one. His mother Sara would like that.

"His body is at the morgue. Here at Florida State Prison Hospital."

Prison, Marion thought. Is that the reason why he never returned?

"Am I allowed to get it? His body, I mean..." Marion wasn't sure of what to do.

"Ms. Silver, hospital policy does not allow you to take the body. Does Harry have any relatives?"

Sara Goldfarb flashed inside her confused head.

"Sara Goldfarb. Harry's mother."

"Do you have her contact number, Ms. Silver?"

"No." she embarrassingly admitted. Three years ago in an attempt to move over Harry, Marion threw everything away related to him. Sara's number was written in a page of her contact books. She ripped it off.

"Can you find a way to contact her?" the nurse asked.

"Yes. I can go to her house and talk to her."

"Thank you."

And just like that the call ended.