Havoc enjoyed his team. Mustang was a capable leader with lofty goals he knew he could reach, though his penchant for stealing girlfriends could go.

Fuery was very young, but an electronic wiz. Havoc enjoyed making him blush with the recounting of his and Breda's weekend escapades.

Falman could give anyone any information they asked for, though he spent a lot of time giving info no one asked for.

Breda was his buddy. A great tactician, and an equally competent sparring partner.

And Hawkeye...She was the fearless leader behind their leader, bolstering their team, looking out for them like a mother, sister, teacher and friend. She was so much more than Havoc could have imagined her becoming.

They still spent time at the range together. They still had their private conversations, and she was still the best listening ear he had ever found.


He had to deliver a report to the boss, but the door was closed when he got to the office. No matter. It was urgent and Hawkeye would have his rear if he didn't get the Colonel to sign it, pronto.

Havoc pushed down on the handle, kicked the door open, then dropped the paperwork, while his cigarette fell from his gaping mouth.

There was his boss and lieutenant Hawkeye engaged in what could only be called 'making out'!

"SORRY! Ex-excuse ME!" Havoc shouted when he found his voice.

Hawkeye immediately attempted to spring to attention, while the Colonel's attempts to keep kissing her made that difficult.

"Sir, Please!" Hawkeye put both hands on Mustang's face and pushed him away.

Mustang let her go reluctantly.

Turning his attention to Havoc, he asked, though it was more of an order, "We have your full discretion on this pressing issue? Correct?"

"Correct Sir!" Havoc saluted.

If Hawkeye wanted him, she could have him. She was the only person in the world who could handle him. And, as a bonus, Mustang would quit stealing his girlfriends...he hoped.

Havoc started putting two and two together. The look of joy on Hawkeye's face, her and the Colonel's relative ease and closeness with each other, the walked in upon make out session...

"Permission to speak freely Sir?" Havoc asked.

"Granted, what is it?"

"H-how long have you know Hawkeye?" Havoc wondered why he was unable to ask Hawkeye the question.

Mustang's eyes narrowed and and evil, little smirk appeared on his face.

"Why, practically our whole lives. She was my Master's daughter after all."

Hawkeye looked at Havoc as a blush crept up her face.

Havoc looked between Mustang and Hawkeye. Back and forth, back and forth. Then he stopped, grimaced, and threatened the Colonel with death and torture.

"Figured it out did you?" Mustang asked him.

Havoc went into a daze and backed out of the office. "Dang Roy Mustang!" He thought, bummed to find out that Riza Hawkeye was the first girlfriend Mustang had ever stolen from him.